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Spring 2011

“Joseph, I swear to God this better not be what I think it is,” I groaned in frustration. When Joe makes plans to go for a night on the town, one never really knows what to expect. I wasn’t so worried at first because Kevin had decided to come along after much thought and deliberation. I knew with Kevin around, Joe wouldn’t do anything too stupid.

Boy, was I wrong.

My watch read 11pm as the limo pulled up to a refurbished warehouse. It looked ordinary on the outside, just your typical older brick building. The only thing that would give it away was the flashing multi-colored lights in the window and the blaring sound of T-Pain rattling the windows. I shook my head. Joe knows I hate clubs, and even more so---I hate being up past 9pm.

As the limo came to the stop, Joe pulled a flask out of his jacket and took a swig of it before handing it to me. “Jameson, you’ll like it,” the bastard smirked. Kevin just rolled his eyes and seemed to dread being at a club more than I was. I took the flask out of Joe’s hand and took a gulp. Ah yeah, that’s the good stuff. 

One by one we exited the limo and the bouncer escorted us into the building. “Joe,” I groaned, “for fuck’s sake can we just go home?”

“Come on Nick, this is your last chance to live a little,” he gestured towards the center of attention: the stripper pole.The sight of it made me sick to my stomach, and by looking at Kevin, he shared that same sentiment. Clearly, he had been forced into this adventure by our jackass brother. “You’re a free man, brother,” he chuckled as he bellied up to the bar and began talking with the bartender.

“Kevin, let’s get out of here,” I turned to find my eldest brother gone. “Kev? Jesus Christ,” I frustratingly run my fingers through my hair as I noticed Kevin talking to an employee of this establishment. The Jameson must have kicked in, because he didn’t seem nervous but somehow confident in the presence of this woman. She couldn’t have been much older than Joe, maybe around the same age. I took note of her glowing tan skin and waist-length brown hair and her hazel eyes. She was a stunner for sure. I didn’t need to look at her body to realize she’d be a stunner on the street, even fully clothed. Kevin would never give a girl like this the time of day, but here he is. Maybe he just fell under her spell, I can’t imagine being single at that age would be like, and not having any action if you know what I mean.

I was shaken back to my own reality as Joe put his hand on my shoulder, with a glass of bourbon on the rocks in his hand. “Glad to see Kevin is having fun,” he chuckled, “he didn’t want to bring you here, can you believe him?” 

“Unbelievable,” I scoffed sarcastically as I took note of the scent of cheap perfumes and the blasting of ‘Party Rock Anthem’ on the DJ’s speakers. “I think I’m just gonna call a cab,” reaching in my pocket to pull out my phone before Joe snatched it from me.

“If Kevin can have a good time, so can you,” he said pointing at the same tan woman grinding on my brother. “Don’t make me babysit you the whole night, the ladies are waiting for me,” motioning at three girls sitting at the bar giggling at him.

“Well, who am I to stop you,” I yelled, rolling my eyes. “Can I at least have my phone back?”

“Nope,” Joe said, popping the no. “Not until you’ve enjoyed yourself. At least grab a beer, I started the tab, and me and the bartender are good so he won’t ID you.” I didn’t reply to him, and he quickly wandered back over to the ladies at the bar.

I found myself at an empty table by the stage. The men wearing hollering and throwing cat calls at the women on the stage, shoving their filthy money in their panties. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the women be exploited as such, but to see the men as a fly on the wall helped me pass the time. I lost sight of Joe quickly, and I could only assume what was going on. I spied Kevin over at the bar, with the same girl on his lap. They were laughing, being flirtatious. Who knew how much they already had to drink.

As the night rolled on, the club only got more crowded to the point I couldn’t find either of my brothers. Then again, my entire plan was to stay at my little table until Joe was ready to go. But like most things in life, nothing ever goes to plan.

“Hi,” I heard a voice yell over the music. I swear they were just playing LMFAO on loop. I didn’t register that someone was trying to get my attention until I heard “Hi,” again. I looked up and it was one of the girls that had been on stage a few minutes ago. Her red babydoll complimented her light skin and blonde hair. When my gaze finally met hers, I instantly realized she wasn’t wearing much makeup either. “Hi,” she said again, smiling gently, almost embarrassed it took three tries to get my attention.

