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Lost and Found – Chapter 18

            It was decided that they would take Alyson and Frankie with them to Kevin and Danielle’s house, so that left Nick and Ashley alone, just like Nick had promised Ashley, they would have a day where it would be just them and no one else.

            “Grilled cheese for lunch please,” Ashley pressed on her iPad shorty after their family had left to head to New Jersey for the day.

            “Yea, we will go get the ingredients so when Joe gets here, he can make you a grilled cheese, I just got a text from him saying that he was just getting ready to board the plane in Chicago, so he should be here in another couple of hours,” Nick said, as Ashley blinked once.

            “What do you say we go for a walk with Elvis and then we will stop at Whole Foods on the way back,” Nick asked his twin.

            “Yes, Elvis walk,” Ashley said on her iPad.  She had an animal section on her iPad, and in that was a button that said Elvis, walk, with a cute picture of a dog on a leash.

            “Okay, come on let’s get going, are you okay, do you need anything before we go on the walk, and to the store,” Nick asked his twin.

            “Yes, my diaper is wet, I need to be changed,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.  Ashley had a cares section on her iPad too and she had multiple buttons on her iPad for the bathroom.  She had two for the toilet, one that said poop, and one that said pee.  She also had two diapers, one that said dirty and one that said wet.  Ashley was almost always able to tell if she was wet.

            “Okay honey, let’s go change you, do you have to pee or poop also, or no?” Nick said as he pushed her towards the bedroom that they shared last night once again.

            Ashley navigated to her cares page again and once there she pressed, “I am all done, no more pees or poops.”

            “Okay, honey, come on let’s get you changed then,” Nick said as he took off her iPad and then removed her tray, before unbuckling her and picking her up and laying her on the bed, which had railings on it, just so she didn’t roll off.

            Once he had her laying down, he pulled down her pants and then undid the front of the soaking wet diaper.  Nick then helped her roll on her side so he could get her all cleaned up.

            “Nick, walk when,” Ashley mind talked with him.

            “Yea after we get done changing you, we will go for a walk Ash,” Nick said out loud as he rolled her onto her back again and taped up a clean diaper.

            “Walk now,” Ashley mind talked with her brother. 

            “After we get you in your chair we will go for a walk, thank you for not touching anything Ashley,” Nick said out loud as Ashley smiled up at Nick.

            “Come on let’s get you in your chair again, then we will go for a walk,” Nick said, as he picked her up off of the bed and sat her in her wheelchair.  He then got her all strapped in, before putting on her tray and handing her the iPad.

            “Tell Joe when he gets here, so we can tell Mom and Dad tonight, with Kevin and Dani,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yea, we can do that, we will do that over lunch, how does that sound sweetie,” Nick said as Ashley blinked once.

            “Come on let’s go for a walk and then we will go to the store and pick up the grilled cheese stuff,” Nick said as he pushed his sister to the front door of his apartment.  He put on his coat and his sisters’ coat.  He then called Elvis and they left for the walk.

            “Cold, brrr,” Ashley said about two minutes into their walk.

            “Do you just want to go to the store honey and then home or do you want to continue on the walk,” Nick asked, as he came in front of her and held out both of his hands for him to choose from.

            “Home, cold,” Ashley pressed on her iPad instead.

            “Okay, come on let’s head back then, we have to drop off Elvis anyways before we head to Whole Foods,” Nick said.

            “Thanks Nick,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Your welcome honey,” Nick said as he continued walking to the corner, where they would turn and head back to Nick’s apartment.  He wanted to get Elvis to poop.  He was hoping that he would poop in the time that it took to get back to the apartment, or he would have to just keep on walking.  Thankfully right then Elvis pooped.

            “Good boy Elvis, come on let’s go home,” Nick said as they turned around and headed back home.

            “Brrr, cold,” Ashley pressed on her iPad once again.

            “I know honey,” Nick said.  They still had to go out and get the grilled cheese ingredients unless he called his personal shopper to do it for him.  He would give Ashely the choice of going to the store or having his personal shopper pick up the ingredients for him once they got Elvis home.

            They got back up Nick’s apartment a couple minutes later.  Nick decided to leave Ashley’s coat and scarf on for right now.  Just in case she did want to go shopping with Nick or not.  “Ashley, I am going to leave your coat on for now, let’s get Elvis inside and make sure he has enough water and then we will head out, okay,” Nick said, as Ashley blinked once.

            “Grilled cheese Joe make,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yep, we will ask Joe to make grilled cheese when he gets here,” Nick said.

            “Watch,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “You want to watch Joe make grilled cheese Ash?” Nick asked.

            “Yes, tell Joe about Health Center and watch grilled cheese,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yea, we will do that as soon as Joe comes.  Now I have a question for you honey,” Nick said, as Ashley blinked once and smiled up at him.

