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Lost and Found – Chapter 19

            After lunch, Joe, Nick, and Ashley watched a movie, until their parents, Kevin, Dani, Frankie, and Alyson all arrived back at Nick’s apartment for dinner that night at the apartment.  Kevin and Dani had checked into the same hotel that Paul and Denise were staying at while they were in the city.  They had decided that since Paul and Denise wanted to see their new house that they had just moved into, that they would come the night before, but then head back home for the night.  Then today, they were going to get a hotel for the rest of the time that the family was in the city, which was through the weekend.

            “Riley, Maci?” Ashely asked Kevin when she saw him later that afternoon.  Ashley hadn’t seen her favorite niece puppies last night.  Kevin and Dani had promised that they would bring Riley and Maci to Nick’s apartment with them tomorrow.

            “Dani has Riley and Maci, they are outside right now, but they will be coming in,” Kevin said, as Ashley smiled.  The family didn’t get too many smiles out of Ashely, just because of her brain damage, her emotions were always all over the place, so there wasn’t a lot of smiling going on.

            “We have to talk all of us about tonight, I don’t want Frankie to hear,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Joe, Nick,” Kevin called as him and Ashley were passing by them in the living room.

            “Yea, what do you need?” Joe asked.

            “Come with me,” Kevin said as he pushed Ashley down the hallway so his parents couldn’t hear what they were talking about, not yet anyways.  Joe and Nick followed, like lost puppy dogs who didn’t know what was going on.

            “We need to talk about tonight,” Ashley pressed once her brothers were all within hearing range and they were out of the kitchen.

            “Dani and I already started talking about this last night on the way home,” Kevin said.

            “Yea, I don’t know what we are going to do, because Frankie for sure shouldn’t hear everything that she has been through,” Nick said.

            “Yea, probably not Aly either, except who knows if she would understand it or not,” Joe said.  Alyson was way lower than Ashley was, she barely understood when they told her to sit down, and even then, they had to physically help her do the sitting down.

            “Dani and I thought that she would take Frankie and Alyson for ice cream after dinner, but Ashley do you want Dani to be here also, or are you fine with it just being us and Mom and Dad?” Kevin asked, as Ashley finally broke down sobbing.  She was so scared to tell her parents.

            “Honey, what do you want?” Nick asked his twin after she started sobbing.

            “Ice cream, I don’t want to tell them,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “I think that it is super important that you are there with us when we tell them, but we can do the talking, you don’t have to do any talking okay honey,” Joe said as he got down to Ashley’s level and talked with her.  Ashley sniffled a little bit and sighed.

            “How about Dani brings back ice cream for everyone, how does that sound?” Kevin asked Ashley who gave him a little smile and blinked once.

            “Come on let’s go get ready for dinner.  Do you need to be changed before dinner?” Kevin asked his sister who sighed and blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Okay, come on let’s go get changed then.  Nick, can you go grab Aly, we changed her before we left, but she probably needs to be changed again, that way she should be ready after dinner,” Kevin asked his brother.

            “Sure, you guys go get Ashley started and I will get Aly, we can probably do her laying down too,” Nick said.  As long as Alyson wasn’t pooping at the moment, they could do her diaper change laying down.  Yes, doing it standing up and with the toilet was sometimes easier and quicker, but Aly liked to yell and complain a lot.

            “Yea, she pooped when we took her last time, so she should be good until at least tonight,” Kevin said, as he turned into the bedroom that Ashley was sharing with her big brother during this time.

            “Okay, thanks,” Nick said, as he walked into the living room, where Aly was sitting on the couch watching TV with Frankie.

            “Come on Aly, we have to do a diaper change,” Nick said, as he tried to get her to stand up.

            “Ahhh,” Aly screamed at her brother and pointed at the TV.

            “Come on Aly, you can come back to this, but we need to do a diaper change before we go eat dinner,” Nick said as Alyson looked up at him with a big smile.  Aly loved food, so mealtimes were her favorite times of the day.

            “Yea, come on Aly, we have to stand up, so we can do a diaper change and then we will come out here again and you can watch TV until dinner,” Nick said as he led her down the hallway and into his bedroom, where Kevin, Joe and Ashley were.  They had just gotten Ashley laid down on the bed and were removing her pants when Nick and Alyson arrived.

            “Okay Ashley let’s see what, do we have here?” Kevin asked as he undid the tabs of her diaper to find that it was a little wet.

            “Nothing is in there,” Joe said, he was distracting Ashley while Kevin did the diaper change.

            “She peed, just not a lot, but it is wet,” Kevin said as he started wiping her front down with wipes before asking Joe to help her roll.

            “Okay,” Joe said, as he continued distracting Ashley while Kevin got her cleaned up.

            “Come on Aly, we have to lay down, so we can get changed,” Nick said across the room.  He was trying to get Alyson to sit down on the floor so he could lay her down so he could change her.  She was in major need of being changed.  Nick could tell that her diaper was soaked.

            “Why are you doing it here and not in the bathroom,” Joe asked his brother.

