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Lost and Found - Chapter 2

Danielle is on tour with Kevin right now.  She and Kevin got married on December 19, 2009.  We are so happy together and I love him more than anything in the world.  She loved the way he cared for her.  She also loved the way he looked at her and made her feel special like she was the only woman on the whole entire planet and no one else mattered. 

Dani was in the middle of reading a magazine when Kevin came running into the room screaming something about a thermometer.  Before I had time to process what he needed, Joe came running in yelling something about a washcloth.  I for sure got what Nick needed when he came in yelling, “I need a bucket.”  “Here Nick use this,” I said as I rushed a garbage can under his mouth.

“So, Dani, you care more about Nick, than you do about my need for a thermometer?  Gosh my wife cares more about her brother-in-law then me.  Wow.”

“Well, I didn’t really want to clean up his barf and you would have made me clean up his barf.”  Dani said.

“Guys,” Nick interrupted their arguing over nothing really.  “Kev, the need of a bucket wasn’t even for me it was for Ashley.”

“Wait, whose Ashley?” Dani was thinking that it was fan that they met at the sound check or something.  She did not expect to hear what came out of Nick’s mouth next though.  That is for sure.

“My twin sister,” Nick answered like it wasn’t anything new and he had a twin for his whole life.

“What, but you don’t have a twin,” Dani said looking in between all of brothers totally confused.

Nick spoke up, “She was at sound check and I could feel her feelings, so I tried to mind talk with her, and it worked.  She was the reason I was getting all of that pain in my bottom for years and the pain in my stomach yesterday.”

This day has been so huge; the brothers found out that they had a little sister that was stolen.  After Ashley came into the backstage room that Kevin, Joe, Nick, and Dani were in.  Nick decided that it was probably best for Ashley to be sleeping on the bus.  It could get very noisy before a concert with all of the moving of equipment across the stage.

“Come on Ash, do you want to go to the bus?” Nick said.

“Yea,” Ashley said tiredly, she was about to fall asleep right there.

“Come here, Ash,” Kevin said as he picked her up and carried her out to the bus like a little child.  She ended up falling asleep in his arms a couple of minutes after they started there venture out to the bus.

Although the fans did happen to wake her up, she had a really bad headache, and her stomach was feeling a little off again.  Maybe she woke up with that or it might have been the noise, but it was probably some of each.

When they got her to the bus, Kevin went and laid her down on a bunk.  When he was laying her down her shirt came up enough to see bruises all over her stomach.  Ashley was luckily asleep, so Kevin moved her shirt up some more and he saw a ton of bruises all over her stomach.  Some were fading where others were newer looking.  “Uh, Joe, Nick,” Kevin said.

“Yea, what’s up?” Nick said as he came into the bunk area.

“She has bruises all over her stomach,” Kevin said nervously.

“H-h-how did she get them?” Joe asked tearfully.  He didn’t want anything to happen to his baby sister.  Even though he only knew her for less than two hours, he still loved her.

Ashley woke up right then with a major headache.  Her head hurt so much and adding to it was the light outside.  She sat up and found the blinds to close the window next to her lower bunk.  “Nick,” she minds talked.

“Yea honey,” Nick said out loud, “what do you need,” he said as he felt her forehead which was burning up.

“Bright,” Ashley’s sort-of mumbled out.

“Kevin, Joe,” Nick turned to them, “can you turn off all the lights, it is too bright for her.”

“Yea,” Kevin said.  Kevin and Joe were having a little conversation of their own about everything that was going on.

“Nick,” Ashley said.

“Yea honey,” Nick said concerned about the way she was acting.

“My stomach and back hurts,” Ashley said as she held her stomach and turned pale green.  Nick grabbed the bucket at the end of her bed and held it for her while she vomited.  “Oh honey, shhh,” Nick said as he comforted her.

“Are you done, honey?” Nick asked as Ashley shook her head and vomited again.

“Come on let’s lay down,” Nick said as Ashley finished vomiting and looked miserable and so tired.

Ashley screamed out in pain as she went to lay down.  Her legs, back and stomach hurt a ton.  “Nick,” Ashley said, but before she could say anything else, she started vomiting again.

“Kevin, Joe, can one of you go get Mom and Dad please,” Nick said as Kevin ran out of the bus looking for Mom and Dad.  He found them and Dani sitting in the catering area. 

“Mom, Dad, Dani come with me,” Kevin said as he came up to them, “I will explain on the way,” was all Kevin said before they all left the catering area.

Joe and Nick were back in the bus with Ashley who was still screaming out in pain, she was complaining of pain her legs and back.  They tried to get her lying down but she was just in too much pain to move at all.  “Joe, can you please test her blood sugar while I try to get her lying down again,” Nick asked while Joe went and retrieved Nick’s meter and lancet.

“It’s normal,” Joe said as Ashley started having a seizure.  “Joe, go see what is taking them so long,” Nick said referring to their parents as he got Ashley lying down and stood in front of the bunk, looking down at her, praying that she would be okay. 

            Ashley was still having the seizure when everyone got back on the bus.  “What is going on?” Denise yelled.  She had heard Kevin say that Ashley was really sick, and they needed to come quick.  Joe came running up to them and said that Ashley was having a seizure.  “Is it a diabetic seizure?” she asked Nick who was looking at Ashley like she was a hurt puppy.  “No, it isn’t Joe checked her blood sugar right before the seizure started and it was normal,” Nick said as he started crying.

