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Lost and Found – Chapter 9

            It had been a week since the Jonas family had adopted Aly.  Yesterday, Paul and Denise went and officially adopted Aly.  Aly’s name was now officially Alyson Faith Jonas.  Aly didn’t have a middle name, there was no middle name for her in any of her documents.  Paul and Denise chose Faith, because to enrich Faith into their children’s life meant the world to the parents.  Paul and Denise had prayed hard about choosing to adopt Aly, and then to find out that she never had a middle name, they had to put a stop to that nonsense and give her a middle name.  It was the first thing that came to Denise’s head when they were thinking of middle names.  It just sort-of stuck.

            Last night Denise had stayed overnight with the girls while the rest of the family went home to get the house ready for the big welcome home, for both girls.  Today was the day that the Jonas family would be bringing home both Ashley and Alyson.  The Jonas family had decided to stay in their current house for now, and just add on to the house.  Down the road they would probably move somewhere else, but it was easier to just do some add-ons now, rather than move houses. 

They had built a ramp on the house and added an extension with an elevator, so Ashley could get upstairs to her bedroom.  They had also added on another bedroom for Alyson too.  The family had decided to do a Jack and Jill bathroom sorts of thing.  Instead of the traditional Jack and Jill bathroom, they had decided to put in a hallway that would connect both girl’s bedrooms.  On one side of the hallway would be a closet, which would hold supplies, like extra sheets, blankets, pillows.  This closet would also house all of the girl’s extra supplies, so their diapers, wipes, and under pads, and everything else that they needed for the bathroom would be in this closet.  Then on the other side of the hallway, would be an accessible bathroom that would work for both girls.  Denise wanted to put doors on either side of the hallway, because both of the girls often needed night care, so she didn’t want to wake either one up.  You would also be able to enter the room, through the bathroom in the hallway.

Aly didn’t need a hospital bed, but Ashley did need a hospital bed.  They had purchased a regular bed for Aly, but they had got railings on the bed, just so she didn’t fall out.  Here at Willow Hearts, Aly moved around a lot in her bed, and they had railings on her bed here, so the family thought it was safer to put railings on her bed.

“I need to be changed,” Ashley said using her DynaVox one morning after they ate breakfast and were just hanging out.  Ashley was sometimes able to tell people when she needed to be changed, but not all the time.

“Come on Aly, let’s go back to our room and get cleaned up from breakfast,” Denise said, as she helped Aly stand up from the chair.

“Once they got back to the room that the two girls shared, Denise was determining how she was going to do this on her own.  So far, the Jonas’ had made sure that they always had two family members around to help with diaper changes and stuff.  They would have to do this at some time when they were at home though.  Denise had decided that she would start with Ashley and then do Aly.

“Okay, come on Ashley, let’s get you changed first,” Denise said as she removed the iPad and took off the tray.  She then lifted her onto the bed.  She removed her pants, and then she opened the very soiled diaper.  Ever since last week, Ashley had been pooping three to four times a day.

“Ashley don’t touch anything, okay,” Denise said, as she grabbed some wipes, before she actually removed the diaper.  Of course, though when Denise went to reach for the wipes, Ashley touched her private parts. 

“Ah,” Ashley said as Denise looked at Ashley again to see that she was touching her private parts and the bowel that was in the diaper.  For whatever reason, Ashley loved touching her bottom, it didn’t matter if she was clean, wet, or dirty, she just liked touching her bottom during diaper changes.

“Ashley Marie Jonas,” Denise scolded her daughter.  Ashley didn’t listen to her and continued touching her private parts, and the poop that was on them.  When saying Ashley’s full name didn’t work, Denise cleared her throat and gently grabbed her hands and moved them out of the way, so she could get her cleaned up.

After she had Ashley, all cleaned up, in a new diaper, her pants back on her, and she was back in her chair.  Denise went to work on changing her other daughter, Aly.  “Come on Aly, let’s go potty,” Denise said as she led the teenager into the bathroom, took down her pants, removed the very wet pull-up, and got her sitting down on the toilet.  The Jonas family had figured out a way to do this with just one person this past week.  Yes, having two people here made it easier, but it was easy for just one person to do it also.

“Ah,” Aly said as she pointed at the wall.

“Yea, it’s the wall isn’t it,” Denise said as she took off Aly’s shoes and pants, so she could get a pull-up on her.  They would have to figure something else out at home, so it is easier for the family to do this.  It just took way too long to take off her shoes pants every three to four hours, to put on a pull-up.

“Ah,” Aly said again as she pointed at the wall.  Aly then started having diarrhea in the toilet.

“Aly, honey, are you feeling, okay?” Denise asked the teenager, as Aly kept on pointing to the wall.

“Aly, I am going to leave you here, while I go check on Ashley, okay,” Denise asked her youngest daughter, who started babbling on about something or another, while pointing at the wall.

“Hey Ashley,” Denise said, when she came out of the girl’s bathroom.

“Hi Mommy,” Ashley said on her DynaVox system.

“How are you doing?  Are you excited to go home with Mommy and Daddy, your brothers and sister?” Denise asked Ashley, as she blinked once.