“Hi,” I offered, pursing my lips together, but still maintaining eye contact. No doubt Joe sent her over to me.

“I’m Destiny,” pulling out the chair beside me and sitting down in it to better face me. I couldn’t help but realize her name was that of a certain ex of mine.

“Nick,” I reached out my hand for her to shake, which she did...awkwardly. “Pleasure to meet you.”

“Someone had to,” she chuckled, “I’ve been watching you from the stage. You seem like a fish out of water.”

She had been watching me? “You’re quite observant, Destiny,” I admitted. “This was my brother’s idea. I don’t do this.”

“You were quite observant of the stage for a little bit, but you are very aware of your surroundings,” I nod. “Well, I’ve decided I’m going to keep you company. It’ll at least make your brother think you’re having a good time.”

My eyes met hers, and I realized she wasn’t here to seduce me or get my money. I turned into the guy someone felt bad for. What a feeling to have at 18. “I wouldn’t say no to company,” I offered a slight smile. “But you won’t make much money with me.”

“I’ve made my quota for the night on the stage,” she smirked. “So which one is your brother?”

I pointed to Kevin making out with the same girl against a wall, while Joe was still nowhere to be found. “Um, that’s my oldest brother. I don’t know where my other one is.”

“Family affair,” she giggled. “Your brother is making out with my best friend, by the way. He’ll have fun with her. From the looks of it, they already are.”

My face blushes red. “You know, he’s a virgin,” I smirk. “So good luck to your friend over there. That’s probably the most he has ever kissed a girl in his life.”

Destiny’s eyes widened. “Virgins, here? And you’re not doing anything. Something tells me this is the other brother’s idea.”

“You guessed it,” I bit the corner of my lip.

“So, what about you? Are you a virgin, too? That’s why he brought you here?”

I let out a roaring laugh. I just couldn’t help it. I shook my head, coming down from my brief moment of joy. “Nope, I’m happily not a virgin. That whole waiting for marriage thing kinda didn’t work out for me, and by the looks of it---it may not work for Kevin either.”

“Sorry,” her gaze dropped mine. “You’re just one of the youngest guys I’ve seen in here. I just assumed.”

“Just turned 18,” I offered. “Joe got me in with the bartender, but I’m not one to drink in public. Getting in trouble isn’t my style.”

“Oh,” she blushed, “I’m 18, too.” Our eyes briefly met again, until someone else caught her attention. Her eyes grew big and she made her way out of the chair and wandered into my lap, wrapping her unbelievably soft arms around her neck. It was then I didn’t smell cheap perfume, but rather, something sweet coming from her person. Almost like strawberries. Without warning, she placed her soft lips on my neck. I did my best to not stir or to have it arouse me, but as a raging hormonal teenager, that was almost impossible. I placed my hand on her hips as she looked up briefly, then urgently placed the most delectable kiss on my lips. Within seconds, she removed herself from me completely and ran her fingers through her hair, leaving me completely breathless, stunned, and hard.

“Sorry,” she apologized, “my boss was walking over. He was going to ask why I wasn’t working. I too am not one for getting in trouble.” All I could do was nod. I was dazed by what just happened. Her scent was still lingering in my nose and I could feel the burn of her lips on mine.

“You’re...you’re fine,” I blushed, quickly adjusting myself hoping she wouldn’t notice my raging hard on. “Will….will he come back?”

She nodded. “I’m his moneymaker since I’m the youngest. He gets the most profit from me, even though I don’t go into private rooms. I’m just the young fantasy girl for many. A bit of kissing, a lap dance, dancing on the poll, feeling them up, that’s what I do. I’m not the girl you pay to fuck.”

“G-good,” I muttered. “Please tell me Kevin’s girl and Joe’s girls are like that too?”

She shook her head, “I’m the prude here. Lexi is going to ruin your brother, that I’m sure. She’s an absolute freak. Not sure who the girls are with Joe, but I’m sure since we haven’t found him, he’s having a good time.”

