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Lost and Found – Chapter 8

When they got back to Willow Hearts, there was an overwhelming smell of poop that all happened to hit them like a ton of bricks.  “One of the girls just pooped,” Denise said.

            “Well Ashley has pooped three times since last night, so it shouldn’t be her,” Kevin said.

            “What, when?” Joe asked concerned about his little sister.

            “She pooped once all over the bed when we were getting her ready for bed, and then we put her on the commode with the bucket underneath of her, and she pooped again, and then in the middle of the night she woke up crying.  She had pooped then, and then this morning she had also pooped.  I mean all of them were solid and not lose or anything, it’s just strange,” Kevin said.

            “Yea, which does sound strange,” Joe agreed.  Nick had overheard and nodded his head too.

            “I guess she pooped four times then,” Kevin said.  “There was just so much poop, it is all blending together.”

            “Yea,” Joe said as he looked over at his Mom, who was trying so desperately to get Aly to stay still so she could check her diaper to see if she had pooped or not, but she was not having it.

            “Well, that is no use, it is her anyways, I can smell it,” Denise said. 

            “I also think that this one pooped too or is in the process of pooping,” Joe said as he pointed to Ashley.  He was standing next to Ashley, and she just started smelling it too.

            “Okay, come on let’s go change them both, Frank you want to come back with us, or are you okay out here,” Paul said to the ten-year-old boy who was curled into the couch next to Dani, half asleep.  The playground and heat of the day had worn him out.

            “Don’t worry Paul, I’ll keep an eye on him,” Dani said.

            “Thank you,” Paul said as he walked away from the family and over to Alisha’s office where he knocked on the door. 

            “Alisha, can you help us change Aly?” Paul asked.  They really weren’t sure how to go about changing her, they didn’t even know how to change her, let alone where.

            “Yea, we moved all of Aly’s stuff down to Ashley’s room, so hopefully everything should be there,” Alisha said.  “I will just be a minute, why don’t you guys start heading down to their room, and I will be right there.”

“Thanks,” Paul said.  “Denise, they moved everything over to Ashley’s room, so we can start heading down there.”

“Okay, come on Aly, let’s go down this way,” Denise said as she directed Aly down the hallway to Ashley and Aly’s new room.

“Sorry, that took longer than I thought it was going to take,” Alisha said as she came into the room.

“It’s fine, we just got down here anyways,” Denise said.  Aly was keen on trying to explore the room.  Paul and Denise were letting her explore the room, while they waited for Alisha to come into the room.

“So, as I am assuming you know, but Aly wears diapers just like your other daughter does, but she wears pull-ups instead of briefs, because she doesn’t like to lay down to be changed.  We have tried both briefs and pull ups on her and the pull ups seem to work better, but you guys can try the briefs on her too,” Alisha said.

“Okay,” Denise said.

“We also do all of her changes in the bathroom, because she needs to sit to be able to put on the pull up, and it is easier to have her sit on the toilet, when we are doing this, especially if she is messy,” Alisha said.

“Come on Aly, let’s go in the bathroom, and show your parents how to change you,” Alisha said as she helped Denise direct her towards the bathroom.

“Paul, are you coming?” Denise said as she tried to direct Aly into the bathroom.

“Dad go learn how to take care of Aly, we can handle Ashley alone,” Kevin said.

“Okay, if you are sure, I am sure your Mom can tell me later how to do it too,” Paul said.

“Dad, we are fine, we have one more person than we normally have when changing her,” Joe said.

“Okay, if you are sure,” Paul said as he followed Denise, Aly, and Alisha into the bathroom.

“Okay, so as I was saying out there, we change her in the bathroom, because it is easier,” Alisha said, once they were in the bathroom.  Aly doesn’t like to lay down to be changed.  She actually gets very agitated if you try to get her to lay down to change her.  It is easier to change her standing up, instead of laying down.  We sit her on the toilet, because we have to put the pull-up on her and she needs to be sitting down to do that,” Alisha said.

“Okay,” Denise said, she was taking notes on how to do this, just in case they forgot.

