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Lost and Found – Chapter 7

            Around 3 am the next morning, Ashley woke up screaming at the top of her lungs.  Kevin and Dani woke up and were by her bed in a split second.

            “Shhh,” Kevin said as he brushed his hands through his little sister’s hair to hopefully calm her down.  She was now not only screaming, but she was also kicking her legs.  She was upset, but Kevin nor Dani knew why she was so upset.  They would have to get her to calm down first, and then they would try to give her the iPad and see if she would tell them.

            This is when Ashley started grabbing at her stomach, while screaming still.  “Honey, is your tummy hurting?” Dani asked Ashley who blinked once.

            “Shhh,” Kevin said as he brushed his hands through his younger sister’s hair.  That was when they heard a loud fart come from her, and then a distinct poop smell.  It was really odd, because Ashley had been typically constipated since she had become part of the family, and now she has had a bowel movement, twice in a span of six hours or so.

            Once Ashley was calmed down, Dani handed Ashley her iPad.  Ashley went into the speaking app, and said, “sorry for waking you guys up, I had a scary dream and then my tummy was hurting.”

            “Oh honey, it’s okay, do you want to talk about your dream?” Dani asked as Ashley blinked once.

            “An ice cream cone tried to eat me, and it turned into a scary man, who was what was really scary,” Ashley said on her iPad as she still had tears dripping down her face.

            “Oh honey,” Kevin said as he wiped the tears from her face with his thumbs.  “Can we get you cleaned up?”

            “It was so scary,” Ashley said using her iPad.

            “It’s okay, it was just a dream,” Kevin said as he came and sat down on the side of the bed.  Ashley just blinked once and sniffled with tears coming down her face.

            “Honey, can we change you now,” Dani said as Ashley blinked once.  Kevin reached over and pressed the button that would lay the bed down, then he stood up and pulled down her pants very gently.

            “Well, you didn’t leak all over like earlier tonight,” Kevin said when he pulled down her pants to see that she had no bowel leaking from the diaper.

            “Okay, let’s get you cleaned up Ash, what do you say?” Dani yawned as she stood on the other side.  She was so tired, and just wanted to crawl back into bed and go to sleep.

            “Dani, go back to sleep, I have this,” Kevin said.

            “It will be easier and quicker with two people anyways, plus she is almost sleeping, so we can both work on changing her,” Dani said as she nodded towards Ashley, who was almost asleep again.

            “Okay,” Kevin said as he took off the tabs on his side of the diaper, while Dani did the other side.  Kevin turned around and grabbed the wipes and a clean diaper while Dani took down the diaper, to find another huge poop in the diaper.

            “Well, that one is almost as big as the one earlier,” Kevin said when he turned around again with a package of wipes and the clean diaper.

            “Yea, she has always been on the constipated side, so I don’t know why she has gone so much today, your Mom said that she went this morning too, or yesterday morning, I guess it is now,” Dani said.

“I don’t get it, who knows maybe it is a new thing, or maybe her digestive track is messed up,” Kevin said as he took a wet wipe and started wiping her down.

            “Yea, but these past two ones have been solid and huge, so I don’t know what the issue is,” Dani said.

            “Well, we can talk about it in the morning, let’s get to bed,” Kevin said as he turned off the lights and covered Ashley up again.  Kevin and Dani had finished getting Ashley cleaned up, while she was sleeping soundly.

            It was soon enough time to wake up and have breakfast.  “Good morning Ashley,” Dani said as she brushed her hands through her sisters-in-law hair.  Ashley woke up and yawned, and then flipped back over on to her stomach again, as if to say, ‘no I am not waking up yet.’  Dani had gotten her onto her back already.  Ashley loved to sleep on her stomach.

            “Come on, we have to get up, and ready for the day Ash,” Kevin said as he came in from the bathroom.  Ashley did not move at all, but she opened her eyes, and looked up at Dani and then blinked them twice and closed them again.

            “She said no,” Dani laughed, as she looked at Ashley.

            “Come on, we have to get going, today is going to be a fun day,” Kevin said as he came over and flipped her back onto her back.  Ashley just let out a big sigh.

            “Come on, let’s get your diaper off,” Dani said as she grabbed a hold of Ashley’s hands as Kevin undid the tabs on the diaper, to find that Ashley had another huge solid poop.

            “Another one Ash are you feeling okay,” Kevin asked her, as she blinked once.  This one is her third very huge solid poop, since last night.  Well, it was technically her fourth, because she had another huge poop in the bucket attached to the shower chair last night also.

            After breakfast was done and cleaned up, and the family had arrived, it was Saturday, so Frankie had come too.  “Aly, you want to come with us, we want to talk to you for a minute,” Denise said as she led Aly down to Ashley’s bedroom.

