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He sat in his chair, playing around with his necklace while staring blankly into nothing. His show was about to start in five minutes. He had butterflies in his stomach, not because he was nervous for the show, he was nervous about who he was going to see at the show.

            The door slammed open and walked in his father, Kevin, who has the same name as his oldest brother.

            “Come on Joe, time to go. You ready?”

            Joe sat there, still playing with his necklace.

            Then he stood up, with a feeling he had not felt in a very long time.




            The crowd cheered, screamed and applauded. Three boys took center stage, with a backing band, rocking the theatre. The place was packed, filled with young girls with hopes of bringing back a piece of The Jonas Brothers memory back with them.

            This was the effect they had on their fans.

            And they know it.

            “We love you guys!” Joe said and bowed to their fans, looking at the crowd, hoping to find a familiar face.

            But he couldn’t.

            “Happy Valentine’s Day!” A girl shouted so loud it captured Joe’s attention. She then threw a rose onto the stage, it landed right in front of Joe.

            With several interviews he attended today and the long rehearsal, he totally forgot that it was Valentine’s Day although he clearly remembered yesterday when he passed by a florist with special Valentine flowers offer.

            “Thank you love.” Joe said and the crowd cheered even more.

            Joe scanned the crowd and finally saw the person he was looking for. She stepped into the VIP area and greeted his dad. Joe couldn’t help but smile at the vision of the blonde girl talking to his father. She looked so normal, clad in a denim short skirt with her dark colored bra seen through her cotton white tank top. She looked extra taller than she already is, with black suede knee length boots. But Joe couldn’t get his eyes off her.

            And it felt good.

            It’s a fresh feeling, something he hadn’t felt in a year.



            “I was stuck in a horrible, horrible jam!” Amber said, almost shouting, as she could not really hear herself. She was hoping Kevin, The Jonas Brother’s dad, could.

            “It’s alright! Actually you came just in time.” Kevin said and pointed to the stage.

            Amber looked up and saw a grand piano on the stage. Nick was walking towards it and took a seat on the chair. He played a few notes before leaning in closer to the microphone.

            “About a month ago, my friend, my brother, Joe, was involved in a terrible situation.” Nick started. The cheers of the crowd became softer as the sound of the piano notes became louder.

            “He was trapped in a store, held at gun point by a dangerous man who felt like he had nothing to live for.” Nick said and looked at Joe.

            “Don’t be this man!” Joe said loudly although he was saying it right into the microphone.

            “We have, everything, to live for.” Joe said emphasizing on the word ‘everything’.

            “But in the store, I met a girl.” Joe said and looked at Amber.

            Oh shit.

            Amber thought to herself.

            During birthdays, Amber had always told her dad and her friends she didn’t want a birthday cake because she didn’t like it when they sang to her. Amber didn’t like it when she was the center of the attention. She was shy that way.

            But every year they still got her a cake.

            When Joe’s eyes met Amber’s, it was stuck there instantly. Amber looked away, her hand rubbing her neck, hoping no one else would notice she was the girl Joe was talking about.

            The eyes of a few girls who were in front of the VIP box turned and looked at her, recognizing her from the Oprah Winfrey show. Soon, there were more heads turning around to look at Amber, who is know awkwardly trying to hide her face by looking up, down, left and right.

            Everywhere but front.

            “This girl,” Joe continued with Nick still playing the piano. “Saved another girl’s life.” The crowd screamed and cheered as Joe said that.

            “She was a heroin. To those of you who keep up with JB news, you will know that she jumped in front of the dangerous man to keep him from shooting another girl. But she got shot instead. To those of you who don’t keep up with our news, now you know.” Joe said and directed her attention back at Amber.

            “But with God’s grace, she is now safe and here with us!” Joe paused and waited for the applause to quiet down.

            “We’d like to dedicate this song to our new friend, my heroin, Amber Smith!”

            “Got the news today, doctor said I had to stay, a little bit longer and I’ll be fine…” Nick started singing as Joe walked around the stage and Kevin strummed on his guitar.