“We also usually have two people, but you can do it with one person, but it is a lot easier if there is a second person, just to move things along quicker, so she doesn’t have to be sitting on the toilet as long,” Alisha said.

“Okay, so it is easier with two people, but we can do it with one, if needed, right?” Denise said, as she wrote down two people needed on her notebook.

“So, pants are first,” Alisha said as she pushed her shirt up, so she could take down the pants.  “So, there are perforated lines on each side of the pull up, so they can easily be pulled off.

“Aly, we need to sit down now,” Denise said as Alisha was trying to get her to sit down on the toilet.  Both Denise and Alisha got Aly to sit on the toilet a couple seconds later.

“So now we remove her pants, and these are wet, so we will change them too,” Alisha said.

“Paul, can you go grab a pair of pants for her,” Denise said.

“They are in her cabinet,” Alisha said.

“Okay, I’ll be back,” Paul said.  As soon as Paul left, they heard a trickle of pee in the toilet.

“Good job Aly,” Denise said, she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to praise her or not, but she thought she would.

“Yea, she will sometimes pee in the toilet.  We keep her in the pull-ups, but it is really a hit or miss with her, sometimes she goes, other times she doesn’t,” Alisha said.

“Well, we can work with keeping her in pull-ups, Ashley will never get out of diapers, so it is fine for her to be in pull-ups,” Denise said.

“Pa,” Aly said as he came into the bathroom with a clean pair of pants for her.

“Hi Aly,” Paul said as he handed the pants to Denise.

“Pa,” Aly said as she pointed and waved at him.

“Okay Aly, we are done and going to stand up,” Alisha said as she helped Aly get off of the toilet.  Aly went right over to Paul and started “talking” with him.

“Aly, you need to listen to Alisha, we can talk later,” Paul said.

“Come on Aly, we need to get you cleaned up and pants up, then you can go talk to your Pa,” Alisha said.

“Ma,” Aly said as she walked over Denise too and tried to talk to her also.

“Hi Aly,” Denise said as she tried to keep Aly in one place while Alisha was trying to talk to Denise and trying to get her bottom cleaned up.

“Here, I can help get her cleaned up too,” Denise said as she took about three wipes from the container sitting next to them on the floor and started wiping her bottom.

Back in the bedroom area, Kevin, Joe, and Nick were just laying Ashley down on the bed to get her changed.  “Ash, are you hungry, what are you going to have for lunch today?” Joe asked her, as Ashley just smiled up at him.

“Okay, let’s get your pants off Ash,” Kevin said as both him and Nick were in the process of taking off her pants.

“Gosh, Ash, you really had to go, didn’t you?” Joe said as Ashley blinked once.

“Yea, this is like her fifth one in the past 24 hours,” Kevin said.

“Ash are you feeling okay,” Nick said as he was getting her cleaned up.  Ashley blinked once and smiled up at Nick.

“Where is Dani?” Kevin asked.

“She is out on one of the couches, with Frankie who is sleeping,” Ashley mind talked with Nick.

“Apparently, she is out on one of the couches, with Frankie, who is napping,” Nick said.

“How do you know that?” Kevin asked as he continued to get her cleaned up.

“Oh, Ashley told me,” Nick said.

“Thanks Ash,” Kevin said, as he was using the last wipe on her.

“That is creepy how you guys can talk,” Joe said as Ashley just started laughing.  She did find it a little creepy at first, but now she is used to hearing Nick’s voice in her little brain.

            “Okay Ash let’s get you on your back again,” Nick said as him and Kevin rolled Ashley onto her back again.  Once on her back, they taped the diaper back up, and pulled up her pants.

            “That feel better Ash,” Kevin said as Ashley blinked at him once and smiled.

            “Come on let’s get you back in your chair,” Joe said as he came and picked her up, and set her down in her chair, while Nick tilted the chair back.

            Once she was in her chair again, Nick held her back, while Joe strapped her in.

            “Okay Ash, what’s for lunch today?” Kevin asked as he pushed her out to the dining room area for lunch.

            “Cranberries, and Grilled Cheese,” Ashley said on her iPad, as Kevin pushed her up to their normal table.  “And milk,” Ashley added at the last second.