            “Come on Aly, let’s sit down,” Denise said as she got Aly to sit down for a minute.

            “Aly, our family wants you to come home with us, is that okay,” Paul said.

            “Pa,” Aly said as she ran over to Paul and hugged him.

            “Yes, I am your Pa,” Paul said as he had tears in his eyes. 

            “Well, she understood at least,” Denise said, with tears in her eyes.  The entire family was really nervous about if she would get that she had a new family, or if she would even accept them.  It could have gone a completely different way, and Aly could have not understood, or she could have gotten mad and not wanted to go with them.

“Go hug your Ma now,” Paul said as Aly walked over to Denise. “Ma,” Aly said as she hugged her.

            “Okay, now go hug your brothers and sister,” Denise said as Aly went around the room.

            “So, are you guys adopting her?” Alisia asked when she saw the family of eight heading out of Ashley’s room and into the main area again.

            “Yes, we are,” Denise said.  “She seemed to understand it, as soon as we told her that we wanted her to come home with us, she ran towards my husband and said Pa.”

            “Well, that is great news,” Alisha said.  “We will get her moved over to Ashley’s room then, if that is okay, and teach you everything that you need to know about her, and she will hopefully be able to go home next week with Ashley.”

            “That would be great,” Denise said.  “Thank you.”

            “Aly, do you want to go for a walk?” Paul asked his newest daughter.  Paul and Denise would have to go to the courthouse and get her officially adopted, but that would be for them to figure out tomorrow.  Today was all about enjoying Aly as a new member of the family.

            “Walk, I go,” Ashley said using her iPad.

            “Yea, you can come too,” Paul said.

            “Everyone?  Go to Park?” Ashley questioned using her iPad.

            “Yea, everyone can come, and we will go to the park,” Paul said, as they all left Willow Hearts for the park.

“Aly, you want to swing?” Kevin asked her when she ran over to the swings and was pointing at them.

            “Okay Aly, we have to sit down, if you want to swing,” Kevin said as he got her to sit down on the swing.

            “See isn’t this fun,” Kevin said as he sat down on the swing next to her.  Aly just pointed and started babbling away about something else, that Kevin nor anyone could understand what she was saying.  Aly mainly made noises, and no actual words were said.

            “Aly, what do you think of being part of this new family,” Kevin asked Aly who just squealed as she pointed at Kevin and Dani, who was also sitting next to Kevin on another swing.

            “Yea, are you excited to become part of our family, Aly?” Dani asked as Aly again squealed.

            “Aly do you want to swing?” Kevin asked as Aly shook her head no and then started babbling on about something, unknown to both Kevin and Dani.

            “Ah,” Aly said as she put her pointer finger on the outside of her nose.

            “What’s wrong Aly?” Kevin asked, as he was closest to Aly.

            “Ah,” Aly said again as she kept her finger on her nose.

            “Aly, does your nose hurt, is that what you are trying to tell us?” Dani asked her, as she nodded her head.

            “Where does it hurt Aly,” Kevin said as both him and Dani got up and off of the swings to come look at Aly’s nose.

            “Ah,” Aly said again as she pressed on her nose a little harder than she had been doing before.  This is when she started crying, she didn’t get what was wrong with her, all she knew was that her nose hurt.

            “Aly, shhh,” Kevin said as he tried to get his little sister to calm down.  She calmed down a couple seconds later and went back to her babbling about nothing in particular.

            “Well, that was interesting,” Kevin said as he sat down in one of the swings.

            “Yea, it really was,” Dani said as she sat down on another swing.  In the three weeks that she had known Aly, she had never seen her cry or get upset over anything.

            “I just hope that her nose is okay, she wouldn’t let me look at it,” Kevin said.

            “Ashley, what do you think of having another sister?” Joe asked his sister when they got under the large oak tree in the shade.

            Ashley went into her app, and pulled up the family section of her app, that they had programed for her.  She pressed a button that said Aly on it, and it had a picture of a girl, “Aly is my little sister.”

            “Yea, I know, do you like having Aly is your little sister,” Joe asked his sister.

            “Yea, she seems nice, and I like her,” Aly said on her iPad.

            “Well, that is good,” Joe said.

            “Joe is my second oldest brother; he likes to sing.  He does a lot of dangerous stunts.  If he is being safe, and not doing anything too dangerous, he is a pretty good brother,” Ashley said on her iPad.

            “Aww, you are so nice to me,” Joe said as he put his hand on his chest as Ashley rolled his eyes.

            “Well, you are dangerous sometimes,” Ashley said as she smiled at Joe.

“Okay, I guess that is correct, I do, do a lot of dangerous stuff, that probably makes mom go crazy,” Joe said.

            “Yea, you are probably right, we just all worry about you,” Ashley said using her iPad.

