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Lost and Found – Chapter 5

            The next day Paul and Denise were on a search for a rehab center that would take Ashley, they had two options.  They visited both of them that day.  The first one they went to be a hospital that had a small rehab wing, but it looked like most patients were still hooked up to monitors and it was very noisy.

            The second one they went to be a hospital, it looked like a little cottage, and it was called, Willow Hearts, it felt more like a home setting verses a hospital setting.  As they walked in the director came up, “Hi, my name is Alisha Willow, and I am the director of Willow Hearts,” she said as she shook their hands.  “I will show you around and then we will go talk about Ashley.”

            “We are a 20-bed rehab center for children and adults under the age of 21, all of our caretakers are nurses also,” she said as she showed them around the living room area.  “This is the living room area; we like everyone who is able to be out here during the day.  We do social activities, play games, and just hang out.  “They can and will go back to their rooms at certain times of the day, but we like to have the social interaction,” she said as they walked into another room.

The dining room had twenty round tables that sat ten each.  “We like to be family oriented; we encourage a family member to stay overnight with the kiddo, and also for families to come visit daily, we have a gourmet chef, who prepares all meals.”

“We have one room available right now, it is right here,” she said as she led them down a hall and into a room, it had a hospital bed and a sofa in the room along with a table and two dressers.  The sofa is a pull out and we have family bathrooms and showers for the families to use.

“Let’s go back to my office and we will talk logistics,” she said as she led them out of the room and into an office.  After talking with Alisha for over an hour they decided to sign the papers for Ashley.

While Paul and Denise were searching for a place for Ashley to go to, all of the boys and Dani were at the hospital with Ashley.  They were watching TV.  While they were watching TV, Ashley started crying.  She had pooped and was embarrassed, but on top of that she was uncomfortable.  Joe came over to her as soon as she started crying, “Ash what is wrong,” he said as he rubbed her back while she cried.  It was then that he smelled that she had gone to the bathroom.

“Oh honey,” Joe said as he pressed the nurse’s button.  “Yea my sister had an accident and she need to be cleaned up.”  Kevin, Dani, Nick, and Frankie all left the room to give Ashley some privacy.  She wanted Joe to stay with her.  Shortly after they left, the nurse that no one liked came in, ripped the covers off of Ashley, tore her diaper off, and roughly cleaned her up.

Ashley was shaking in fear the whole time.  The nurse stuck the thermometer up her butt, instead of in her mouth, and the blood pressure cuff around her leg instead of around the arm.  Joe had enough of this.  She was way too rough with Ashley and made it really scary for her.

            Joe sang to Ashley until she fell asleep, which didn’t take long because she was so exhausted from the whole procedure of just being changed and having her vitals taken.

            “That nurse needs to be fired or something,” was the first thing Joe said when his brothers and sister-in-law entered the room.  “She treated Ashley awful, she came in and ripped the covers off of her, tore off the diaper and cleaned her up very roughly.  She rubbed her bottom for like three minutes straight after she was clean,” Joe just shook his head.  He just wanted to yell at the nurse for hurting and scaring his little sister.

            “Aren’t nurses supposed to be nice and not scare their patients,” he said.  Kevin was furious that someone would hurt his little sister like that.  Kevin was the typical older brother; he was very protective of his siblings.  He remembered once when they were younger, Joe got beat up at school for something, and he became even more protective of Joe for a while.

            “There’s more,” Joe whispered.  “After she was done rubbing her bottom, she took the thermometer and stuck it in her bottom.  It was without warning; I don’t even think Ash knew what was going on.  She didn’t tell her or me what she was doing.  She then put the blood pressure cuff around her leg, instead of her arm.”

Right then Paul and Denise came through the doors with dinner for everyone.  “We brought dinner,” Denise said.  After they were done with Willow Hearts, Paul and Denise went to the grocery store to surprise everyone at the hospital and make dinner for them.  They had even called up to the hospital to cancel Ashley’s meal that was supposed to be coming around now and ask if they could puree some of their food.  The hospital was happy to do that for them.

