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“You know what, babe? I don’t think I’ll be heading home soon. Why don’t you go ahead and take my car? I’ll just get a ride from Joe in the morning. I just can’t leave Maya like this.” Nick whispered to a sullen yet worried Miley. I heard her head nod, due to the heavy ear rings she wore, before kissing him goodbye. “I love you too.” 

Currently, I was in the Jonas guest room, locked away from everyone else besides Nicholas. I wrapped the warm blankets around myself to protect from such harm that I felt was coming my way. Nick had never left my side the entire night. I didn’t want him to do that though. 

Here I was, some poor little girl, wrapping herself in a blanket away from the rest of the world. My best friend and my rock killed my father. My mother had lied about it nearly most of my life. And to top it off, I was unconditionally in love with my true best friend. I didn’t ask for my life to be completely messed up. I didn’t want to be sympathized. 

The crying had decreased from the hour before. Now it was just a quiet sobbing that kept my heart at rest. I couldn’t see Nick but I knew he didn’t leave the room. He didn’t want to leave and that’s what scared me the most. He wasn’t leaving for me even though I knew I couldn’t be the same way for him in the near future. 

I let my mind wander away from the toils that hit within from the night and towards Nicholas. 

His eventful wedding was nearly the end of the week. Even though, we should be bustling around the clock, busting our butts for this wedding, the week had seemed incredibly slow. Nick didn’t want to include me in the rest of the planning, telling me I had already done enough. There wasn’t possibly enough I could have done for him. Nick is more helpless than people assume. 

He was marrying for the wrong reasons. I’m slightly biased for my situation but none of the less; he shouldn’t be getting married in the first place. When you see the two of them, you wouldn’t actually believe they found love in each other. They fell in love with love but not with each other. That upset me the most, knowing you want love that’s not really love. 

I wanted love more than anything in the world. The love that Nick was providing me was unbearable from his overprotection. 

I turned my head slightly to see him, sitting on the desk chair from across the room. The moment we locked eyes, he jumped up from his chair and to my side. “Is there something wrong, Maya?” I shook my head, ‘no’. Frazzled he began to ask once more, “Well do you need anything to drink? Do you need another blanket? Is it too cold in here?” His concern was suffocating. 

I shook my head and pointed to the space on the bed besides me. “Just hold me, Nick. Please.” He nodded before climbing into bed next to me. I felt his arms wrap around my waist, pushing me closer to his strong chest. Silently and slow tears riveted against his shirt. He didn’t seem to care though. I knew he wanted to just assure my safety. 

Pick up all your tears
Throw 'em in your seat
Leave without a second glance
Somehow I'm to blame
For this never-ending racetrack you call life

His voice had soothed me into a sweet slumber, not detaching from his calming hold. 


I had woken up to the very concerned voice of Kimmy. Nick, sitting up in the bed closest to the door, had listened to her quiet plead. They didn’t realize I was awakened from my silent movement. I watched the two of them speak to each other through whispers. 

“Uncle Nick, is Auntie Maya going to be okay? I don’t like it when she’s sad. Mommy and Daddy are getting scared.” Kimmy’s voice was dripping with worry as she clutched onto her tattered teddy bear. A frown over bared her small and petite face as she looked up to Nick with a sad expression. I was causing so much trouble to this family that it was tormenting the little ones. 

“Auntie Maya will be okay. She’s just going through a hard time right now. Why don’t you see if Grandpa or Grandma has started breakfast yet?” She nodded but before leaving Nick held her back. “And promise me something okay? When you feel sad or something is going wrong, you’ll tell me right?” She nodded before raising her little arms to request a hug from her uncle. 

A small smile grew over Nick as he hugged his niece back. After their hug, she had ran back through the hallway. Nick, turned back to me, and rested next to me again. Before wrapping his arms around me once more, I looked up to him. “Nick?” 

Uneasy to realize that I was already awake, he looked down at me with concern. “Yes Maya?” 

I looked down at myself before looking back. I resembled a complete mess. “Maybe I should go. I’m causing too much of a nuisance for your family. I’m so sorry for this.” I tried to wiggle myself out of his arms but he didn’t allow me too. 