            “You want anything else?” Kevin asked as Ashley blinked twice.

            “Aly, we have to sit down for lunch,” Denise said as she got Aly to sit down for her lunch.  This was when Aly pointed to her nose again and started crying.

            “Aly, what’s wrong honey, let Mommy see your nose” Denise said as Aly pressed harder on her nose and started crying again.  Denise then tried to gently take Aly’s hand away from her nose.

            “Ah,” Aly said again through her tears.

            “Shhh Aly, if you move your finger, Ma, can see what the problem is and we can fix it, okay,” Denise said as Aly continued crying and pressed harder on her nose, which made her yelp in pain.  Denise then saw that her nose was bleeding, and it was coming from under her finger.

            “Aly, what’s wrong sweat pea,” Paul said as he came over and gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

            “Ah,” was all Aly responded with.

            “Here nose seems to be bleeding and she won’t let me look at it,” Denise said.

            “Here Aly, give me your hands,” Paul asked her as he sat down in a chair next to her.

            “Ah,” Aly said as she put her hand in Paul’s for a brief second before she took it back up and placed her finger on her hand.

            “Nope Aly, give Pa your hands,” Paul said as he again got Aly to place her hand in his.  This time Paul made sure to hold on to them, so she wouldn’t be able to pull them away.

            “Ah,” Aly said as she once again started crying.

            “I know that hurts, doesn’t its Aly?” Denise said as she looked at her poor daughter’s nose to find a big cut on it that had started bleeding.

            “Oh Aly,” Paul said as he kept a hold on her hands as the young girl cried in pain.

            “It’s okay honey, just let Mommy get some wipes, she will be right back,” Denise said as she walked away to where the wet wipes were on the wall.  Willow Hearts had wet wipes on the wall of pretty much every public space.  That way family members could always grab a wipe to wipe something down or up.  They had used these wipes multiple times with Ashley already.  Ashley drooled constantly, so it was always nice to have wipes nearby to be able to wipe her mouth off.

            “Shhh, Aly, look at Pa,” Paul said as Aly looked over at him, with tears dripping down her cheeks.

            “Aly, Mommy’s back,” Denise said as she wiped off her nose, where it was bleeding.  It took a while, but she finally got the cut to stop bleeding.

            “Sorry, I had to take a phone call about a potential kiddo, there family is coming to take a tour in the next couple of weeks,” Alisha said, when she came into the dining room again, to help the Jonas’ learn how to make Aly’s food.

            “It’s okay, we had to take care of a cut on her nose anyways, that was bleeding,” Denise said.

            “Oh, she gets those often, we aren’t really sure why, but once they stop bleeding, they seem to be fine,” Alisha said.

            “Okay, maybe we will take you to the doctor when you come home Aly, just to make sure that everything is okay,” Denise said.

            “Ma, ah,” Aly said as she pointed to her nose again.

            “Mommy knows it hurts Aly,” Denise said.

            “Okay, so if you both want to come with me, I will show you how to prepare Aly’s food,” Alisha said.

            “Just a minute, we don’t know that she wants yet,” Paul said as he went and sat down by her again.

            “Aly, do you want grilled cheese, or chicken strips,” Paul said as he put out two hands.  They had seen the other nurses do this when they were asking her what she wanted to eat.  Aly put her hand in his left hand, which meant she wanted chicken strips.  “With fries Aly?” Paul asked again as he put out two hands and she put her hand again in his left hand which meant yes.

            “You know what she wants,” Alisha said.

            “Yea, chicken strips and fries,” Paul said, as he followed her and his wife to the counter where they would be ordering the food.

            “You basically prepare Aly’s food the same way as Ashley’s, except Aly needs her food to be a runnier, where Ashley’s food is only in a soft format, so she doesn’t choke.  Aly has swallowing issues, hence the reason why she and that majority of people are on a pureed diet.  Ashley is one of those rare cases where she doesn’t have any swallowing issues, only chewing issues,” Alisha said as she walked over to the counter where the food was being prepared.

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