“We will be leaving in just a couple of minutes, Mommy just has to go get you sister off of the potty, and then we will go wait for Daddy to come,” Denise said.  Sometimes, it was hard for Paul and Denise to keep straight what their kids called them.  The boys typically called them just Mom and Dad.  Ashley called them Mommy and Daddy, and then Aly, called them Ma and Pa, it was sometimes confusing.  Although Frankie sometimes still called her and her husband, Mommy and Daddy, it depended on the mood that he was in, or mainly how he was feeling.

“Daddy, go home,” Ashley said on her iPad.

“Yes, that is right, we have to wait for Daddy and then we can go home,” Denise said, as Ashley blinked once.

“Ma,” Aly said as she squealed in excitement and pointed at her, as Denise came into the bathroom to get her off of the toilet.  The smell in the bathroom was horrifically awful, it apparently didn’t seem to bother Aly, because she was her normal usual happy self.

“Yea that’s right, I am your Ma.  Aly tried to hug her, but it was extremely hard for her to do so, since Aly was sitting down.

“Come on Aly, let’s get you off of the potty,” Denise said as she helped Aly stand up.  When she helped her stand up, the smell was even more horrific, and the toilet was full of liquid diarrhea.

“Aly, honey, are you feeling, okay?” Denise asked Aly as she felt her forehead before she went to clean her up.  She felt a little bit warm to Denise, but not too bad.  Denise decided to just move forward with getting her daughters poor bottom cleaned up.

“Aly, you get to come home today with Ma and Pa,” Denise said to Aly, as she tried to dance around the bathroom.  Aly loved to move around, she never stayed in one spot for very long.  The reason the family called her movements dancing, was because whenever she moved, she looked like she was dancing to get around.

“Ma,” Aly shrieked, as Denise was trying to still get her bottom cleaned up.  Denise tried to keep her in one place, and that was hard enough, let alone doing this while cleaning up a bottom full of diarrhea.

“Yea, Aly,” Denise said, as she pulled up Aly’s pull-up and her pants.  Denise had finally gotten her cleaned up, after what seemed like an eternity.

“Ma,” Aly said as she pointed at the wall again. 

“Aly, what is it with you and walls in the bathroom?”  Denise asked her youngest daughter.  For whatever reason, whenever Denise or one of her family members take Aly to the bathroom, all she did was point at the wall.

“Come on Aly, we have to wash hands and then we will go find Ashley,” Denise said as she got Aly over to the sink.

“Ah,” Aly said as she tried to pull her hands away from Denise, who had just taken them and put water on her hands.  For whatever reason, Aly hated washing her hands.

“Aly, we have to wash our hands after we go potty,” Denise said as Aly started crying.  This was a battle that the family had every single time they took Aly to the bathroom.

“Look Ma will wash her hands, with you,” Denise said as Aly just continued crying, but let Denise put soap on her hands, scrub them up and then rinse them off.  Denise then got the towel off of the counter and dried off Aly’s hands.

“Come on let’s go find Ashley,” Denise said as she led Aly out of the bathroom and into the main room to find Ashley, looking at her iPad, she was probably watching something or playing a game on it.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Jonas family was just finishing getting the house set for when the girls came home.  Frankie had made a sign that said Welcome Home and hung it above the fireplace, with some help from his brothers.

“Uh guys, I have an idea, Frankie said, from his seat.

“Yea, what’s up?” Paul asked the ten-year-old boy.

“What if Kevin, Joe, Nick, and I gave both Ashley and Aly a kiss on the cheek, forehead, or wherever when they got in the car,” Frankie said confident with his idea.

“I really like the idea Frank,” Kevin said.

“Yea, it sort-of resembles that we are accepting them as siblings and that we do actually love them,” Joe said.

“I like the idea Frank, let’s go for it,” Nick said. 

Sure, it was a little odd, but it was the ten-year-old’s idea, he had come up with it all on his own, and was proud of the idea, so the older siblings went along with it too.

“Dani, you can do it too, if you want,” Frankie said as he turned to look at Dani who was sitting behind him with Kevin.

“No, I think this a thing for you and your brothers to do with them,” Dani said.

“Okay,” Frankie said as he started playing with his hands, something that he did when he was nervous or worried about something.

“Hey, what’s wrong Frank?” Nick asked.  Nick was sitting next to Frankie, so he was the only one that could see.

“Nothing,” Frankie mumbled quietly, as he continued playing with his hands.  Nick thankfully dropped the subject and let his little brother be.

A couple minutes later, the ten-passenger van pulled up in front of Willow Hearts to pick up Ashley and Aly.  The van had and the typical two front seats, an empty row for Ashley’s chair, behind that it had two rows of bucket seats, and then finally it had a bench seat that held three more people. 

“Hi girls, are you ready to come home with us?” Paul asked, as he looked at Ashley who had a huge smile on her face.  He then looked over at Aly, who just did her princess wave at him.

“Oh guys, we will miss you so much,” Alisha said as she came up and said goodbye to the entire Jonas family.

“We will miss you too,” Denise said.  “We will come visit though.”

