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Spotted: All Slutty Cyrus with her beau and hubby to be, Nick Jonas, paying a visit at Rebecca Duplechain, the famous wedding planner’s, office. Seems like the All Slutty One has definitely put that ball and chain to good use.  

How delicately can we say this but…? Nicholas, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOURSELF?  If you were thinking at all Nick, I’d get this baby annulled; quickly. -Perez Hilton 

“Okay, so we’re going to give you this computer chip to put in your ear so you can hear what we are saying.” Selena handed me the small ear plug. I slipped it in my ear. To test if it works, Demi starts tapping the microphone harder and harder.  

“AHHH!” I yelled.  

“Demi, I think it works.” Selena suggested. She apologized repetitively and I promised her that it was fine. I sat a few tables away and slid on my sunglasses to be less suspicious. I know; it’s dumb. It was their idea. 

I saw the first potential dater walk through the door. He was cute and pretty fit but not muscle maker because I don’t want to look like my date is half beast. He was a bit scruffy on the sides, though. Well maybe I could fix him up? He smiled as Demi and Selena greeted him. “Darrell,” He sat down across from them and Selena and Demi began with their questions.  

“Okay, so we’re here to find our best friend a wedding date. So let’s start with where you grew up?” Selena asked.  

“I grew up on a farm in Kentucky.” Well farm boys aren’t quite my type, but like I said I could fix him up.  

Demi furrowed her eye brows. She knew me better. “Riiight, well, what is your major?”

 “Oh, I don’t go to college.”  My heart stopped.

The last thing I need is a college drop out.  

Selena’s eyes opened wide. “Really? Well what would your profession be when you grow older?”  

He nodded a few times as if he was starting to think about it now. I could feel my hand rush to my forehead. This was going down the drain, quickly. Let’s just abort this whole thing. If the first one is bad, the rest can’t be any better.  “Um, actually, I was just going to stay with my mom for a few more years until I can get around. I mean who else is going to do my laundry?” He said humorously.  

No let me restate that, the last thing I need is some slum who still lives with his mother.

  Selena stood up quickly and politely asked him to leave since the interview was beginning to pour into other people’s interview. Obviously it was a lie since the next guy doesn’t show up until thirty minutes later. Demi sighed, “Well that went well,” She said gruffly. “I hope that there are better guys than that old bag.”

     Three hours later 

“So what do you do for a living?” It was the millionth time I’ve heard Demi ask that question to one of my ‘potential’ dates. Oh wait, potential is such a delicate word. More like unlikely.  

I sighed since this was getting me no where.  “Well thanks anyway, we’ll call you.” Demi said politely but I’m sure she’s aware that I really date guys who don’t still live with their mothers. It was the lastunlikely date to interview. Twenty guys and no luck so far.

 I took off my glasses and walked over to Demi and Selena. “Guys, this is just not working out. You can keep trying but I don’t think this is going to help me at all. I better go actually. I have class in ten minutes.” I quickly gave them hugs and ran over to my car.

 Am I just going to have to go to the wedding by myself? This is pathetic. I should just wave that stupid little white flag already. They win. They all win; Nick, Miley, and Mandy. They can take their prize, whatever that may be. I yelled out loud which I’m sure was a disturbance to the peace. I could tell people were turning their heads to me. I mean what else is more entertaining than seeing a crazy single loser PMS-ing?  

“Screw it.” I said gruffly.

 Why is everyone else finding someone to love? Madison and Frankie, Kevin and Ellie, Joe and possibly Demi? Why am I the unlucky one in the bunch? I mean I hardly kissed a boy in my lifetime except for Aaron Samuels who was dared by a bunch of bullies. It was God awful. He ran over to me and literally jumped on top of me; let me remind you I was only ten when this happened.  

But Joe and Nick had to run over and pull him off. That was the last time I saw Aaron. God bless him.

 I rolled my eyes and got into a parking space. I ran to get to the building. Dr. Spahn had changed her classroom number so I was completely lost. I was growing aggravated as I hardly knew where I was going. Room 1623a? That could be anywhere! I groaned and looked from classroom number to classroom number than all of a sudden I heard someone asked in a confused tone, “Maya?”  

Then bang.

  A few minutes later, he slowly fluttered his eyes opened. I sighed out, relieved and looked back up to everyone begged to help. “It’s okay guys. He’s good now!” They all sighed just as I did and walked back to their classrooms. The boy looked around, completely baffled. “Are you okay?” I asked faintly.

 He didn’t answer me right away but just sat up on the floor. “What happened?” He asked as he raised his hand to his forehead where he mostly impacted as he accidentally ran into a door. As he lightly felt it, I knew his forehead began to sting.  

“Oh, try not to touch it. It’s swelling up right now.” I advised. He breathed calmly. “But are you okay?”  

 “Yeah, I’m sorry, Maya.”  Taken aback that he knew my name, I held out a hand so both of us could get off the cold dirty floor. “How do you know my name?”

