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Alayna, Kylie and Nick grow up best friends. Now I know what you're thinking, Nick and Kylie look familiar. That's because their last name is Jonas. What happens when they grow up and Alayna falls for her best friend's older brother? What if she finds out she's pregnant? How will these questions be answered? Start reading below to find out.



Rated: pg-13
Categories: Jonas Brothers, Jonas Brothers > Family, Jonas Brothers > Friendship, Jonas Brothers > Drama, Jonas Brothers > Romance Characters: Alena Jonas, Danielle Jonas, Denise Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, O/c Character, Valentina Jonas
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Published: 07/02/2021 Updated: 01/03/2022
Story Notes:

The first time I've ever posted this story. I had started it back when JBFA 1.0 was still around, but had hit writer's block several times and I don't like posting until I at least know where the story is going to end.

So here goes! Please keep reviewing. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one and all my other stories!

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The first ever time I've ever posted this story publicly! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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