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Joe's POV

    I woke up and sat up in bed as soon as I realized that Lanie wasn't there. Where did she go? I got up and padded into the bathroom, thinking maybe she'd gone in there to get ready for the day. It only puzzled me more when I realized she wasn't there either. I just stood, my back against the bathroom door, thinking, until I saw a piece of paper on my dresser. I knew it hadn't been there the night before, so, I walked over, picked it up and began to read it.

    'Dear Joe,

    I'm so sorry. I hate to do this. I know you may never understand why I have to leave, sometimes I don't myself. But I do. Take care of my heart. I'm leaving it there with you.

                Your own Lanie.'


Narrator's POV

    Joe wasn't the same after reading Lanie's letter. Of course, she wasn't either. But we'll get back to her soon. And of course, Kylie knew what was really going on since Lanie had confided the truth in her. She could tell when her brother had read the letter, and right away she went and did what her best friend had asked and told her parents. Now, her whole family knew that Lanie and Joe had been dating but not yet the truth about why she had left. Denise wasn't even mad that they had kept it a secret from her. As soon as she saw how devastated her son was, she realized that Joe really loved his sister's best friend. But Kylie had promised her friend not to tell about the pregnancy, even though she wanted to, she knew it wasn't her secret to tell. She knew if anyone should tell it, it would have to be Lanie.

    Meanwhile, Lanie had moved to New York City where she got a job as a fashion designer for a big magazine. She moved into her own apartment there and began to prepare as best as she could for her baby.

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