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The next day for some awkward reason, Nick and Miley insisted I came along with them to meet the wedding planner. Of course my initial reaction was, “Sure. Why not? Let’s just put my heart and what’s left of my dignity in a blender while we’re at it?”


But then if I did say that, I wouldn’t have any dignity to begin with.  


So I did anyway, Selena and Demi came over to help me get ready to quite possibly make me look cuter than Miley. There’s a high doubt about that but you know how they can be at times. They threw me a pair of teal skinny jeans and a white tank top. It was actually kind of cute so I didn’t mind at all.  


“God, Nick is blind.” Selena sighed as she and Demi stood in awe of me. Clearly, transforming me to my opposite is something they enjoy. I rolled my eyes and got into my car. They waved from behind as I drove off in search of this ‘oh so exclusive’ wedding planner.  


“She’s done weddings from Brangelina all the way to TomKat.” Miley previously told me. Too bad I had no idea who she was talking about. Then Demi informed me that apparently Hollywood finds it clever to concoct relationship names as a part of their secret language. I find it retarded and quite lazy; what’s so wrong about just saying two names? 


But with that said, apparently this wedding planner is very hard to get. Though, Miley just had to have her as their wedding planner to make their day as special as can be so that it shall be engraved in their memories for a lifetime. 


Excuse me as I gag.                                                                                     


I finally drove into the hid away lot of the wedding planner. Hmm, fancy I see. I drove right next to Nick’s black and white Shelby Cobra Mustang that he was given as a present for his sixteenth birthday. The rest of the normal people, such as yours truly, had to wait at the more expected age of seventeen. Bummer being normal, isn’t it?  


Then again the one of the only perks of normal people, such as yours truly, really don’t need to go to some overpriced snob nosed wedding planner to plan a wedding that isn’t even yours. But then your not-normal friends insist that you should come because it sets the meeting at a fast pace.  


How does me showing up making anything speed up?  


Anyway, so I walk in and find Miley and Nick sitting in the waiting area decorated with flowers among them. Wow, this place is pretty fancy. Nick, as usual, was the first one to greet me with a hug, and then Miley followed behind. “You guys are still waiting for the planner?” I asked.  


Miley shook her head. “Oh no, we’re waiting for our maid of honor. She said she’ll be here any minute now.” Just as the moment she finished, the door flew open to a girl with brunette hair and enormous sized sunglasses. “MANDERRZZ!” Miley yelled in excitement. Nick looked around to see if anyone was now staring Miley’s sudden madness. He seemed really embarrassed. But Miley didn’t notice anything but then what I assumed is her maid of honor.  


When Miley engulfed her friend in a hug they started yelling at each in giddy, I suppose. I turned back at Nick who was now turning pink because his fiancé and her maid of honor were grabbing the attention of more astounded onlookers.  


The yelling stopped once the receptionist had just about enough audacity to go up to Miley and inform her about her and her friend’s disturbance to the peace. Nick seemed very relieved as he sighed. The girl greeted Nick with a hug then stood back with Miley. Suddenly, there was a silence. I was hoping for someone to introduce me I guess not. I held out my hand in front of her. “Hi, I’m Maya.”  


She look down at my hand with an expression that if I didn’t know better, I would have taken it as an insult. But somehow eventually, she shook my hand. “Mandy; Miley’s best friend.” I nodded as she quickly let go of her grasp. “Did you win some kind of contest or something?”  


If I was still the little twelve year old, I would’ve gone King Fu Grip (no pun intended) on this girl. But as I, the well-mannered eighteen year, just grinned and bared most of it. “No, I’m actually the best girl.”  


She blankly looked at me with no expression at all. I felt super uncomfortable at this point as if being Nick Jonas’s best girl was the most mortifying thing ever.

When she finally cam to words, all she said was. “Oh, that’s nice. But isn’t the best man supposed to be,” She stopped for emphasis, “a man?”  


Her tone towards me was starting to get on my nerves and I seriously don’t care at this point about Nick’s wedding. I was about to retort my answer in a way only Maya Kibble could. 


Then Nick abruptly stopped my madness. “Well I felt that I can’t really decide between my two brothers so since Maya has been like family to me all this time, it was only legit for her to be my best girl.” He laid his hand on my shoulders; as he rested his head on mine.  


Being this close to him left shivers down my spine. “Yeah, like family.” I echoed with a semi-convinced manner.  


“Oh well if that’s so,” Mandy completely changed her mood, “”then we have to have lunch one day.” She laid her hand on my arm. I don’t get how double-faced most of Miley’s friends act. It scares me and it’s really ticking me off. “It’s a must.”  


But once again, Nick stopped me, “That would be great. Wouldn’t it, Maya?” One of the hassles of being Nick Jonas’s best friend involves this: his mind grows into knowing exactly how I act and react to everyone I encounter. So being in this situation, he would know that I can no longer stand Mandy.  