  “Ash, are you hungry?” Nick said as he woke up his twin sister gently.  As soon as Nick asked if she was hungry, she opened her eyes and smiled up at him.  “Yes, I am hungry,” Ashley told Nick through their minds.

“Okay let’s see here, we have mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, chicken, and cranberries.  Cranberries were one of Ashley’s favorite food.  They had found that out at lunch today, she got cranberries for lunch and she ate the whole thing, the rest of her lunch she didn’t do too good on.

“Ash did you like that nurse,” Joe asked his little sister who just blinked at him twice indicating that she did not like her and then she started screaming and getting really agitated.

By the time Denise had run over to her she was throwing a full-on tantrum.  She was now screaming, kicking, and crying.  “Shhh Ash,” Denise tried to get her calmed down, but she just kept on screaming at the top of her lungs. 

“Ashley Marie Jonas calm down right now,” Paul came over and tried to calm her down.  She of course continued to yell, kick, and cry.

“Ashley calms down,” Nick mind talked with her.  She stopped kicking, screaming, started breathing normal, and eventually stopped crying.

“Nick, can you interpret for me,” Ashley asked him through her mind.  She wanted to tell her family something, but she didn’t know how too.  She had been thinking about saying this for a long time and she thought that now was a good time.

“Sure,” Nick responded to her through his mind.  He didn’t know what she was going to say or do but it seemed like a reasonable request.

“I want to first of all say thank you for being here and supporting me, the daughter, and sister that no one knew about.  I am still confused to why this all happened but what I got from Nick is that I had a lot of seizures and then I went into a coma and now I am here.  It is scary for me to not be able to talk or do anything for myself.  I am scared to death that you will all forget about me and I will just live in this room,” Ashley finished mind talking with Nick who was repeating all of this to their family.  Ashley looked up and saw her whole family in tears.  “I don’t know how to communicate with you guys, I wish I knew a better way.”

“Oh honey,” Denise came running up to her and engulfed her in a huge hug.  “Don’t you worry about being here all alone, no one will ever leave you, okay Ash,” Denise said as Ashley’s eyes started filling up with tears.

Two days later they were moving Ashley to the rehab center that they had looked at.  When they got to the rehab center, by ambulance, the nurses were there to greet the family.  The first thing they did was transfer her into her own bed.

When they got to Willow Hearts, Denise looked down at Ashley who was looking around in pure shock.  They had told her that she was moving to a new place today, but Denise didn’t think she exactly understood what was going on.

            “Ashley, why don’t we change you and then we will go get you some dinner, okay,” the nurse that had a nametag on that said Amber on it came next to the hospital bed, lowered the rails, and then rolled her on to her side to get her pants down and then worked on changing her diaper.

            “Nick what am I doing here,” Ashley mind talked with him.  She was scared and had no clue why she was there or what she was supposed to do here.

            “You have to stay here so we can all learn how to take care of you and then you can come home,” Nick mind talked back with her.  Ashley just blinked at him once and then sighed letting him know that she understood what he was saying.

            Once the nurse was done changing her, she unlocked the wheels on the hospital bed and moved her out to the dining hall for some dinner.  “Well, this is a little strange,” Ashley said to Nick.

            Amber plugged the hospital bed into the floor and then she raised her up into a sitting position.  “Can one of you come help me get her sitting up in the bed more, it is hard on someone’s back to not be in the bend of the hospital bed,” she said as Paul came over to one side and took her under her arm like Amber did on the other side.  They counted to three and pulled her up, so her bottom was in the bend of the hospital bed.

            “If you guys want to look over the menu and then when I come back, I will put in an order for you all,” Amber said handing them three menus to share.

            “Ash what do you want,” Joe said as he looked over the menu with her.  “Ash they have your favorite cranberries, do you want those,” Joe said as Ashley blinked once indicating yes.  “How about chicken masala too,” Joe said as Ashley blinked again.