            “Okay, Ashley, do you want to stay here and see if I can get my personal shopper to go pick up the ingredients needed for grilled cheese, or do you want to go to the store and pick up the ingredients,” Nick asked his twin as he took her iPad off of her tray and held out two hands, one for each choice.  Ashley turned her head towards the one on her right side, which was the one for going to the store.

            “Okay, then let’s get going,” Nick said, as he took off her breaks.

            “Walk outside?” Ashley asked on her iPad.

            “Yea, we have to go for a walk outside,” Nick said.

            “Cold, brrr,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Do you want to go or no?” Nick asked as he came around in front of Ashley, who blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Delete help delete,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “You want help deleting your screen, Ash?” Nick asked as Ashley blinked once.

            “Okay, thank you for asking,” Nick said as he pressed the delete button on her iPad.  Ashley’s hands weren’t exactly able to do a lot.  The doctors weren’t sure if she had some sort of stroke along with the seizure or not.  Her brain damage was so bad, that it was hard to tell where it was actually from.

            “Nick, diaper change, go, store, grilled cheese, Joe,” Ashley said.

            “Do we need to do a diaper change before we go to the store honey?” Nick asked his twin.

            “Wet, very wet, pee lots, yes,” Ashley said.

            “Thank you for telling me that you need to have your diaper changed honey, come on let’s go get you cleaned up,” Nick said.

            “Pee more now,” Ashely said.

            “Do you want to sit on the potty, or no, Ash?” Nick asked as Ashley blinked twice to indicate no.

            “Okay, come on let’s go lay down then,” Nick said as he took her iPad and sat it on her bedside table, then took off her tray, and leaned it up against the bedside table.  Nick then got to work on taking off all of the very complicated straps that were in place to hold Ashley up.  Without these, Ashley couldn’t hold herself up for more than about 30 seconds and that is on a good day.  He then finally picked her up and laid her down on the bed.

            “Nick, reset iPad, it wasn’t working earlier,” Ashley mind talked with her twin when he got her laying down and had pulled down her pants to reveal a very wet diaper.  The wetness indicator on the diaper was bright blue, indicating that she was extremely wet.

            “I will reset it once we are done here and I get you back in your chair, okay,” Nick said as Ashley smiled at him and blinked once.

            “Nick, when is Joe coming?” Ashley asked her twin as he was wiping her front parts down.

            “I think in about an hour, so as soon as we get you back in your chair and ready, we are going to head out, so we are here when Joe gets here,” Nick said.

            “Can’t he let himself in, like he does at home?  He comes and visits us a lot,” Ashley said.

            “That is cool that he comes and visits you, but he doesn’t have a key, so he would be waiting outside for us,” Nick said.

            “Oh okay,” Ashley said.

            “Okay Ash, we are done, good job at not touching anything,” Nick said as he picked up his sister and set her in her wheelchair.  He then put back on all of her straps and then her tray.  Nick then sat down on Ashley’s bed and did a quick reset on her iPad.

            “Thanks Nick, you are the best brother ever,” Ashley spoke to him in his mind.

            “You’re welcome honey, thanks you are the best sister I have,” Nick mind talked back with her.

            “What about Aly, I am your only twin though,” Ashley said thorough her mind as she looked up at her twin brother.

            “Okay, Ash, wait for that to be done and let’s get going,” Nick said as he pushed her out of the bedroom, but not before grabbing the used diaper, wipes and under pad that he had used on her.  He made a quick stop in the hallway bathroom and threw them away and washed his hands quickly before they left the apartment and headed to the Whole Foods that was a couple of blocks away.

            Nick and Ashley were at the store about twenty minutes later.  Nick had made a list before they had left this morning of stuff that he needed also, besides the grilled cheese ingredients.  What he didn’t know was that Ashley had also made a list on her iPad.

            “Okay, the first thing we need is vegetables,” Nick said.

            “Grocery List,” Ashley spoke aloud on her iPad.  “Ashley’s yogurt, onions for grilled cheese, tomatoes for grilled cheese, bacon for grilled cheese, pepper jack for grilled cheese, jalapeno spicy peppers for grilled cheese.”

            “Ashley, is that what you want on your sandwich?” Nick asked his twin, who blinked once.

            “We will get those ingredients for you,” Nick said, as they went around and picked up the necessary ingredients for the grilled cheese and everything else that Nick had on his list.

            “Cranberries, yogurt, cottage cheese,” Ashley pressed on her iPad when they were almost done shopping.

            “Ashley, I have all of that already at home for you and Aly,” Nick said, as Ashley blinked once.  She believed that her twin had everything that she had requested on her list at home for her.

            They barely got home and got all of the groceries unpacked when Nick smelled something coming from what he assumed or hoped was Ashley.  “Ash, did you poop?” Nick asked his twin as he looked over at her and saw that she had her pooping face on.

            “Yea, pooping now,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she silently grunted.

            “Ashley, why don’t you tell me these things before you poop honey?” Nick asked.