Luckily, the receptionist, the same one who informed Miley and Mandy of their peace disturbance, came up to us to tell us that our appointment is now ready. She escorted the four of us out of the lobby and into another small room with two couches and a small arm chair that could only fit one person. Miley and Nick sat at one while Mandy and I sat at the other.  


It was quite awkward to say the least. 


When the wedding planner finally walked in, a sigh of liberation fell upon my face. I could no longer endure the silence between the four of us. “Hello, I’m Rebecca Duplechain.” Nick, Miley, and Mandy all greeted her with a handshake and once she was about address me, she made a face into why I was there.  


“I’m Maya, I’m the best girl.” She made the same face that Mandy made. Why can’t people just take it that I may be the first best man who’s not a man?! It’s not that big of a deal, really. Nick had to explain once again about his decision on me being his best girl. Her mouth formed an o-ed as if it was totally fine with her that the best man happened to be a girl. 


I have my doubts. 


“Well,” Rebecca, who was probably in her early forties, clicked her tongue as she shuffled through papers, “all I wanted to do today is get to know about what are your initial ideas for the wedding.”  


Miley seemed really thrilled as she took out a pink notebook with WEDDING written in big bold letters on the front. Even Nick seemed a little caught off guard. “I, oh uh, we really think a wedding from about three-hundred to four-hundred would be fantastic. I want the color palette to be tinkle-me-pink and light green, since those are our favorite colors. We should have a big garden wedding with the seats filling up the entire space and it overlooks the beach with a sunset. Then the reception would be in a big ballroom covered with beautiful decorations, delicious food, and great entertainment. I want there to be two gorgeous big white horses and a carriage to ride us off to our suite in another hotel. The guest lists would consist of Fergie, Jordin Sparks, David Archuleta, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey Jessica Alba, Lil’ Wayne, LL Cool J…”  


My eyes were already turning big as Miley could have already passed up the one-thousand dollar budget.  


The scary part was that Nick seemed emotionless and quiet. The same way he acts like during an interview but this was none of the kind of course. Miley just kept on going off about her dream wedding while Mandy and Rebecca nodded. Nick looked away at the window and stopped paying attention to everything else that was going on in the room.  


Two big white horses and a garden wedding aside of the beach? This all seems… not Nick, I suppose. I’d never imagine in a million years that this is the way he would want to get married. Then again I never imagined him to get married at twenty-one either. Maybe Miley hadn’t even told Nick of her ideas and just wanted the wedding to be solely her ideas because we all know that Nick isn’t the one to choice big and grand rather than small and special.  

    My mom was in town that weekend and I promised her that I would take her out to lunch right after the appointment with Rebecca. Denise had told Mom about the whole engagement situation and apparently neither of them are that impressed. Mom told me over the phone that although Miley is a very sweet girl; she finds her too wild and outgoing. I don’t blame her, really.  “She wants horses at her wedding?” Mom said in dismay. I nodded as I sipped a bit of my Coke. She shook her head and I couldn’t help but giggle. “Now what is going on in her right mind that possessed her to think of horses?”  


I shrugged. “I don’t know and the sad part is that Nick probably didn’t have any way in this at all. I mean he would never want a guest list of four-hundred to six-hundred people, ever! This whole thing is just totally not him. I always imagined for him to have a small ceremony of just close friends and relatives. Something that’s special and close to the heart because the most expensive and grandest things in the world don’t leave memories.”  


“Honey,” My mom sympathized as she brushed off a stray hand off my forehead.

“You really have a big heart and are a wonderful person. It’s just too bad that


Nick doesn’t realize it.”  


I groaned. “You know too?” She nodded with a bit of guilt. “Who doesn’t know at this point?”  


“We’ve all known it from the start. It just occurred to you only because you’re growing up and so is he. Feelings and hormones grow with it too.”  


Damn it, hormones.   


“But you never know, everything happens for a reason, Maya. You know that’s been our motto forever and as much as you repeat it, it doesn’t seem like you’re taking it under too much consideration these days.”  


I sighed. Everyone seems like their helping me with putting their extra two-cents but it all just seemed like a blur of voices. Nobody could really feel that immense pain when I saw Nick. Nobody could understand how a little part of me breaks apart when I find Nick and Miley together. Nobody gets it. Why am I having people talk for me?  


Mandy doesn’t have the slightest clue into how to treat me correctly. She can pretend that she cares about whom I am and who I’m friends with but deep down she believes I’m worthless. It might be slightly true that at this stage, I’m not at my proudest. Though no matter what I do now, I know that somehow it will somehow impact the future, whether or not it was a smart idea. 


Miley may be one of the nicest people I will ever meet but she is definitely not the woman for Nick. And even though she said in her interviews that she would eventually marry Nick Jonas, it just seemed like a joke on her. Now that it’s happening, she can laugh. She can laugh at the people who hated her, the people who tried to manipulate her, and more importantly – me.  