 “You don’t remember me?” He asked. To be honest, I had no idea who this guy was. I didn’t want to be rude or anything but he sort of expected me to just jump on him with an anxious hug. He opened his arms expecting for an embrace when all I could do is shake my head.

 “I’m sorry but I really don’t remember you,” I said quickly as I picked up my books off the floor. “I should go. I’m late for my class as is.” I walked ahead, clutching on my folders to my chest. From the corner of my eye, I noticed that he hadn’t moved but just stared back to watch me meander away.  

“Corey Goldman?” I could hear him say faintly behind me. His voice sounded desperate and clearly I must’ve known this guy somehow if he’s so set on reminding me of who he was. I stopped and turned around. “We were best friends when we were little. We played soccer and did plays together. You, Nick, and I always hung out until you guys moved away.”  

That’s when I realized who he was. Corey Goldman. Of course! He was Nick and my third best friend back in Wyckoff. We did practically everything together. We did play soccer together at the local playground and plays at the theatre in lower Wyckoff. He would come over and we would all play video games, more soccer, and all that fun stuff.

  Then I stopped. That’s all I could remember of him, nothing else when I was a teenager; even before we moved away. I walked back to him and smiled wondrously. “Wow Corey, I haven’t seen you in forever. How have you been? I can’t believe I didn’t notice you. How is the family doing? What have you been up to all these years? When did you move to L.A.?” I yielded myself, knowing that I was beginning to ask way too many questions already, but it’s hard not too if you run into an old friend.

  “I’ve been doing well actually. Caroline, my older sister if you didn’t remember, just had a baby recently and so she’s here with the rest of my family including me and the parents. What about you? Well besides touring and shadowing the Jonases pretty much.” He broke out a witty smile and I grinned.

 “Oh well yeah that and I’ve been starting classes here at UCLA. Hanging out with my friends around Los Angeles and hopefully finding a job in performing again. I miss being on stage, you know? I envy the boys so much because being in musicals with you and Nick was a big part of my life.” I nodded. Corey did the same and smiled again. It’s becoming a common gesture between us.  “How are the guys?”

 “Oh well they’re taking a bit of a break for a while. Kevin has a family, Joe’s still Joe of course, Frankie’s being a teenager in all that glory, and Nick, well Nick’s engaged.” I forced a smile quickly before I could stop.  

“Oh wow, engaged? That’s pretty hasty.”

 “Yeah, well he’s really happy and we’re all excited for him.” He nodded with a slanted grin. I did the same as I tapped my fingers against my notebooks that I was still clutching on to. He was about to open his mouth to ask for something but suddenly the clock timed the hour and a mad rush of impatient college students hurried out of the building to their next class.

  I was lead by the crowd away from Corey. “Wait… Maya… “ I could hear faintly behind me once again. I tried to look back to see if he was still closely behind but he was already blended into the huddle of students.  I sighed loudly almost to a scream as I realized that I didn’t ask for his number.  


“So what’s his name again?” Carly asked excited.

 I rolled my eyes. “Corey Goldman. He’s been my best friend for years but for some strange reason I stopped seeing him. I can’t really remember because it was such a long time ago but all I could remember is that Nick stopped talking to him and told me to do the same thing.” I shrugged as I walked with my cell phone close to my ear.

 “Ooo, mysterious. That’s sexy.” She gawked.

 “Please Carly, this is nothing. It’s just me running into someone from my past. Besides, I forgot to get his number so something is telling me that it’s not my fate to have any relations with him. Keep it to yourself, okay?” I could sense she was already disappointed by my unwillingness. I don’t need a date, much less a boyfriend. It’s just not in my fate either.

 “Fine, Kibbs. I got to go because Bridezilla and her family are coming here for dinner tonight. Pray for me.” I smiled as she hung up.

 I looked up at the signs of the stores above me, in search of a Harold’s Piano Place nearby. I could hear soft melodies as I walked forward. I was definitely close. I soon found many pianos in the windows and I knew I had found my destination. I walked in and was immediately greeted. “Good afternoon, may I help you?” The attendant offered.  “Is there a piano open?”

  She nodded and directed me to a small baby grand piano by the window. I thanked her politely and sat down on the bench. Her clattering heels were walking away behind me. I stretched my hands a bit before I could start playing. I began to place my fingers on each piano key that I could remember. The chords began to retrace in my mind and the melody was beginning to string itself together.

 After I fingered each note with the chord, I heard the door open behind me. “Good afternoon, Mr. Goldman? Your usual?” My heart stopped and I didn’t really know whether or not to turn around to say hi or stay coy and quiet until he acknowledged me first. Oh, how I wish the girls were here.

 I sat silently and began to play again but the chords and the entire song seemed to slip out of my mind. I groaned inwardly at myself and even more that he was coming by closer. “Fancy running into you here.” I turned around a little too quickly and there he was smiling down upon me. “Hey, I didn’t know that you come here.”

