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    2 years later, I'm now 18 years old. Joe, of course, is 20 now. We had decided a month after that one night, that we would start dating in secret, hiding it from everyone. The fans, our parents, the rest of our families, everyone. And well, being legal now, let's just say, stuff happened. I was in my apartment in L.A. one day when Kylie came over. I heard a knock on the door so, I walked over to it, opened it and said,



    “Come in. Come in,” I started before suddenly getting serious again, “Actually, Kylie, I have something I need to tell you. And you can't tell anyone in your family. Not even your mom, especially not your mom.”

    “Ok, Lanie, I promise, I won't. What is it?”

    “Well, and you're the first person we've ever told, but your brother and I have been dating for the past 2 years.”

    “What? Wait, you and Nick?”

    “No, not Nick. He broke up with me just before. Joe. Joe and I have been dating in secret for 2 years.”

    “Oh, well... I don't know what to say. I guess, if you really like him.”

    “I do, Kylie, I didn't realize it at first, but I love him. But I have a problem.”

    “What could possibly be wrong with falling in love?”

    “Nothing. With falling in love, that is. But it's what may have happened as a result of it.”

    She seemed to know what I was trying to say before I said it, and her jaw dropped before she said,

    “Lanie? Are you trying to tell me that you might be pregnant?”

    “It's possible. I don't know for sure. I did buy a test that I was just about to use before you showed up. So, I can find out for sure.”

    “So, you're saying I might be an aunt?”

    “Yes, Kylie. It's possible, you might be an aunt.”

    I went into the bathroom. 20 minutes later, I came out, tears stained on my cheeks.

    “Well? Are you?” Kylie seemed almost excited.

    “Yes,” I almost couldn't speak. I had been crying so hard, “yes, I am.”

    “Wow, that's amazing. Are you going to tell him?”

    “Kylie, I can't.”

    “Why not? He deserves to know. The baby is part of him too.”

    “I know, but that's not why I can't. See, before we were officially dating, well, we were drunk one night. And I think you can guess where I'm going with this. Your mom was insistent that nothing could ever happen between us again. I promised her that it wouldn't if only she wouldn't tell my parents. I have to leave.”

    “Lanie, you can't. You can't leave. Your family is here. We all love you, Lanie. I do, your parents do, my parents do, our siblings do, but most importantly, Joe loves you. I mean, if he was willing to keep your relationship a secret for 2 years, he must love you a lot, Lanie.”

    “Kylie, do you have any idea what Disney and the fans would do if they found out that I'm pregnant with Joe's baby and we're not married?”

    “But...Lanie...” She stammered, still trying to figure out a way to convince me to stay and face an even tougher future for me and my baby.

    Eventually I, at least temporarily, convinced her that she couldn't change my mind. I did tell her that I was going to leave a letter for Joe to find after I was gone. And that she could announce that he and I had been dating as soon as I was gone and Joe had read the letter. She promised to carry out my wishes and I finally convinced her to go back home. Once I was alone again, I began to pack my bags until I heard another knock at my door. When I peeked out of the peephole in the door, I realized it was Joe. I ran and hid my bags in the closet where I knew he would never look and let him in my apartment.

    We ended up going back to his place and staying together the whole night. The next morning, I woke up and realized that he was still sound asleep. So, I crept out, leaving the letter I'd written him on his dresser.

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