Great. All my brothers were getting laid and I just had a steamy kiss and nothing but a boner to show for it.

“I...I need to go to the bathroom,” I stated, getting up from my seat and walking away. I had to get some kind of relief.

When I came out of the bathroom, I wandered around looking for any sign of either of my brothers to no avail. I convinced myself that I did, in fact, need a drink after the unfolding events of the night. Joe was right--the bartender didn’t ask for an ID and gave me the smoothest shot of tequila on the house and a Coors. I quickly took the shot of tequila, and felt the burn coarse through my veins. I slid the shot glass back to the bartender and grabbed my Coors. “Be careful with her,” he warned.

“I’m sorry?” I asked, dazed by his question and the alcohol.

“Destiny. Be careful with her. She’s a good girl. Can’t tell you how many guys I’ve come close to punching in the face for treating her badly, trying to get sleazy with her.” The dude looked too scrawny to be intimidating, but looks can be deceiving. 

“Trust me, I’m harmless as a fly,” I took a sip of my beer and began walking around. I didn’t realize how many women actually worked here, and how many men were here. I could tell who were the frequent flyers, and a fair share of them had a ring on their finger. It made my stomach churn. Before I knew it, I found myself swaying to the beat before I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around, only to have Destiny grind against me and put her sweet, sweet lips to my ear.

“Follow me,” she murmured, grabbing my hand and leading me out of the crowd. I was too tipsy to put up a fight with such a pretty woman, let alone make a scene. She led me to the back of the building that I hadn’t been to. There appeared to be dressing rooms, with curtains instead of locking doors. I heard a woman moan “Joe” from the stall on the left. My hands turned sweaty and my intoxicated self began to feel very nervous as Destiny gave orders to the guard and led me inside one of the stalls.

It was small enough for a loveseat and lamp, and not much else. It was about as tacky and neon-colored as the rest of the building. I could spell disinfectant spray in the room, so I was relieved that it was sanitary.

“Destiny--,” I began.

She placed her hand over my mouth and sat down on the loveseat beside me. “Michael has been looking for me,” she whispered, “my boss. I don’t feel like getting in trouble or servicing him tonight. We’re just gonna hide out here so he thinks I’m busy.” I nod as she removed her hand from my mouth. “So much for not drinking,” she scoffed.

“Listen, you would drink too if you were dragged to a strip club by your brothers, have them getting laid, you’re minding your own business, and next thing this beautiful woman is randomly making out with you and you have to go in the bathroom to...,” I blurted, blushing at the fact I called her beautiful. Her face replicated the blush.

“Well, my bad for having that effect on you,” she said confidently. I could tell she was trying to be professional. “I can randomly make out with you again if you’d like.”

My jaw dropped and my pants got tighter. “No, no,” I stutter, “not that you’re a bad kisser because you are an excellent kisser. Just I’m not an asshole.”

“Why do you think I brought you back here, Nick? Because you’d do as I say and not pull shit with me. You’re saving my ass right now, even if you are a little drunk. Now tell me, what can I do for you? I feel like I owe you one.” She scoots closer to me, gently placing her hand on my thigh.

“I-I can just just give some cash, you don’t have to do anything for money,” I fumble around my back pocket to locate my wallet before she takes it out of my hand and tosses it on the table.

“I’m not asking to do anything for money, I’m asking because you’re saving me from a lot right now,” she stated firmly, her eyes watering.

“Hey now,” I place my hand on hers, “What--what exactly does this Michael guy do?”

She looks away from me shyly, “I’m...he...he considers me his. That’s why I don’t do what most of the other women do. I’m his toy. And when he gets angry, I’m more than a toy.” No wonder the bartender was so protective over her. It’s not just her spirit, but she’s the prized possession of the establishment. I watch her grow vulnerable and scared before my eyes. I could see the regret in her eyes for telling me something so personal. I envelope myself around her in a gentle hug, hoping it would make her feel safe, at least for a moment. I felt her ease up in my arms as I rubbed her back, feeling the lace of her outfit on my finger tips. After a few moments that felt like an eternity, she nuzzles her face into the crook of my neck and drapes her legs, her long beautiful legs, over my lap. The alcohol speaking for me and my habit, I lean down to kiss the top of her head.