  “Well actually this is the first time I’ve been here,” I glanced around me. “I just don’t have a piano in my apartment and I was in the mood of song writing so I came down here. It’s nice too. Do you come here a lot?”  

“Well just like you, I’ve been in the mood for song writing but probably longer than you have. I haven’t exactly found that right inspiration but who knows? So until I find it, I’m just going to keep trying.”

 “Won’t they get annoyed that you keep showing up?”

  Corey raised one eyebrow. “Well gees Kibble, that’s a bit harsh. I’m hurt and offended that you would say such a thing.” I rolled my eyes and smiled. I haven’t heard anyone call my by my last name in such a long time. I miss it a lot since that’s what Corey called me a lot. “But besides that, my uncle Harold owns this place so they should get used to me by now.” I grinned once again. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t stop smiling. Then a buzz was heard coming from Corey’s jeans. He looked down and whipped out his cell phone. “Yellow? What are you talking about? Now? But I’m sort of busy right now, Mom.” He sighed as he still acted like a child. “Fine, I’ll be there in a few minutes. Okay, bye. Love you too.” He shut his phone and placed it back in his jean pocket. He looked back up at me and smiled weakly. “Duty calls. I better go but before I leave, could I get your number? Maybe we could get dinner sometime?”  

Then something stopped me. Did he just ask me out on a date?

 Then something else stopped me again. Holy crap, he just did ask me on a date. 

Crimson seemed to creep into my cheeks as I nodded cheekily.  “Sweet, let’s trade cell phones for a sec.” I handed over mine as he did the same. He hurriedly typed in his number and gave it back. “It was great seeing you again. We’ll catch up, okay? Tell Nick and all of them I said hey.” I nodded again and he shared a quick embrace then left. I sat back down on the piano bench, happily. Something tells me that it’s going to be the start of something great.  


“Knock, knock.” I heard someone mutter humorously behind my apartment door. I wiped off my hands with all my cooking being done. I took off my apron and threw it on my counter, then ran to the door. “Hey there,” Nick said happily and walked himself in. “What’s going on here?”  

 “I’m cooking actually.”

  “Wow, this house doesn’t seem to be burning. Nicholas is impressed.” I rolled my eyes at how stupidly he used third person with me.

   “Oh, I’m thrilled.” I muttered under my breath but loud enough for him to hear. He turned back and smiled beautifully. Silently, my heart began to ache but no more of this I kept thinking to myself. What a life, though. “As if you’re any better at cooking then I am.”

  “Sure I am.” He assured.   

“Hah.” I said sarcastically. He’s so full of himself.

  “I make the best eggs in the world.” He proclaimed and began to stance proudly.   

“Of course; because only culinary geniuses such as yourself can only concoct such a complicated dish.” He nodded in complete agreement. I’ve rolled my eyes so many times already, it’s beginning to hurt. “So how’s your day?”

  He sighed silently. There wasn’t much need for any words at this point. I practically knew everything by now, but he did anyway. “I’m exhausted. Truly, I’m exhausted. Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting since you’re going to come with us to get our tuxes.” I smiled at how outrageous that would be. Nick, Kevin, Joe, and the band as his groomsmen all together in a suit shop.

  “Anyway, what about you? What did you do today besides cook?”

  “Well I was with Selena and Demi to – “ I stopped myself. I couldn’t tell him that I wasn’t finding a date. It just shows that I can’t even find a decent guy to show off and I don’t need to look like a complete idiot in front of my best friend and secretly the love of my life. “weeent shopping.” I spotted. He nodded. “Then I went to classes but guess who I actually ran into.”  

 “Hmmm?” He muffled as he had my food stuffed into his mouth already.   

“Corey Goldman.” He scrunched his forehead suddenly with not a pleasant look. I stopped to wonder why he was all of a sudden being quiet. “What?”

  He put down the food he was about to put into his mouth. “Why did you run into him?”   

“Well to my surprise, he goes to UCLA. We literally ran into each other and at first I didn’t recognize him but then he reminded me of how we were best friends. You know, you, him, and me. Then we talked for a while then I had to leave to get to my class, forgetting to get his number. Then after class, I went to the piano place only to find out that his uncle owns it so I found him there. I finally got his number and we’re going to go out to dinner soon.”   

He cocked his head back. He wasn’t thrilled or happy that I found one of his best friends when we were younger. It got my annoyed. “Like on a date?”

  “Yeah, sure.” Irritation was surfacing in my voice and I knew that Nick was starting to notice. “Why? What’s wrong with Corey?”   

“It’s a long story. Just keep your distance from him, okay? Maybe I’ll tell you later but I actually need to get back to Miley. We have more wedding talk to deal with. Bye.” He quickly kissed my cheek and then left all at once. It was such a blur that all I could remember was long story.  

 I didn’t even get to tell him that I was thinking about asking Corey to be my date

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