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Chapter 2


            The man was intoxicated. His eyes were watery and it was obvious he was on prescription medicine; only thing was it was not a doctor’s prescription.

            Yet he was able to gather everyone to the back of the store, demanding that everyone squat down and keep quiet. The women in the room were afraid, the only child was crying and the men all felt powerless.

There were seven people on the floor, and only one man standing.

            He was holding a gun.

            This HAS to be a dream.

Amber’s thoughts felt loud and she was certain everybody was hoping for the same thing.

“What the hell am I doing, what the hell am I doing…” The intoxicated man walked back and forth around the store. He was confused.

Then a police siren was loudly visible. To the seven hostages, it was a sign of relief yet they were still terrified. To the gunman, it just meant he had nowhere to go.

And, nothing to lose.

He walked towards the sliding door and managed to reach up to the top of the glass and pull out a small black box that was an indicator. The sliding glass door is now completely non-functional. The only way to get out was to break the glass.

            “Ya’ll better not come in here! I will shoot these freaks!” The man shouted, nervous overcoming him. He wiped the sweat off his face, brushing his unkempt and messy beard.

            With his shout came louder cries from the girl that was holding her dad so tightly.

            “Shut her up!” The black haired man screamed at the father of the child and walked towards the glass door to look out.

           The father tried not to make eye contact with the man but just tried to make her daughter stop crying. She was softer, but only because he was covering her mouth and whispering in her ears.

            Outside, five police cars had blocked up the whole road. There were no other people outside besides the police officers. Roads were blocked up to one mile up the street. The scene was secured and nobody except officials were allowed in.

            Then, the store phone rang and it shocked everyone, even the man with the gun. He walked towards the counter and held up the receiver to his ears.

            “Just get me my son! I want my son here now!” The man yelled. “Get Andrew here!”

            Even before the police officers could say anything to him, he hung up the phone. He then proceeded to sit behind the counter with confused thoughts.

            “Ya’ll just sit down and shut up, don’t make me hurt you!” He said and pointed his gun to every one of us.

            Everyone held their breath.


            45 minutes had passed. The police had not called back and everyone in the store was getting impatient.

            “It’s my first day in New York.” Amber said, to no one in particular. She was tired of the silence. “I have no friends, well, one new made, criminal friend. I’ve never tried bungee jumping, never tasted the famous New York bagel and I’ve never been kissed.”

            “Ssshh, you’re going to get us in trouble.” The clerk said, his eyes showed her he was afraid. Everyone else kept quiet and kept to themselves.

            Amber’s eyes were squinted and she was angry. She focused on the clerk and anger rushed through her body like water running through an open tap.

            “You know if you would just hurry up and bagged my stuff I wouldn’t even be here. But no, you had to be all chummy chummy with hot shot over here.” Amber said, raising her voice a little.

            “Ssshhh!” The clerk ignored her statement and just wanted her to shut up.

            “Hey don’t blame it on me.” The guy beside Amber said.

            Amber looked over at the guy, annoyed yet she felt guilty she had partially put the blame on him.

            “I’m sorry.” Amber apologized softly. “All I wanted was bread and coffee.” She was now sitting on the floor instead of squatting, her elbows resting on her knee and her hands covering her face. She was still in disbelief to what was happening.

            She did not anticipate her first day in New York City to be like this.

            She was dehydrated; her nerves have gotten the better of her. It was an air-conditioned store but she was sweating. She cannot deal with things like these, a life-threatening situation. She could not hide her fears and was frustrated.

            “Well, all I wanted was mint.” The guy beside her muttered.

            She looked over at him and a sympathetic smile crossed over her face. She then looked in front to make sure the men who took them hostage was still behind the counter, deep in thoughts.

            “I’m Joe.” The celebrity hot shot said to Amber.

            Amber was in no shape or mood to meet new people but she was so scared, she just wanted to talk to someone.

            “Amber.” She replied. “So why were the photogs surrounding you just now?” Amber asked a random question, not bothering looking at him.

            “Amazing huh? ‘Joe Jonas, buying mint.’, Photogs will take any picture of what I’m doing. It’s insane and I will never understand it.” He said, a hint of anger in his voice.

            Joe Jonas. The name sounded so familiar to Amber. Then it hit her. She had just watched MTV last night and saw a video by a band called Jonas Brothers. It was not her type of music so she paid no attention to it, all she remembered was seeing their band’s name at the beginning of the music video. But of course, he could be any Jonas.

            “Jonas Brothers?” Amber asked, taking a wild guess.

            Joe nodded.

            “How could you have not heard about Jonas Brothers?” The clerk suddenly spoke up.

            Amber looked at him in disgust. She was a burning volcano, ready to erupt any second.

            “You better shut the-”

            “HEY HEY HEY!” The gunman jumped over the counter, gun still intact and walked towards the back of the room where all the hostages were sitting.

            “Only I do the talking here, okay?!” He said, waving his gun in front of everyone causing them to whimper. His loud voice was stern and loud, it made the little girl cry again. This time her cries were louder, she was sobbing inconsolably.

            “SHUT THE HELL UP!” The criminal shouted, his gun pointing at the little girl.

            “Please don’t!” The father begged, his eyes tearing up. His daughter was still crying.

            Now everyone was panicking. Nobody knew what the criminal was going to do. His hands were trembling, a misfire could happen anytime.

            The criminal squat down and his hands were covering his face. He could not take the voice of the crying little girl. He wanted the sound to stop. His head was pounding too fast. His heart was beating at an irregular beat. It felt as though he was going to faint.


            Then he stood up.

            He pointed his gun at the little girl.

            Everybody’s eyes widened in terror. He was going to shoot the girl.

            Then, a gun shot.



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