            Amber came back a couple minutes later, “has everyone looked over the menu and are you ready to order.” Everyone nodded yes indicating they were ready to order.  “Before I take your order does anyone have any diet restrictions, allergies anything like that?” Amber asked.

            “I am a type 1 diabetic and then all of Ashley’s needs,” Nick said.  He figured he would let them know since they had asked if anyone had any dietary needs.

            “Okay I will put that down in Ashley’s file that her brother is a diabetic too, what is your name so that way we know,” Amber asked Nick.  Nick was shocked he had never been treated this way before, no one had ever taken care of him like this.  He wasn’t too sure if he liked it or not.

            “Nick Jonas,” he said as he looked at Amber who was taking their order.  “We want to make sure that the families have a nice enjoyable time here too.  After they all put in their orders Nick sat down on Ashley’s bed and started mind talking with her.

            “That was a little strange,” Nick said to Ashley.  Of course, Ashley just started laughing out loud because it was the same thing that Ashley had said to Nick a couple of minutes ago. 

            “Oh, you think I’m funny do you,” Nick said to her out loud as he reached over and tickled her side, to which she just continued laughing and tried to get away from him.

            After they ate dinner, Ashley was pretty tired.  A new nurse named Rosanne came in to help get Ashley ready for bed.  “Ashley came on let’s stay awake for a couple more minutes,” the nice nurse said.  Everyone, but Denise left shortly after Ashley fell asleep a while later.

            They were up and ready by eight the next morning.  Another nice nurse named Nicole came in to get Ashley ready.  “Good morning Miss Ashley, morning Mrs. Jonas,” Nicole said.

            “Let’s get you ready for the day what do you say,” Nicole said to Ashley and then said, “after breakfast they are going to come in and get you fit for your wheelchair, how does that sound.”

            Ashley blinked once as Nicole pulled back the sheets and got to work on changing Ashley’s diaper.  Nicole didn’t say anything to the fact that Ashley had made a mess in her diaper.  All of the nurses in the hospital had to make it very clear to the whole family that Ashley had pooped and made a mess.  Nicole just went along and cleaned her up without saying a word about it.

            “Now, how about some breakfast,” Nicole said as she took the breaks off of Ashley’s hospital bed and pushed her out to the dining room.  This morning Ashley had pancakes and bacon.  While Denise had eggs and bacon.

            Kevin, Joe, and Nick came back at the rehab center after breakfast.  “Hey Ash, how was breakfast this morning,” Kevin asked as he came over and give her a hug.  Ashley blinked once, indicating it was good.

            “Did you miss me,” was what Joe asked when he came over to her along with a very big hug.  Ashley just rolled her eyes and blinked twice, just to make him mad.  She started laughing after Joe crossed his arms like a three year older who was being told by his mom that he couldn’t have the candy that he wanted to have in the grocery store.  “You are so funny Miss Ashley,” Joe said as he tickled her.

            “Hey Ash, how was your night,” Nick asked her to which she blinked once.  She however had a question, “where is Daddy, Frankie and Dani,” Ashley mind talked with him.

            “Dad had to take Frankie to school, but he is coming up soon and Dani is out to breakfast with her family who came to visit, but they will all be coming up later on this afternoon,” Nick said.

            “Okay,” Ashley said to Nick as her dad walked in along with a physical therapist who was here to fit her for a wheelchair.  “Hi, I am Tim, the physical therapist who will be fitting Ashley for a wheelchair.”

            Once Tim was done measuring Ashley for her new wheelchair, he got out more papers.  After they decided that she would need a tilting push chair, they had to pick the company that they were going to get the wheelchair through.  There was one company that make tilting wheelchairs, Invacare.  After briefly looking over the papers that Tim had handed them, they decided to go with the Invacare Solara 3G tilting wheelchair.

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