            “It seemed easier to do it this way then the other way, plus that way we can put an actual diaper on her, that way she won’t wet through while they are out getting ice cream tonight,” Nick said, as he finally got Alyson to lay down on the floor.  Aly’s pull ups didn’t hold very much, they were good for around the house, but for long trips or going out, they weren’t very useful, because one pee and she would basically overflow the diaper.

            “I don’t know why Mom thinks that the pullups are easier, it doesn’t make sense, she always wets through them, and Mom always complains about how she got the couch or a chair wet,” Joe said, as he shook his head and Ashley laughed at him.

            “Of course, Aly the one time we do this, you poop, of course,” Nick grumbled as he took down the pull up.

            “Again Aly, you pooped before we left our house,” Kevin said as he finished taping the clean diaper on Ashley.

            “Yea, apparently she had to poop, because it is all over and it is a lot,” Nick said.

            “Here, I will come help, Joe can you get Ashley in her chair and finish her up,” Kevin asked as Joe nodded his head.

            “Okay Ashley, what do you say we get you in your chair?” Joe asked as Ashley blinked once.

            “Do you need some help,” Kevin asked as he rushed over to Joe who was trying to get the breaks on Ashley’s wheelchair while he had her in his arms.

            “Yes, please that would be helpful,” Joe said as Kevin put on the breaks and then tilted back the wheelchair, so Joe could easily lay her in her chair.

            “Thanks, your chair was getting away from me Ashley,” Joe said as Ashley laughed.

            “Here, I will help you get her back,” Kevin said as Joe rearranged Ashely’s shirt, so no skin was showing, before Kevin grabbed Ashley under her arms and Joe took her under her legs.  They then lifted her back into her chair.  Joe got her straps on her and then Kevin tilted the wheelchair forward, so she was in more of an upright position.  Joe put on her tray and then gave her the iPad.

            “Joe help say tonight,” Ashely pressed on her iPad.

            “You want help knowing what to say tonight?” Joe asked his little sister who blinked once, he had understood her, and Ashley was happy.  Sometimes her family didn’t always understand what she was saying or wanting to say, and it really annoyed her.

            Once both girls were cleaned up, it was almost time for dinner.  Joe had helped Ashley put into her iPad what she wanted to say tonight to start it out.  She then hoped that her brothers would help her out.

            Dinner was very good; however, Ashley didn’t really eat a lot, she was too nervous about how her parents were going to take the news, especially her mom.  For dinner tonight, they had steak, Nick, and Ashley’s favorite, with carrots and mashed potatoes.  Alyson had eaten all her dinner, but Ashley hadn’t.

            “Are you done Ashley?” Paul asked as Ashley sighed and blinked her eyes once.  Paul took her plate up to the counter.

            “Are you feeling okay sweetie,” Denise asked as she felt her daughter’s forehead.  She really hoped that she wasn’t coming down with the flu again.  The last one was long enough and they for sure didn’t need a repeat of that again.  Ashley just blinked once as she looked down.

            “Denise, I am going to take Frankie and Aly for ice cream after we are done with dinner, I will bring back ice cream for everyone else,” Dani said.

            “Ash, do you want to go get ice cream?” Denise asked as she was getting out her testing supplies to make sure that her blood sugar was in the right range.

            Ashley blinked twice to indicate no, even though she really wanted to go with them, she knew that she couldn’t.  Plus, she had to stay here and talk with her parents.

            “You really don’t feel good do you honey?” Denise asked as she once again felt the girl’s forehead.

            “Nick, save dinner,” Ashley mind talked with her brother who was helping his dad get out containers to put the leftovers away.

            “Dad, where is Ash’s food?” Nick asked as he looked for her plate but couldn’t find it anywhere.

            “I put it up here, I wasn’t sure what your mom wanted me to do with it,” Paul said, as he handed the plate to Nick.

            “Good, she wants me to save it for her,” Nick said as he looked over at his mom fussing over Ashley and making sure that she was all healthy and good.  Nick knew why she didn’t eat anything.  Ashley was so nervous about telling her parents about what had happened at the center.  To be honest, he didn’t blame her though.

            “Come on let’s head out guys,” Danielle said, as she helped Alyson stand up.  Once Dani, Frankie, and Aly were all bundled up in coats and hats, they three of them left.

            “Mom, Dad, can you come in here for a second,” Nick called from the kitchen. 

            “Sure, just give us a second,” Denise said as her and Paul were cleaning up the living room, from where Frankie had stayed last night.

“You ready for this Ash?” Joe asked his sister who sighed and blinked up at him.

“All you have to do is just press this square, okay,” Kevin said.  The brothers had been in the kitchen with Ashley while Nick put away the dishes that his father didn’t know where they went.  Joe and Kevin had just gotten what all of them had decided on to put into her communication device earlier today up on her board for her.

            “Okay, ready,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she sighed, and then deleted her board, so that way it would be ready for when she pressed the square that Ashley and her brothers had decided on to say.

            “Yea, what do you all need?” Denise said as she came into the kitchen.

