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Day Ten.

It took all my fucking self-restraint not to bombard Kevin with questions after he returned from the after-party three days ago. I heard him come in at two or three in the morning. I was lying awake in bed, staring at the darkness that consumed me, hoping to God that my Mystery Girl was still up for grabs. I needed to know the exact details of everything that had surpassed that evening, straight from the horse's (Kevin's) mouth.

But then I'd sound like a petty teenaged girl, what with my incessant craving for gossip, and I have more pride than that. So I left him alone.

I didn't want to pry the next day, either. However, I did listen whenever he opened his mouth - which was approximately ninety percent of his time spent awake - and although he spoke in great detail of all the alcoholic beverages he had tried and the stupid chocolate fountain that absolutely blew his mind, there was no mention of Mystery Girl and her homosexual sidekick.

Naturally, on the second day, I stopped listening to him for fear my mind would explode with useless information.

Finally, on the third day, after planning my words for what seemed like years, I casually asked him over breakfast, "So whatever happened to those girls you and Jesse took to the after-party?"

(Like I said, it's a rare occurrence for me to speak to Kevin directly. This was a big deal).

"Huh?" It took a moment for him to remember as he poured Frosted Flakes into a bowl. "Oh, yeah. There were two of ‘em, right?"

"Uh... I guess," I replied. (Of course there were two of them, blockhead - but it was important not to sound desperate).

"Yeah. One of ‘em seemed really interested in me. We were talking, and she kept touching my arm, and-"

"The one in the green dress?" I interrupted. (Maybe that was a little too desperate-sounding. Shit).

Kevin shook his head, annoyed that I had cut him off. "I don't know, I don't remember. Anyway, I told her to wait while I said hi to someone, and then when I came back, I couldn't find her."

Probably because you met thirty other people along the way and couldn't shut your trap, dipshit. After three hours of waiting, she finally gave up and went home. I could see it now; it made perfect sense.

Whatever. Not important.

"Oh, really?" I asked politely. "Did you... what'd she look like?"

There. That was a reasonable question.

"She was hot."

Fuck you, Kevin. I needed details, you fucking schlep.

"Yeah, but... how?" I didn't know how much clearer I could make myself without outright asking him if she had long honey-coloured hair and sparkling eyes.

Kevin glanced at me suspiciously. "She... had a nice body," he said slowly and sceptically. "I... wanted to touch it. That's how she was hot."

Ugh. Perv. It was apparent that I wasn't going to get anything out of him.

"So you and Jesse just went solo for the night?" It was my last question. As long as Mystery Girl had given up on Kevin, I was safe.

"I did," he told me, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Jesse hung out with the other girl, though. The whole night. Bought her drinks... I think he even gave her a ride home. If he even took her home."

The wink that Kevin sent in my direction almost cost him his life. My hands were in position, ready to throttle him if he insinuated anything else. I'd avada kedavra him like no other if he told me what I feared he was going to say.

There was a fifty-percent chance that the girl Jesse was interested in wasn't my Mystery Girl.

Unfortunately, considering the other girl's obvious attraction to females, it was very unlikely that she was the object of Jesse's interest.

Good grief. Mystery Girl was trying to make me jealous, wasn't she? She wanted me to work for her affection. She wanted me to prove my love. She was doing it in the bitchiest way possible, too.

But oh God. Her bitchiness just made her even hotter. I was hopelessly in love with her, and it was way too late to push my feelings aside. I had to have her.

Damn. I was hoping Nazareth was lying when they said ‘love hurts'. I can't explain how much I hate when shitty, cracked-out 70's bands teach me life lessons.
Chapter End Notes:
You've all heard it before... Nazareth. (P.S. This isn't the second song that I was talking about).

I'm sorry for the short chapter, but to be fair, I did warn you that there would be short ones. Hopefully you understand why. The next one will definitely be longer and it will definitely be posted soon to make up for this one :) Thanks as always for the incredible feedback!
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