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Chapter 2

8 months later

November 2007


Jenn was in her room reading when The Jonas Brothers started playing on her I-pod. She turned the volume up and laid back as she listened to their beautiful voices.

It had been eight months since they left, Four months since she had seen them, and two months since she had spoken to them.

She didn’t know what had happened. One day they were talking to her and the next day she couldn’t get in contact with them.

Her parents quickly noticed how her attitude changed. She rarely smiled and they would hear her crying in her room at night. They decided it was time for Jenn to reunite with the boys.

“Jenn can you come down here please?” her mom Chris called.

Jenn walked down the stairs in her light purple skinny jeans and Ed Hardy t-shirt. On her feet she had high top pumas. Since the boys had left her body had stretched out. She was at least three inches taller and her body was nice and toned. She spent a lot of time working out during the summer, using it as a way to pass time. Her tan was immaculate and she just looked stunning.

“Yeah?” she asked, the sadness pouring out of her eyes.

“Jenn your father and I have noticed that you’ve been very sad lately. You’re normally a happy person, it’s heartbreaking to see you like this.”

“Well my boyfriend and my best friends are gone; did you expect me to be happy?”

“Well we were talking and we think it might be time for a change.”

“What are you guys insinuating?”

“We got into contact with Paul and Denise, and since you already did your graduation and you don’t start college until next fall…”

Jenn’s face started lightening up.

“Keep going.”

“You’re going to be living with them until school starts.”

“Ahhhhh!!!!!” Jenn screamed jumping on her parents. “When do I leave?”


“What??? That’s two days away!! Ah!!” she ran upstairs and automatically started packing. Before she knew it she was on her way to the Jonas Brothers house in LA with Denise and Paul.

“We are so happy you’re here,” Denise said giving Jenn another hug

“The boys have no idea you’re coming so this should be a big surprise,” Paul said.

Jenn smiled but deep down inside she was nervous. It had been such a long time since she’d seen them; since she’d spoken to them.”

“Are they home now?” she asked

“All of them, even little Frankie.”


They soon pulled into the driveway of a beautiful house and Jenn felt like she was going to be sick, but in a good way.

“Why don’t you head on in and search the house. We’ll bring your stuff in.”


She walked into the house and pushed the unlocked door open. She heard the Wii main screen music coming for the living room and knew that would be Frankie. There was mumbling coming from the kitchen and recognized the voices as Joe and Kevin. Then she heard it. The sweet sound of the guitar accompanied by the voice of an angel. She decided where she wanted to go and started into the kitchen.

“No dude, I don’t want to go to that party,” Jenn heard Kevin say. They both had their backs to the door and looking out the window, focused on the pool.

“Come on, there are going to be a lot of hot girls.”

“Is this hot girl allowed to go? Jenn asked.

They turned around and their eyes nearly popped out of their heads.

“Is that a hologram?” Kevin asked.

“If it is, it’s the hottest hologram I have ever seen! Man Jenn!” Joe yelled. He ran to her picking her up in a hug.

“Surprised you remember my name.. You know since you guys haven’t answered your phone at all the past two months.”

“Sorry. Its just a lot has been going on.”

“So much that you guys cut off all communication from your best friend?” She looks upstairs “and him from his girlfriend?”

They looked at her and now noticed how different she looked. Aside from looking a zillion times more gorgeous she looked sad, almost distraught. This just seemed like a completely different Jenn all together. Well they weren’t exactly the same boys she had known either.

“I really missed you guys… I can’t even count how many nights I fell asleep crying.” Kevin linked his fingers with hers and kissed her hand.

“We’re sorry.”

She looked at Joe and he was looking at her with loving eyes. There was a certain fire in them, something that strangely attracted her. Something that never happened before.

“umm, I’m going to go see Nick.”

She disappeared out of the kitchen and Joe let out a deep breath.

“My goodness Kevin my heart stopped,” Joe said.

Jennifer walked up the stairs and followed the sound of Nicks guitar; his room door was completely shut but she knew he wouldn’t hear her if she walked in.

She quietly opened the door and he was sitting on the left edge of his bed, his back to her. She closed the door and took in the scent of his room. Just smelling him made her tingle… tingle all over.

She walked to the bed and got on.

Nick felt the pressure of somebody get on his bed. He went to turn around but somebody put their hands over his eyes.

“Frankie! Cut it out!” he yelled, trying to rip the hands off his face.

Jenn wrapped her legs around nick so his back was to her stomach. She grabbed the guitar with one hand and laid it down on the bed.

Nick noticed the legs wrapped around him were long and lean. He knew it wasn’t Frankie and he knew it was a girl, but whom?

“I wish I could stay like this and never let you go,” the girl spoke. Nick knew who it was.


She wrapped her arms around his stomach and rested her head on his shoulder.

“mm-hm.” She started placing small kissed on his neck and her hands made their way inside his shirt where she touched his subtle abs. Nick rubber her arms and turned to face her. Preparing himself to see the face he hasn’t seen in months. There she was, more beautiful than before. He got the sudden urge to rip her clothes off and fuck her right there. He wanted her so bad but he knew Jenn wasn’t the type of girl to do that. Too bad he now was.

“you look amazing,” he said

She smiled weakly.

“I really missed you Nick. Why did you stop calling? Why didn’t you answer when I called? Did you find someone else?

“No, of course not.”

“Then why did you stop?”

“I don’t know.” Her face grew sad and she stood up.

“Nick I want you to tell me the truth. Did you find someone else? Are you seeing someone new?”