            “I don’t like the Adult Day Care Center.  They are mean and make me poop, I don’t like it,” Ashley said.  She had pressed the square, just as Kevin had told her to.  She then looked at her brothers for more.

            “What, I thought you said you liked it,” Denise said, completely shocked that Ashley had just told them this.

            “Well, Ashley told me this yesterday when she got here, she said that she doesn’t like the daycare that she goes too, because they feed them some gross mushy food for lunch that has something in them to make them poop during rest hour.  Then if you don’t poop during rest hour, they give you a suppository or sometimes an enema,” Nick said.

            “Also, if you don’t obey or corporate, they give you one of these too,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Mom, it isn’t good, we need to get her out of there, she said she has had a suppository before, plus have you seen her poop, last night it was everything from diarrhea to hard rock solid.  We need to get her out of their Mom,” Nick said.

            “Also, what are they doing with the other adults who are there, I am sure that Ashley doesn’t know everything that goes on in there yet, she has only been going for a week and a half,” Kevin said.

            “Wasn’t a requirement for the place was you had to be non-verbal?  They said that they had great speech services and would get the adult speaking or using their vocal cords or something like that,” Paul said.

            “Yea all they do is care about your pooping and peeing schedule, also if you are wet or pee, they press on your tummy with this machine thing that is supposed to loosen your bowels and they give you a suppository.  All they really want is poop,” Ashley pressed on her iPad once again.  Her brothers were proud that Ashley was actually participating in the conversation.

            “Mom, I drove by it last week on my way somewhere and it looked like it was nice on the outside, but I don’t know what it looks like on the inside,” Joe said.

            “Yea, neither do we really, we drop her off and then come pick her up and they already have her outside and ready to go,” Denise said.  “That was also a perk from other places that we had researched and made phone calls to saying that you had to come into the place to pick up and drop off your child.  Now I know why they didn’t want anyone to come in there.”

            “We need to get her out of there before it gets any worse.  No wonder they also only want non-verbal adults too, because they won’t be able to communicate what goes on in there,” Paul said.

            “Do they take your iPad away from you sweetie?” Denise asked.  That was her worst fear and worry that they took away her voice.  Ashley did use her iPad, somewhat, not as much as they wanted her to, and she would get upset that she couldn’t do something like delete her message box, or when it didn’t work, but she did use it.

            Ashley blinked twice at her mom, saying no they don’t.  She then started mind talking with Nick, hoping that he would get what she wanted and that he would just repeat everything she said.

            “They don’t take it away unless you are being bad.  I haven’t had mine taken away, but I have seen other people get theirs taken away,” Ashley told Nick.  Thankfully, her brother got what she wanted because he repeated what she said.

            “We need to get her out of there, and report them or something,” Paul said.

            “They make me poopoo, I don’t like it there,” Ashely pressed on her iPad as she started crying.

            “Oh sweetie,” Paul said, as he came over and hugged her.

            “I know you don’t like it honey, you don’t have to go back, we won’t be sending you back,” Denise said, as she came over and gave Ashley a hug too.

            “Promise,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yes, we promise, you will not have to go back there, we are going to call tomorrow honey and get you out of that place, okay,” Paul said, as Ashley looked at her brothers who had helped her so much with all of this, before blinking once.

            “Diaper wet change,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Here I got her,” Joe said as he took off her breaks and pushed her out of the kitchen and down to her and Nick’s room.

            “I will go with them,” Kevin said, as he got up and followed, knowing that they would need help.

            “Paul, what are we going to do, that was the best rated one in LA,” Denise said, as she sat down and put her hands in her head.

            “Wait, that center was the best rated one in LA,” Nick said disgusted as he came and sat down by his parents.

            “Yea, which is why we went and looked at it, I guess it isn’t the best rated one.  When did you find out about this?” Denise asked her son.

            “She told me yesterday when we got here, she told me at first that they made her poop and gave her some mushy gross food for lunch every day.  Then as the night went on, she just kept on telling me and us even more.  I guess she told Dani all about it when she took her to the bathroom last night at John’s.  Then I helped some because Dani was confused,” Nick said.

            “Why didn’t she tell us before now?” Paul asked his son.

            “Well, she didn’t tell you everything, but I guess they told her and everyone this on the first day, that they can’t tell their parents about this, or they will get in trouble and by trouble, they mean putting an enema in her for hours.  Now she did say that this has never happened to her before.  She has gotten a suppository there before, but not an enema,” Nick said, as he sat down by his Dad.

            “How, she has only gone twice,” Paul said.

            “Yea, I know, but just how did this happen?” Denise said as she put her hands in her head.

            “I have no idea, but I feel bad for her and for everyone that goes there, how awful,” Paul said.  “We have to do something.  I don’t know what we are going to do, but we will figure it out tomorrow, let’s wait for Dani to get back with Aly and help get both girls into bed and then we should head out and get some rest at the hotel.”

            “Yea, you are right,” Denise said.

Chapter End Notes:

Big Chapter for the family!

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