            Everything happened so fast for Nick.  One moment he was finding out he had a sister and the next he was watching as paramedics loaded his twin sister into an ambulance because she had multiple seizures.  Nick was so scared for Ashley; he feared that she would never wake up again.  Nick had never seen anyone have a seizure before, he knew that diabetics if they didn’t watch their blood sugar could have one, but her blood sugar was normal when she stared having one which made him even more worried.

            “Ashley Jonas,” everyone looked up when they heard that name, “I just wanted to let you know that a doctor will be in to speak with you shortly.”  Big Rob had already found them a private waiting room, which everyone was grateful for, not to have prying eyes watching them constantly.

            “Rob, can you take Frankie downstairs to get a snack, I don’t want him to hear whatever the doctor is going to say, in case it is bad news,” Denise asked.

            “But Mom, I want to hear what is wrong too,” Frankie wined.

            “Sure, come on Frank let’s go get a snack.  We will get a snack and then come right back up here, okay,” Big Rob said as Frankie left reluctantly. 

             “Hi, I am Dr. Smith and I have been working on your daughter’s case,” the doctor said as he came into the private waiting room a couple minutes later.

            “What is wrong with my baby girl?” Denise asked as she dabbed her eyes with a tissue, she had been crying all night and was sick to her stomach with worry.

             “Ashley is in a coma,” was his answer to Denise’s question.

            “What, how did this happen,” Denise asked in sheer panic.

“If you just give me a minute, I will explain everything to you,” the doctor was persistent but also very kind.  “Your daughter is in a coma because she had so many seizures in such a sort-time frame.  This is the way of the body coping sometimes when a person has multiple seizures in a row.  We won’t know until she comes back to consciousness if her brain was affected or not.  There could be a good chance that it is, but we won’t know how much until she comes out, since she has had over fifty seizures since she has come in.  Some have been less severe; those are called myoclonic seizures.  These seizures are just brief jerks of the body.  Many people who don’t have a seizure disorder get them after they have had the hiccups or when they are just falling asleep.  Does she have a seizure disorder like epilepsy that we need to be aware of?”

“We don’t know, Ashley is Nick’s twin sister and we just found her today after seventeen and a half years,” Paul started getting emotional and tearing up.  He was really worried about her; he hadn’t seen her grow up or anything.

“She has multiple bruises all over her stomach also, do you know where that came from.

“Yea,” Denise said as she wiped her face with a tissue, “she was abused that is all she said to me.  Did she say anything to you boys?”

“She said that she was abused by her father, but that is it,” Nick spoke up.  He decided that it would be helpful to speak up and say something about it.

“Well, I am going to have to contact the police and have them talk to you about this, just so you know,” the doctor said.

“When can we see her,” Kevin asked.

“We are moving her to a room on third floor, so it shouldn’t be much longer, and you will be able to see her, I will have a nurse come out and get you when she is ready.”

“Okay, thank you,” Joe said as the family stood up and shook his hand.  They were all really worried about her.

After forty-five minutes of worry, the same nurse came into see them, “we have moved her up to room 367, I will take you up,” the nurse said as she led them up to Ashley’s Intensive Care Unit room.

“Two at a time for now please,” the nurse said as she left.  “Mom, Dad you go first,” Joe said.  Paul and Denise went in and saw Ashley; she was hooked up to so many machines, it was scary.  She had an oxygen mask on and had IV’s coming out of her every which way.  She looked so frail and much paler then when they had seen her a few hours ago being loaded into the ambulance.  Denise had ridden with Ashley in the ambulance to the hospital and watched her have multiple seizures, some lasting for a long time and others being short and quick.  She never came out of unconsciousness though, she just kept on having the seizures and never woke up once.

“I will send Nick in, I should probably fill Phil in about what is going on,” Paul said as he got up to leave a while later.  Paul didn’t know how to tell him that he had a daughter.  After some time, he finally decided to call and ask if Phil and Johnny could come down to the hospital.  The concert had already been canceled but no one knew why it was actually canceled.

When Nick went in to sit with Ashley he freaked out.  He had never seen anyone hooked up to so many machines and tubes.  “Wow, Mom, I didn’t know she was this bad,” Nick said as he got choked up.

“Oh honey,” Denise said as she pulled Nick in for a comforting hug as he cried into her shoulder.  Denise worried about all of her children, but her main worry was Ashley right now.  “The nurses said that you can talk to her and she will be able to hear you,” Denise told her second youngest son as he sniffled.

“Hey Ash, how are you feeling,” Nick said as he choked back on a sob.  “I want you to wake up so I can see those big beautiful brown eyes of yours, I really miss you Ash.”  When Nick finished, he got up and left the room.  Being in the room with Ashley was too much and felt like he had bricks weighing on his shoulders.

When he stepped out of Ashley’s ICU room, he would have collapsed on the ground had it not been for Kevin who grabbed him right away and led him over to the bench where Joe was sitting.  As soon as Nick was sitting down, he started sobbing. 

“Oh Nick,” Joe said as he clutched on to him and sobbed.  “Uh she looks so sick,” Nick said once he stopped crying.  Nick was glad that Frankie wasn’t there, this would have just freaked him out even more and he was already sort-of freaked out.

“Boys, can you come to the waiting room please, Phil and Johnny are coming down and I want you to be there when we deliver the news,” Paul said as he came down the hall.

“Yea, Dad, we are coming,” Kevin said as Nick looked up with a tear-streaked face.  “When are they going to be here?” Kevin asked.

“They just left the venue, and I am supposed to go meet them at the front desk,” Paul said as the boys all stood up and went to the waiting room to wait.

“I am going to head downstairs,” Paul said after giving them a little pep talk which Nick cried through, because he was so worried about Ashley.

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