“Thank you, we appreciate when we get visitors who come back, the staff especially appreciates it.  We have a picnic in the summer, and all of the kiddos and their families who have graduated, come back for it,” Alisha said.

“We will sure come back for that, won’t we Ash,” Denise said, as Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

“Okay, we better get going,” Denise said after everything was loaded in the car already.

“Yea, we will see you guys soon,” Alisha said.

“Thank you so much for everything, we really appreciate it,” Denise said.

“Your welcome call if you need anything,” Alisha said.

“Here let me take her,” Paul said when they got out to the van.  Paul had already got Aly in the van, she was sitting in the seat behind where Ashley’s wheelchair would go, and already had her seat belt on.

Paul got Ashley tied down and made sure that Aly’s seat belt was on her.  Paul and Denise had to take Aly to the courthouse last week to finalize her adoption.  Aly did not like her seat belt and had figured out how to take off the seat belt.  Denise had looked online and had gotten a seat belt guard that would hopefully stop Aly from taking off her seat belt.

“Pa,” Aly said as she waved at him and smiled.

“Hi Aly, are you excited to be going home?” Paul asked his youngest daughter, who just did her princess wave, an indication that she was happy.

“I think we are ready to go,” Paul said as Denise got in the car.  They were on the road a couple minutes later after Denise had checked to make sure that everything was in the car, and that nothing was forgotten at Willow Hearts, which nothing was thankfully.

It was about ten minutes into their drive home, that Aly started coughing and gagging.  Before Denise could turn around in her seat or anyone else could do anything, poor Aly had thrown up all over the floor of the van and Ashley’s wheelchair.  Denise leaned down and grabbed the garbage bin that was on the floor of the van.

“Nicholas, can you get this,” Denise said as she reached back as far as she could.  Nick unbuckled his seat belt, reached forward, and got the bucket, just as Aly finished throwing up.

“I hope that it isn’t a stomach bug,” Denise said, as she debated how to take care of Aly, who looked really pale and like she didn’t feel well.

“I am sure she is just fine Denise; I am sure it is just a little car sickness, we will be home soon,” Paul said as he looked over at his wife.

“I am just worried that she is,” Denise was saying as Aly started coughing and gagging again.  Nick took the garbage bin from between the seats, where he had stored it and attempted to get it under her mouth.  Aly wasn’t having anything to do with it though, it was almost as if she didn’t even realize that there was a bucket for her to throw up in.  Sure, some of the puke got in the bucket, but most of it ended up on the floor and seats again.

            “Nick, I will take over, you go sit up by your father,” Denise said as she took off her seat belt and turned in her seat.

“Denise don’t climb back there, I will pull over,” Paul said, as Denise continued climbing in the backseat.

“I got her Denise,” Dani said as she stood up and pulled Aly’s hair out of her face and put it up in a bun on the top of her head, just so no more vomit would get in her hair.  Dani was a very nurturing and caring person.  She loved taking care of people and will make a great Mom someday.

“Denise, please wait for me to pull over, then you can climb in the back with her,” Paul said as he found a spot on the side of the road to pull over.

“Thank you honey,” Denise said, as she sat back down.

“Well, are you going to go back with her?” Paul said, once they had pulled over and Denise wasn’t moving to go by Alyson.

It was right then that Aly started coughing and gagging, before starting to vomit again.  This time the act of throwing up upset her though, because as soon as she was done, she started crying.

“Oh honey, Ma’s coming,” Denise said as she opened the car door and went around to get in the back with her daughter.

“Of course, she doesn’t climb back through the car, instead she puts herself in danger, and goes around the car,” Paul said, as he shook his head.

“Nick, do you want to go upfront,” Denise said as her son nodded and climbed out before Denise climbed in and took Nick’s seat.

“Oh Aly,” Denise soothed her as she felt the teenagers head, which was burning up.

“Are you buckled in Denise, can we go,” Paul asked his wife.

“Oh honey, you don’t feel good, do you?” Denise said to Alyson as she opened her mouth again for another mouthful of vomit to come up.

“It’s okay Aly,” Kevin said as he reached over and touched the now sobbing girls’ arm.  The past two vomiting episodes that Aly had, the crying got worse each time.

This was how the rest of the car ride home went.  Aly would either be puking or crying.  They made it home about a half an hour later.

“Okay, let’s get Aly out first, and then everyone else can get out,” Denise said as she pressed the button to lower the ramp in the minivan.

“Mom, do you need any help?” Joe asked.

“Yes, if you wouldn’t mind helping, that would be great.  Can you take her in and upstairs to the girl’s bathroom, while I get stuff downstairs?

“Sure, come on Aly, let’s stand up,” Joe said as he took the girls hands and helped her stand up.  Once she was standing, Joe helped the crying girl walk down the ramp, and into the garage, where Aly started coughing again and before Joe knew it, she had thrown up all over the garage floor and Joe.

“Uh, a little help would be nice,” Joe said stepping backwards as Aly continued throwing up.

            “Come on Aly, let’s go inside,” Kevin said as he helped Joe get his little sister inside of the house.

            “Joe, why don’t you go get cleaned up, Kev and I will get her up to her room,” Dani said.

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