“How do you know I am dangerous sometimes, and you worry about me?” Joe asked.  Ashley was having a good day today; she was talking in complete sentences.  Sometimes, she wasn’t able to comprehend enough to make complete sentences.  The doctors had originally told them that she would never be able to answer anything besides basic yes and no questions, let alone have a complete conversation.

“Oh, I have heard many stories from Nick,” Ashley said.

            “Oh gosh, what ones has he told you?” Joe asked.

            “The one where you skateboarded off of the garage roof at your old house in Wyckoff,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.  “And others too.”

            “What other ones Ash?” Joe asked.

            “I saw videos, Nick showed me videos, of other ones too,” Ashley said, using her iPad.

            “Oh really, what ones?”  Joe asked.

            “I don’t know the one of you killing time that one was really funny,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Oh, you liked that one didn’t you,” Joe said as Ashley blinked once.

            “Funny,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she smiled at Joe.

            On the playground area, Nick and Frankie were playing, well Nick was sitting on the ground, well the hyper-active 10-year-old boy was playing on the playground.  The family was thankful that there was a park with a huge playground within walking distance from Willow Hearts, because at times when they were learning how to take care of Ashley, it was boring, and they didn’t always want to have Frankie in the room, seeing everything, he was too young to see a lot of the personal cares and such.

            “Nick, when is lunch, I am hungry,” Frankie said as he climbed on the monkey bars.

            “I don’t know bud, but probably around the time that we go back,” Nick said to the young boy.

            “Okay, I will just wait then,” Frankie said.  “I don’t know what to get, what are you going to get?”

            “I don’t know either Pal,” Nick said.

            “Okay, well I hope we go back soon,” Frankie said as he went back to playing on the playground structure.

            “Hey Frank, what do you think about Aly,” Nick asked.

            “I like her, she is really nice, and I think she will be a good fit for our family,” Frankie said.

            “Wow, talking so grown up, are we?” Nick said.

            “Hey, I just really like her and think that she is a good fit,” Frankie said. 

            “That is cool,” Nick said.

“What do you think of her Nick?” Frankie asked innocently.

            “I think that it is going to take some adjusting, but I really like her, and I know that Ashley does too,” Nick said.

            “Yea, all she talks about is Aly,” Frankie said.  He had enough of Ashley always constantly talking about Aly, he wished that sometimes, she would just shut up about her for a couple of minutes and talk about something else.

            “Yea, I know, but hopefully that changes now, I just think she wanted her to become part of our family,” Nick said.  Ashley talked to Nick about all sorts of things, but in the recent weeks it had been much more about Aly.

            Meanwhile, Paul and Denise were enjoying some time alone, on a park bench, under a nice big shade tree.  Joe had Ashley under a big tree not too far away from them.  Nick and Frankie were on the playground, playing.  Kevin had taken Aly over to the swing set and had Aly sitting on a swing.

            “Kevin is such a good brother,” Denise said as she pointed over at Kevin and Aly, she had been watching them for the last five minutes at least, Aly just babbling away to Kevin, with her noises and sounds.  Kevin occasionally would say yes, or mmm, to show her that he was listening to what she was saying, even if he couldn’t understand what she was saying.

            “Yea, he really is, all of the boys have done a great job with adapting to Ashley, and now Aly,” Paul said, as he was too looking over at them.

            “I wonder what she is telling him about,” Denise said.

            “Yea me too,” Paul said as he looked over at Ashley with their oldest middle son, Joe.  They were sitting under a big oak tree.  Ashley was pressing something on her iPad while Joe was listening and answering back.

            “Should we head back, I think it is almost time for lunch.”  They had been at the park for over an hour.

            “Yea we should probably start going,” Denise said.  Nick was playing with Frankie on the playground.  Joe and Ashley were talking under a tree and just enjoying the weather, and of course, Kevin, Danielle, and Aly were over on the swings.

            “Come on guys we have to get going, if we want lunch,” Paul said to his seven children.

            “Come on Aly, you want lunch?” Kevin asked as he got off of the swing and stood in front of her and helped her stand up off of the swing.  Aly was pretty stable and good on her feet on even grounds.  She did need help sitting down and standing up, because she was just so unstable when sitting down or getting up, so she just falls over.

            “Frankie, we have to get going,” Nick said to his younger brother who was playing on the monkey bars at the moment.

            “No, five more minutes,” Frankie wined.

            “Do you want to miss lunch Frank, I know you are hungry, you were just telling me that you were hungry,” Nick said.

            “Okay,” Frankie said as he hopped off of the monkey bars and ran over to his parents and the rest of his family.

On the walk back to Willow Hearts, Aly’s pants had gotten wet, she decided that she wanted to walk in every puddle, from the thunderstorm and pouring rain that they had gotten last night. 

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