“Fuck,” I mumble as I realize what I did. Her scent revolved around me as once again her lips met mine. It wasn’t a forced or hurried kiss like the previous one, but a sweet, organic one. I told myself to pull away, but I couldn’t. She tasted so sweet, so delectable. I could feel myself getting lost inside myself as she pulled away. She turned around to straddle herself, facing me, her soft hands cupping my face as she put her face at the crook of my neck again.

“I didn’t peg you for a cuddly type,” she sighed, “you seem so cold on the surface. I’m glad I felt bad for you, or both of us would be having a terrible time right now.” Her lips traced every inch of my neck, and I knew damn well she could feel my erection against her. She looked absolutely stunning looking at me like that. This time it was my lips that met hers. I was absolutely intoxicated, by both her and the drinks. I ran my fingers through her soft hair, trying to convince myself it wasn’t a dream. As her hips started rocking against mine, it occurred to me that this was not a dream. I could feel her warmth grinding against my erection. It felt so wrong, but so right. A groan escaped from my lips as she pulled away from me to place my hands on her red lacey breasts. I left out another groan as I felt them against my palms. “You can take it off if you want,” she breathed. Without saying anything, I reached to her back and unhooked the top to her outfit, falling to the floor. I tried not to stare, but I had to take her in. She once again guided my hands to her now bare breasts, as I kneaded and fondled them as she continued to grind against me. I couldn’t believe how perky and soft they were. I looked her in the eyes longingly, silently asking a question. She nodded, and I placed my lips around her nipple and began to suck on her beautiful tits. When I heard her moan, I almost came in my pants right then and there.

“Destiny,” I tried to push her away from my groin, “if you keep doing that, I’m going to cum in my pants.” She nodded and obliged, getting off my lap. I felt a moment of relief washed over me until I felt the tips of her fingers tugging at the waistband of my pants and boxers. Before I could object, her hands were already pumping my shaft. “Destiny,” I groaned, watching her beautifully manicured hands touch me like that. My biggest mistake was looking into her eyes. She was nothing but a siren. “D-d-do you...are we...is it ok?” I managed to spit out. She giggled as she stood up, sliding her panties down to the floor before reaching over to a bucket on the table and pulling out a square package. I was so taken aback by the perfect woman in front of me, I didn’t register rolling the condom on my dick. What I did register was her tight wall enveloping mine as she slid down me. Fuck.

She stabilized herself on my shoulders, riding my member, groaning as my thrusts met hers. She was absolutely incredible, but I wasn’t going to let her do all the work. I groped her ass and told her to get on all fours. She did as she was told, and I slid into her from behind. I heard her moan my name, and my slow thrusts became quicker and harder. I grabbed a fistful of her as I was on the brink of orgasm. “Oh fuck, Nick” she squealed, feeling her walls tighten around me, all I could do was to blow my load right then and there. 

I pulled out of her in a sweat and threw the condom away and both of us got dressed again. She then wrapped her arms around my waist and her head against my chest. She seemed as breathless as I did. It was a peaceful moment where not a word was spoken.

“Nickyboy, I know you’re in there! ” I heard the slurred sound of Joe’s voice behind the curtain. “Time to go! The cab is pulling up! We gotta get to stop two of your Bachelor Party!”

I felt my face flush as I let Destiny go. “God, where are they taking me to next?” I chuckle.

“So you’re the bachelor in question,” she asked, sounding disappointed.

I nod. “Yeah, I’m getting married this weekend,” I say, picking up my wallet. I pull out a hundred dollar bill and hand it to her. “Take this, it’ll make up for any clients you’ve missed being with me.”


I could sense she was starting to object, but she swallowed her pride and just gave me a simple ‘thank you’ before giving me a hug. I know she meant for the tip, hiding from her boss, but a part of me wanted to think she thought the sex was as good as I thought it was. I heard Joe repeat my name again as I let go of her, and exited the room.

Chapter End Notes:

After probably a decade, I'm back on JBFA with an old story that I've never gotten to tell. Stay tuned and let me know what you think.

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