“No I’m not seeing anyone.”

She lowered her head then looked back up at him.

“Are you sleeping with anyone.”

“No,” he lied.

‘I’m not sleeping with someone… it’s actually someone’s.’

He couldn’t tell Jenn though. He couldn’t tell her how he used his fame to get girls. How he’d lost his virginity in the back seat of a car with a girl three years older than him. That he was smoking weed daily, and on his way to hard drugs. He couldn’t tell her anything and he knew if she ever found out she’d never speak to him again.

Jenn looked at Nick’s face.

There was something different about him. Nick had always been mature but he seemed more experienced. He looked like he knew what he was doing and not the little lost puppy he used to be. He was taller and his hair was longer. He looked incredible.

There was an awkward moment of silence.

“Jenn you look….. I can’t….. I just…..” he pulled her to him and started kissing her. He kissed her like he never had before. His hands wondered her body and he massage her tongue with his. Jenn’s hands made their way up the back of his neck and she lightly scratched at his skin.

Nick started pushing her down onto the bed and she let him. His guitar was moved down to the floor and he laid her head back on a pillow.

Jenn looked down at Nick’s finger to see if he still had his purity ring on and he did. She looked at hers and remembered that they couldn’t do anything and Nick…. Nick wouldn’t try. Would he?

“Every part of your body tastes so good,” Nick says between kisses.

“Uhh huh.”

She caught his lips with her teeth and softly bit down making him quietly moan.

Nick’s hand slid down her chest and made its way to her thigh. He caressed the top of her right thigh with his hand started moving it inside. The second his hand rested on top of Jenn’s inner space she sat up.

“Nick umm slow down.”

“What? I missed you; don’t you think we need to catch up?”

“Yeah but I don’t think we have to do that. I don’t even think we’re supposed to.” She lifted her hand and showed him the ring.

“Promise remember? Keep it in your pants until marriage. That ring a bell?”

“It doesn’t mean we can’t have a little bit of fun.”

“I’m just not used to that, especially when you’re the one doing.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to put any pressure on you and I didn’t mean to get you upset. I just really missed you Jenn.” She put her hand on his cheek and kissed him.

“I missed you too.”

Nick examined Jenn’s body. It looked incredible and all he wants to do was get her out of her shirt.

“You think, maybe… you can take your shirt off?...”

Jenn searched his face to see if he was kidding but he wasn’t.

“umm.” She moved her hands to the hem of her shirt and lifted it up and over her head.

Nick admired how her stomach looked.

“Are those Abs?”

“I became obsessed with working out. Do I look bad?”


He took his rind off and tossed it on his night table.

“That answer your question?”

She laughed and picked up his ring.

“Put it back on.” He took it and slipped it back onto his finger. She laid back letting him lay on top of her, kissing her collarbone all the way down to her stomach. His hands moved to her back and he fingered the clasp of her bra before snapping it open.

Jenn’s eyes shot open and she looked up at Nick.

“It’s ok.” He said

She nodded and let him bring the straps down. He kissed her again and was about to take the thing off when his door swung open.

“How’s the couple doing? Whoa!” Joe yelled when he noticed what was going on.

“Whaa! Jenn yelled as she fell off the bed. She quickly clipped her bra and stood up.

“I’m so sorry,” Joe said. Jenn stood in front of him, shirtless.

“Joe you think you can give me my shirt?”


He picked up her shirt and walked over to her, not taking his eyes off her once.

“Here you go.”

She grabbed the shirt and put it on.

“So was I interrupting something?”

“Ya think?” nick asked. “Just get out man.”

“Hey you can’t hog her. She’s my best friend you know.”

“Yeah, and my girlfriend.”

“Well I wanna spend time with her.”

Jenn noticed the boys were starting to get angry.

“She can spend time with you when we are done.”

“I think you already are.”

“Ok, um you know what? I’m going to say hi to Frankie.” She said before making a quick exit.

“Look at what you did man, now she’s going to be playing video games all night,” nick whined.

“Oh shut up. So did you tell her about the past few months? How you’ve slept with countless girls and done countless drugs? Did you get anywhere now? Are you planning on it? Man can I have her for the night?”

“Dude shut up, and you better stay the fuck away from her!”

“She’s my best friend so whatever time she spends with me is kept between us. Whatever happens during that time happens.

Nick pushes Joe and storms out of the room.

What exactly had happened to the boys? When did they go from innocent church boys to sex fiends? To druggies?

It all started a few months after touring. Their fame took off and they noticed how many girls wanted them. Jenn never left Nick’s mind but he found himself getting lonely.

Joe started it all. Nick noticed him sneaking girls into the house or making out with them at parties. He once found a box of condoms in Joe’s room and he knew he was pure no more. Kevin kept quiet about what he did, but Nick knew he had his moments. Once Joe started smoking weed things changed for Nick. Joe looked happy and at peace. Nick wanted that too.

The first time he got high at a party was when his virginity went out the window. From then on it was girl after girl. Weed soothed him every day and cocaine started making its way into the mix. He knew Jenn would never approve of any of this but he never thought he would be seeing her anytime soon. Now that he saw her thought he wanted her more than ever, but he knew that he’d always have a feeling of guilt from what he has done. Could he tell her? Should he?

Joe wasn’t worried about his brother. He didn’t care. Right now all he had on his mind was Jenn. Jenn and her hot body. He knew he could talk Jenn into anything. She listened to him and would do anything he told her. There was nothing there to stop him. Nick? He was just a kid,

This is going to be fun.                       

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