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Story Notes:

I, for the life of me can't remember the term Nick used in an interview to describe how he used the chords and melody line from "Higher Love" and rearranged them for the song. It was a term I had never heard of which is why it slipped my mind.

Sometime on a previous season of The Voice:

Nick tended to get ideas in unusual ways. Not unusual for an artist, right? His last idea like this had been conceived during Coachella when he was a little too high, the song had been a good song though; maybe not his biggest hit, but still a good song. He had been sitting there watching one of the contestants perform (not his unfortunately) when he had been struck by an idea. He liked the song the contestant was singing "Higher Love" it was one of his favorites and definitely one he would have picked for her had he been her coach and dang it was one of the songs he wished he had written himself.

That was when he was struck by an idea.

You could pretty much rearrange the same chords in a song and have a similar idea so in his "Nick's Notes" (a running joke that had been started by Blake) Nick wrote down to mention this to one of the songwriters he had on speed dial for a song idea since he was in the process of constructing a new album he hoped to have out soon.

"We can definitely do that, good idea Nick, wish I had thought of it." Were the first words out of Greg Kurstin's mouth when Nick finally mentioned this idea several months later.

"It's just the song is so good I want to do something like it and you know how I like my 70s and 80s influence."

"It will definitely work with what you've outlined for me for what you want to do with this album, but we still have a lot of work to do, obviously."

Nick sighed.

"Yeah, I'll try to get it out just as soon as life resumes to normal whenever that's going to be, seeing as the majority of the entertainment industry has come to a screeching halt. I mean, even the stuff I'm doing with my brothers is on hold and we had to cancel our Vegas residency."

Greg made a commiserating noise.

"Can't say Vegas is the best place to be right now."

Nick chuckled dryly.

"No place is a good place to be right now. I don't think I've left the house for something other than groceries in weeks!"

While Greg and Nick played around with "Higher Love" chords on the keyboard and talked about lyrics the song slowly began to take shape. It definitely wasn't the easiest song he had written, but it also wasn't the hardest. They had decided  to call the song "Deeper Love" as a play off of the original title Nick liked the mirroring of it.

Chapter End Notes:

Short and sweet. Last part hopefully coming next week, but my writing schedule has been nuts lately. Too many ideas!

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