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Hey y’all! So I’m really sorry about not being able to post up the sequel. I was planning on doing so right after the last chapter, but for some reason, my computer completely freaked out on me so I couldn’t do it. Now that my computer is better and I’ve had some time to edit stuff, I can finally post the sequel called Through the Mistakes.

One last thing before I go, I wanted to tell y’all that I had to change “Maya” from Janel Parrish to Vanessa Hudgens. Frankly, I found it incredibly difficult to find pictures of Janel to begin with and let’s be honest, the amount of pictures of Vanessa are pretty endless. So, I hope that doesn’t freak you guys out even though it really shouldn’t.

Much love and hope you guys like the sequel!


PS: 1019 REVIEWS?!


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