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Young love birds, Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus, are ready to tie the knot! Having announced the engagement only days ago, the big day seems to be only weeks away! Rumor has is that the dress is designed by Vera Wang herself. The bridesmaids are her backup dancers and the maid of honor is best friend and side kick, Mandy Jiroux. On his side are his brothers, Joe and Kevin Jonas, alongside the band. Ironically, his best man is his long-time best friend and personal assistant, Maya Kibble leaving for her to naturally to be his ‘best girl’. We’re expecting a traditional wedding with an outstanding invite list. John Travolta, Vanessa Williams, Stevie Wonder, and other superstars are rumored to be invited to this ceremony. It will certainly be a night to remember! – Us Magazine


I fiddled with the rouched bodice stitched together on my chest with the newly satin fabric. It was hard to believe that under that ugly frock. I had to keep on pressing on the dress with my hands to make sure it wasn’t just a dream. I looked at the golden mirror in front of me and looked at the stranger staring back at me. I didn’t even feel like I was me. I felt different. I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be a good different or a bad one. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to find that out anytime soon.


I took my pony tail out and my hair gently fell on my shoulders. I slipped off my converse and stood barefoot. I took a few minutes just to take it all in. I could hear a soft muffling behind the door. “She’ll be out soon,” I heard Michelle reassuring. She knocked on the door. “Maya, honey, this isn’t the time to move at a glacial pace.”


I sighed and nodded at myself in the mirror. I slowly walked to the door and clutched onto the door knob. I twisted it with all my might as if it weighed a thousand pounds. The door opened itself and I walked out to expose myself.


It was quiet. I looked down not even wanting to see their expressions. I heard a cough and maybe even the movement of a nudge. “Wow,” was the only thing I heard.


I looked up to see everyone just staring at me with their mouths wide open. I felt like I was standing in front of them naked. It couldn’t possibly have been this embarrassing. It’s amazing how easily my friends can make everything awkward. My fingers were tangled up behind my back. Could this room be anymore quieter?


John Taylor scratched his head, silent.


Nah, now it just got quieter.


My eyes drifted towards Nick. His mouth wasn’t wide open. He wasn’t moving around. He didn’t even look at my face. He was staring at the dress, motionless. I wanted to just smack his face just to make sure that he was still alive.


Just when I was about to speak, my voice didn’t even seem like it was ready to talk. I forced myself enough to get out a weak “Guys? Is it that bad?” I emphasized that more than anything.


Joe’s low raspy voice said first. “No way, Maya. I’ll think you look great.” A small smile finally cracked on my face. Michelle giggled a little bit on the sidelines. The others agreed with him as a chorus at separate times. Kimmy released herself from her dad’s grasp and ran up to hug me.


“You look really pretty.” She stated as she tugged onto my dress. She pulled me down to her height for her to tell me a secret. “You’re prettier than Whiney.” The fact that Miley ended up being ‘Whiney’ made me laugh harder than anything in the world. I kissed her gently on the forehead.


“So groom,” Michelle started. “What do you think of your best girl?” She wiggled her eye brows.


He rolled his lips back and pressed them into a smile, sort of. He gave me a thumb up.


Someone’s really got a way with words.


I sighed, picked up the dress, and went back to the bathroom to take off the dress.


So maybe the worst was over.


For the day, at least.


After I finished getting dressed and in order, we retreated back to our cars and to our regular routines. I was the last one to be dropped off in the route. Nick passed by my house quickly and kept on driving. “Um, you sort of missed it.” I said dumbly.


He turned the steering wheel to the left. “Yeah, I thought you might want some lunch. Is that okay with you? I mean you don’t have a date do you?” He raised his eye brows but kept his eyes on the road. He was probably hoping that I would say yes just so he can reprimand me.


The ride was quiet as the previous. This time I really tried to add in some small talk, but the talk was so small it was hardly visible.


We finally arrived to the restaurant. He put on his sunglasses and hat, while I pulled my hair in a pony tail alongside my sunglasses. Disguises were no use from the beginning since cameras seem to be flashing from the moment we stopped the engine. I breathed out and opened the door to see cameramen almost climbing and pushing me back into the car. I pushed against them and tried to find the door as well as I could. It was a lifesaver that I had my sunglasses. If I didn’t I’d probably be blind by now.


Questions were all yelled at me at the same time. Some asked about Miley, about being a best man in a sexist way, Mandy, or Nick. I ignored them all and pushed harder through them. I could’ve punched someone just to get through. I was sick of the questions and just wanted to get a friggin meal, for Pete’s sake.


I made my way through and waiters asked politely and pushed the paparazzi out of the restaurant. I sighed out and we were directed to our table. It was a relief just to breathe again.


From the moment we sat down, it began quiet. I don’t exactly know when noise would come in at all today but it was a bit late. We both just stared at the menu as if we needed a lot of time. The truth was that we both knew what each other was getting. He knew I was going to order the chicken Caesar salad with dressing on the side and he was going to order a hamburger with lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes but no onions with a side of fries that I would eventually share with him.


Something boiled inside of me that had heated at just the right temperature that I was through with having to play along. I threw my menu gently on the table. It startled him though since it was rather not like me. He looked up and I crossed his arms against my chest. “What is this, Nick?”


It was a rather odd question for his apparently. He looked around the room for the obvious answer. “Uhm, a restaurant?


I shook my head. “No, what we’re doing.”


His eyes drifted down to our menus. “Ordering food?”


“No!” I frustrated. “What we’re doing right now! We haven’t actually talked to each other all day. Why are we torturing ourselves by giving each other’s best friend the silent treatment?”


He sighed as if he was holding his breath for a long time. “I know.” He admitted. “It’s hard to ignore you, Maya. You’re my best friend and I got mad at you for something that wasn’t even your fault; just his.”