And Nick. What about Nick? He sits there next to his soon to be wife, quiet and mute. It seems like he doesn’t want to have a say although it IS his wedding too. He has no idea that the person who may be the most in love with him right now is standing right next to him. She’s always been standing next to him this whole time and he doesn’t even notice.  


Well maybe if he sees that I do love him, would he love me back? Would he take me in as more than a sister, and this time as someone who’s far more important? What would he do? How in the world would I know? He seems to love Miley but not really in the sense of marrying.  


Words kept swirling through my mind once I got to Kevin and Ellie’s house to whom I offered to baby-sit Kimmy while they went to a function that night. I stopped to hear faint guitar strumming coming from upstairs. I walked forward and it became louder and more audible. “Speechless, over the edge, I’m just breathless.” He sang perfectly. I walked up the staircase and I could hear the melody became engraved in my head as I heard laughter a small young girl echo within the hallway. “You like that, huh?”  


I poked my head in the doorway to find Kimmy sitting in Nick’s lap as he holds his guitar in front of the both of them. Kimmy slowly strummed the guitar and in the end she giggled as a note came out. He smiled. I walked in as Nick looked up to me. “Hey.”  


“Oh hey. Sorry, that I’m here but Kevin really had to leave so he told me to stay here until you arrived. But I see that you’re here so I guess I should go now.” He said really quickly. He picked Kimmy off his lap and got up. 


I stopped him hastily. “No, why don’t you stay? Kimmy and I could really use the company.” Nick looked at the both of us as Kimmy nodded her head to rapidly, it made me dizzy.  


“Why not?” Kimmy yelled and jumped up on Nick. He let out a chuckle as he carried her up. “What do you want to do now, Kimmy?”  


“HOUSE!” She practically screamed, it’s mutual with us around. She jumped off of Nick as she took both of our hands and hurried us to the downstairs play room. Now thanks to Kevin’s extremely big paycheck, he built Kimmy the biggest play room imaginable. It has a slide, a big enough doll house to fit her, and life size Barbies all around. 


Let’s just state that she’s got it made for seven years old.  


She made us sit down at her tea table as she took out her plastic dining sets. “Okay, so I’ll be the baby of the house while you and Uncle Nick can be my mommy and daddy.” I was sort of hoping she wouldn’t have said that.  


I scratched my head nervously as if I took this role a little further than it needed to be. “Uh, why can’t we just play your Uncle and Aunt? It’s so much easier that way.”  


She shook her head with determination. “No silly! That’s boring!” She poured some pretend tea in the tea cups small and diligently. Nick tried to snag a sip but she lightly slapped him on the hand. “Ladies first, Daddy.”  


He seemed a bit defeated as he slid in his seat. 


“Now, you may eat.” We both exchanged a smile as we pretended to eat some of the food that Kimmy had ‘made’ us for dinner. “Daddy, I love you.”  


Nick smiled as he looked down upon her. “I love you too, sweetie.” He poked her in the stomach as she giggled. He was always so adorable with kids. It didn’t surprise me that he loves it when he plays house with Kimmy.  


“Mommy, I love you.”  


“I love you too, Kimmy-bear.” That was the nickname I gave her when she was too because she would never detach herself from all of my old teddy bears. I let her have all of them of course as a gift and that was the start of Kimmy-bear.  


“Now Daddy, tell Mommy that she’s beautiful and you love her.” My heart stopped as did the rest of my body. Nick grew quiet as well but Kimmy couldn’t keep in her laughter and giggles. This was planned, but why was I not to conclude that? Even she knows that I like Nick.  


Nick coughed awkwardly as he spoke, “Um Maya – “  


“Sweeeeeetheart.” Kimmy said as she expanded the syllable more than she needed. Nick raised his eye brow and looked back up at me. 


“Er, sweetheart, you are absolutely stunning and I love you.”  


The words, despite that they were fake, left me rigid. They seemed so real to me and I just wanted to hear them once more and maybe, just maybe, it would sound as if he really meant it. Although he didn’t really mean it, he smiled at me as I started to blush. I didn’t mean to but it just seemed to happen.  


“Now kiss her on the cheek!” Kimmy demanded.  


Nick seemed to laugh as he huddled over the table to kiss me on the cheek. Once again, I became stiff that I could hardly move. I felt as if I was to stay in the position forever. He sat back down and looked straight in my eyes.  


As if this was how it really was.

Chapter End Notes:
sorry for this being a bit suckish and delayed. last week was not the best so i didn't have much time to right. but this week was pretty good so it gave me inspiration to write :) i've been getting so many wonderful reviews so keep them coming! i do or at least try to answer all of them so check back.
jonas-ly yours,
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