            Below the stage, Amber’s eyes glistened in the dark area. She got teary eyed just by listening to the lyrics.

            That was exactly what happened when she wanted to leave the hospital, the doctor say she had to stay a little bit longer.

            And she’ll be fine.

            However, most of the time you never walk out of the hospital being fine, after enduring the pain. Not the physical but the mental pain that would not leave your mind.

            Amber had to live with that everyday.



            “Thank you Chicago!” Kevin, Joe and Nick said simultaneously and bowed to the crowd.

            “That was a great crowd.” Kevin said as he jogged backstage, grabbing a towel off his mom’s hands.

            “You boys were great too.” Denise encouraged. “Let’s get some rest.”

            The boys walked towards their room and dropped themselves on the couch. They were sweaty and sticky from running around on stage and playing a 75-minute show but they did not care, they slumped on the couch anyway.

            The door opened and their dad walked in with their tour manager and Amber who looked like she could fit in well with the two men, not because she looked old but because she was tall.  She was just a few inches shorter than their tour manager, Leonard. She was tall for a girl, 5 feet 8.

            “Amber!” Kevin said happily, when he saw her. He walked over to her and gave her a light hug; he did not want to hug her too closely because he was all sticky and sweaty.

            Kevin, the oldest brother of the Jonas’s was always the friendliest.

            “Hey.” Amber said and returned his hug. He then looked at the rest of the room. Joe and Nick were both lying on the coach, as if they had just run a three-mile marathon.

            When the both of them noticed Kevin talking to Amber, they sat up straight and waved at her.

            Amber walked towards them and tucked both of her hands into the back pockets of her denim skirt.

            “Thanks guys. The song, it was… too nice of you guys.” Amber said shyly, thinking she didn’t deserve it.

            “It’s nothing.” Joe stood up and gave her a hug. She hugged him back.

            “Yeah.” Nick agreed and smiled at Amber.

            It was noisy outside the room. The crew people were busy packing the equipments back into the tour bus and there were many people wandering around.

            “You guys must be tired huh.” Amber said plainly and sat down on the edge of the couch where Nick was seating.

            “Yeah but we can still party!” Nick said and tapped his two index fingers on the coffee table in front of him, as if his fingers were drumsticks and the table was the drum.

            “Hell yeah. It’s Valentine’s Days! We need to get some love. Meet some hot chicks!” Kevin agreed.

            “Oh it’s Valentine’s Day?” Amber asked surprised.

            Amber spent half of they day locked inside her room. She left the hotel early to go to the Buckingham Fountain to take some scenic pictures but it started to drizzle so she went back to the hotel. The rest of the day was gloomy therefore she did not want to risk going out and being stuck in the rain. Her plans of sight seeing were ruined by the weather.

            So, she sat in her room, spending an hour talking on the phone with her dad. Then she spent most of her time talking to Alexis and a few other friends on Facebook chat. It was nice catching up with her friends back home.

            “It is, 14th of Feb.” Nick answered.

            “It is…” Amber suddenly remembered the date.

            She had never celebrated Valentine’s before because she never had a boyfriend. She also thought Valentine’s Day was overrated and hated seeing everyone on the streets holding flowers and getting all loved up.

            “So do you have anyone to celebrate this special day with?” Kevin was curious.

            “No.” Amber let out a small laugh. “In my opinion, it’s not very special.” She then blurted out.

            Kevin looked over at their dressing table. It was filled with wrapped gift boxes and bouquet of flowers, given to him and his brothers by their lovely fans. Kevin then looked at Amber.

            “It’s the day you show your appreciation to your loved ones.” Kevin said and walked towards the table. He picked up a heart shaped box filled with Lindt Chocolates.

            “And the day you get free chocolates.” Kevin joked and tossed a piece of chocolate into his mouth.

            “But, if you love someone, wouldn’t it be Valentine’s every day?” Amber said.

            The whole room fell silent, as they absorbed what Amber had just said.

            She was right.

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