I furrowed my brows. The red in my face seemed to be dimming down. “Do you mind explaining everything?”


His eyes directed downward. It wasn’t hard to figure out that I wasn’t going to get what I had asked for. I knew that I was going to really get it out of his system to explain everything between him and Cory that somehow I didn’t ever know about. This wasn’t the place for him to tell me something as evidently big as this.


 “Ever since you told me that you saw Corey.there was something inside of me that just burned. The burning sensation didn’t deteriorate but just grew rapidly. That kid was my best friend and he just left the both of us. He left us for this stupid reason that I could never tell you in this capacity.” He fiddled with his fingers in a circular rotation. “You’re my best friend, Maya. You’re the world to me and to ever see you hurt. It will kill me to see you fall apart. He’s just not the guy for you. I love you so much and I would never let anything bad happened to you.”


I didn’t respond.


 It only hurt me that he thought I wasn’t hurting at all.


 Later that day, we went to a local garden store close by the beach. The sun was about a few hours from setting. We walked through the fresh cut roses that were currently resting in buckets of half empty water. We touched the soft petals on each flower that were so unique and different. Nick had walked on the other side of the shop. He was gazing at the ugly zinnias. “Hey Maya, what about this?”


I raised my eyes at the unattractiveness in such a flower. “Are you honestly asking for an early divorce?” He let out a few laughs while I smiled small.


“I guess my flower picking skills don’t really excel. Did you find anything?”


I shrugged and walked over to the roses. “There are always roses. You could pick out the pink ones. Miley would love that.” I smiled widely at home though his response was rolling his eyes and sighing loudly.


His fingers rubbed against his temples in small circles to seemingly relieve stress. “I swear, Maya, if see another pink object again, I’m going to shoot myself.” His two fingers pointed to his forehead as if he really was.


I laughed loudly like the old days. “Well then how about orchids?”


We stepped towards the delicate orchids. The sweet smell of the unique flowers was as fragrant as a beautiful garden. I smiled and pointed at it. “These flowers are better than the pinkest rose.”


He rolled his eyes again. “Okaay, but what’s so great about them?”


I sighed at his oblivion. It would be so much easier to explain flowers to my best friend if he was a girl. “Well have you ever seen an orchid before? Have you ever seen how simply beautiful they are? They don’t need to be big or outrageously gorgeous. They just sit there next to the bouquets of roses, carnations, and lilies. The bouquets are beautiful but too much. Orchids just sit there waiting for someone to pick them up and show them off.” I said slowly and sadly; stupid orchid analogy.


“Hmm, okay. Well I guess we’re going with the orchids.” He smiled beautifully to me. He waved over a worker. “Hi, I need to place an order for some orchids.” He turned back to me and laughed. “Wow, thanks Maya for helping me pick out flowers for the wedding and saving me from sighting another pink thing to the ceremony. You’re the best.” He hugged me tight and walked to the worker to place his order.


I turned back to the almost sunset. It reflected the ocean under it with colors of a crisp blue and orange. I looked down at my empty hands, on near verge of screaming. “F.” I sighed to myself.


He walked back and smiled with the receipt in hand. “You want some ice cream?” I nodded.


With ice cream in one hand and spoon in the other, we walked along the beach. The sunset was halfway in the ocean. “So be truthfully honest,” I turned to see his eye brows furrow. “What did you really think of my dress?"


He pressed his lips together.


This was starting very well.


He turned his head back to me. “You want me to be deathly truthful?”


I sighed and laughed at the end. “That would be helpful.”


“Okay, I thought you look absolutely stunning. I mean I’ve seen you in dresses before but to know that is how you’re going to look at my wedding…” He stopped and smiled. “I hate to sound all cheesy and such. Well actually I don’t, because you tend to be just as cheesy as I do but still. Um, I guess the fact that you are going to be this beautiful best girl is really going to make me the best wedding ever. I don’t need the biggest ice sculpture ever mastered. I just need you and my family there by my side; just like you’ve always been.”


I smiled widely. Even though I was completely in love with him, his words were so wonderful to my heart that I didn’t know exactly what to say. He knew that I agreed and he wrapped his arms around me in a tight embrace. It was nice to at least have a civil moment.


Then an incessant buzz was coming from my back pocket. I excused myself to pick up my cell phone. One missed call it noted. A few clicks into the phone and I went straight to voice mail. Doesn’t Demi and Selena realize that I’m a bit busy at the moment?


“Hey Maya, it’s Corey. So what does it take to get the Maya Kibble to call a guy? Seems like a lot. Well if it takes me to find out your address and carry you so we can meet up, I just might. Please, just call back. Thanks."


I shut the phone and looked straight ahead at Nick. He smiled and waved at me.


I looked down at my phone and back at him.


So much for a civil moment.

Chapter End Notes:
ahhh! i got some inspiration. what you think? not bad, huh?
hah, anyway if you noticed i did delete my other story, Better Off Alone. I just felt that the story line was too common that why would anyone want to read the same thing. so with that said i did have an idea but i\'m not too sure if people would read it because it is very unique... i guess i\'ll make up some kind of synopsis:
the jonas family is at the highest point of their career. the boys are popular than ever, performances at a different city every night, invitations at royal parties, the list goes on. sadly, for the jonas family this is the lowest point of their family life. fame has gone to everyone\'s heads and humility is more than taken advantage of. denise jonas has feared that her family may have lost their entire spirit.
suddenly, something is wrong with the tour bus and the jonases are in the middle of nowhere. denise takes advantage to tells of a story greater than any fairy tale written: her own.
okay so what you think? do or not do? thanks guys the feedback has been amazing!
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