            “Sorry, it just started coming,” Ashley mind talked as she grunted and lot out a very loud fart at the same time.

            “Ashley, let me know when you are done okay, and I will get you all cleaned up,” Nick said as Ashley blinked once

“I am done, need change, poop,” Ashley announced on her iPad right then.

            “Okay, come on let’s get you changed,” Nick said as he put the last thing in the fridge.

            As soon as Nick had Ashley laying down and had pulled her pants down, Ashely started touching her very soiled diaper.  “Okay Ash, I am going to take this off and you promise not to touch anything right?” Nick asked as Ashley smiled up at him and blinked once.

            Just as Nick was starting to wipe her front up, the phone by the door rang.  “Uh, that is probably Joe, I have to go let him in Ash.  Are you going to be good and not touch anything?”  Nick asked as Ashley blinked once.

            “Okay, I will be back then,” Nick said as he went into the living room to answer the phone to talk to Theo.

            Meanwhile in the bedroom, Ashley was getting upset and frustrated laying there doing nothing.  “Ahhh,” Ashley screamed at the top of her lungs, until Nick came back into the room.  This time he had Joe with him too.

            “Ashley Marie Jonas,” Nick scolded his sister for touching her private parts and the poop that was all over her hands now.  “You told me you were not going to touch anything.  Now we have to clean you up and the mess that you made,” Nick said, as he got her hands away from the diaper.  This just made Ashley mad, she started to kick and cry.

            “Ashley, you need to calm down,” Nick said as he tried to wipe her down again.  This was the main time that she would get mad because she didn’t particularly like being cleaned up even after she just went pee half of the time, she would act like this.

            “Ashley,” Joe said as he gently took her hands away from her diaper and held onto them as Nick finished cleaning her up.  She was still crying a bit, but she was willing to have Joe take her hands and wipe them down with a wet wipe.  This kept her distracted for long enough for Nick to put on a clean fresh diaper.

            Nick then picked her tiny body up and put it back in her wheelchair with help from Joe.  Joe held Ashley upright while Nick put on all of the confusing straps.  Nick then put-on Ashley’s tray, and then he put her iPad on her tray.

            “Nick, we need to tell Joe,” Ashely mind talked with her brother.

            “Yea let’s go out to the kitchen and we can tell Joe, okay,” Nick said out loud, as Ashely blinked once.

            “What do you need to tell Joe?” Joe asked, as Ashely just sighed and looked to Nick for advice on how to tell him.

            “Come on let’s go get started on lunch and we will tell him,” Nick said.

            “Tell me what?” Joe asked concerned.

            “We will tell you while we are eating lunch,” Nick said.

            “Making,” Ashley said on her iPad and looked at her brothers.

            “Okay, what’s for lunch?” Joe asked, as he pushed Ashley out to the kitchen, he was starving.  He had only had time for a muffin this morning before he got on a plane and headed to New York.  The flight that he took only gave him one small bag of peanuts and another small bag of pretzels.  They thought that this was supposed to last him for the five-and-a-half-hour flight.   Were they crazy?

            “Grilled Cheese,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yea, we went to the store this morning and got all of the ingredients didn’t we Ash?” Nick said.

            “Yea walk with Elvis, grocery store, diaper change,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Is that what you did this morning honey?” Joe asked as he pushed her into the kitchen.

            “Yes,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Is grilled cheese what you requested for lunch today Ashley?” Joe asked, as Ashely blinked once.

            “Joe makes it,” Ashley then pressed on her iPad.

            “She requested that you make her a grilled cheese, I guess she didn’t want me to make one for her,” Nick said.

            “Yea, because you can’t cook,” Ashely pressed on her iPad.

            “Yea, I guess that is true Ash, isn’t it?” Nick laughed, as Joe took out the ingredients to make the grilled cheeses for himself and his siblings.

            “Nick, can we tell him now,” Ashely pressed on her iPad.

            “Ash, what do you need to tell me?” Joe asked his sister.  Nick had mentioned something about it when they were getting Ashley back into her chair, and now Ashely actually saying something on her iPad.

            “It’s about the Health Center,” Ashely pressed on her iPad.  She then looked at Nick as if to say, you can tell him about it.

            “What about the Health Center Ashley,” Joe said, growing concerned.  He had driven by it one day, and it looked nice on the outside, but not super nice.

            “They are mean, I don’t like it there,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Why don’t you like it honey?” Joe asked as he looked at Nick who told Joe everything that Ashley had told him last night.

            “That is insane, we need to do something,” Joe said.

            “They told me that if I told anyone, I would get in big trouble, and I don’t want to get in trouble,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Don’t worry, you won’t get into trouble, but remember we do need to tell Mom and Dad tonight,” Nick said, as Ashley sighed.

Chapter End Notes:

It is all right now, let's hope it stays that way.


But what do you think is going to happen when they tell their parents tonight?


Let me know.  I am sorry that this all got goofed up too. :-)

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