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Published: 05/17/2020 Updated: 05/19/2020

1. Intro by The archive [Reviews - 0] (212 words)
Hey guys, this is a story that popped into my head and I'm not too sure where I'm going to go with this but yeah... You get the point. It's been a long time since I've submitted anything so please, give the feedback, review.
Just an intro,
seeing if I should continue?

2. Setup & Collisions by The archive [Reviews - 0] (1230 words)
Hey duckies XD, I was kinda in shock about the feedback I got from this! I was thinking, eh maybe I'll get one review or something like that. So thanks soo much for those who reviewed and put me on alert or favorites. It's an honor. I hope you like where I'm going with this, it's kinda cliche, but hopefully not too bad. tell me if I'm starting to sound like another copy. P.s. Hopefully the chapters will get longer. I'm just getting the gears turning right now.
Shoutouts at the bottom.
Feedback, criticism and any errors that need to be fixed
you know what to do.

3. A New Day & Second Collision by The archive [Reviews - 0] (1540 words)
Hey everyone!
So I'm finally updating. And thank you to everyone who reviewed or favorited this story. It made my week to see all the responses. :P
So I asked for a beta a while back, but I gave more thought and realized that if I suck at updating like this, it would be a hassle to deal with such. Therefore, I'm just hoping my writing skills are up to par for everyone. If you notice any errors, just let me know though and I'll fix them. I hope you like this chapter, it's more just development in the intro than anything else. I have another chapter in the works so hopefully I'll be able to update in the next week or so. And to confirm, this is going to be a Lilly/Joe story definitely, even though I do like Nick/Lilly and Kevin/Lilly. Jeeze, that kinda makes her sound skanky. Just kidding.
So without further ado or more further author's notes, here is Chapter Two..
Thanks and Enjoy!