“Maya, this isn’t my family. This is our family and we’re not letting you go until we are completely sure you’re okay.” His lips crashed softly on my forehead as I nuzzled my messy curly hair in his neck. “We love you as much as our hearts can love. We, especially Kimmy, don’t like it when you’re like this.” 

I nodded, agreeing with him. “Okay.” 

After a few minutes of simple napping in each other’s arms, we decided to finally get up to the smell of fresh pancakes brushing against our noses. Nick had quickly changed into a simple gray tee and dark wash skinny jeans. I looked at myself in a nearby mirror, still wearing the outfit I had worn yesterday. Before I could turn back around, Nick had clothes in his hands, passing them to me. “The shirt’s mine and the rest are Ellie’s.” 

He left the room to leave me to change in privacy. I threw on the white v-neck shirt and denim shorts as fast as I could but it seemed that I was going at a slower pace than I was imagining. I felt sluggish and unwilling. 

“Are you okay in there?” Nick asked, fretting through the door frame. 

Finally, I was able to get out of the door, well really stumble. Nick held me by my waist, leading me to the bathroom. My makeup was smeared around my face in twisted directions. I sighed loudly, trying to take off all the black makeup smudged around my cheeks. 

Suddenly Nick stood by my side, picking up a wet towel, wiping my face from the dark makeup. “I’ll help you there.” His hand rested against my neck; his warm hand had made my entire body shiver in response. His opposite hand taking the wet towel and brushing it softly against my cheeks. His breath, escaping his mouth, hit through the cave of mine. I felt my body tremble quietly, hoping to he didn’t realize. 

All of a sudden, he brought the towel down finished wiping off my makeup but he never let go of his hold on my neck. We were in the same position in the amusement park on my birthday. My heart stopped all at once, not allowing another beat until he moved. Too bad he didn’t. His dark brown eyes never letting go of sight. He didn’t set me free because at this point, I was becoming his. 

“Beautiful once again.” He whispered against my lips since being so close. My throat was dry from all the tense, settling in my body and rushing all throughout. I was anticipating Nick’s warm lips crashing against mine. I felt him begin closing the gap separating our hearts. His breath was pressing against my face like wind, refreshing and soft. 

I felt his lips barely brush against mine by being just so near. 

“Kids! Come down, please!” Denise yelled from downstairs, allowing Nick to jump out of his hold from me. Once again, another failed attempt to kiss Nick. This has got to be a sign that it’s plainly a hopeless cause. Nick began to walk ahead towards the kitchen. I let myself sigh of disappointment before following behind him. 

The smell of crisp bacon brushed against my nose. Everyone, seeming to await my entrance, had stared at the kitchen door. Once in the doorway, they immediately looked away as if they didn’t notice me at all. They were expecting me more than they were for Nick. I pressed my lips into an awkward grin and found my seat next to Frankie and further away from Nick. 

The breakfast seemed to resemble the beginning of last night’s dinner, except less of a chance of a fight turning out. I looked down at my cereal, stirring the Frosted Flakes into the milk, creating less of a meal and more of mush. I felt beaming eyes down on me, as if to interrogate. I felt at the least, uncomfortable. Denise, who seemed the most worried, settled her fork against her plate and intertwined her fingers in each other. 

“So Maya, sweetie, did you have a good sleep last night?” She asked, trying to start a needed conversation. Paul seemed to appreciate but kept quiet from behind. 

I kept quiet as well, only reminiscing Nick’s strong and protective arms wrapping against mine. I could feel them drape over my small waist in the middle of the room despite knowing very well that he was on the other side of the table. I nodded slowly, not looking up at them. I’m sure I was causing more tension by not attempting to talk. I didn’t feel like it. 

“Well maybe we could go out today? You, Ellie, and I could go for a day out on the town. That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?” She tempted wiggling those Italian eye brows. As fun as it did sound, I didn’t feel like going back to Los Angeles. I shook my head of a sure ‘no’, not speaking again. I could hear a sigh of near defeat from Denise. 

“Grandma, is she okay?” Kimmy asked, tugging against Denise’s sun dress. She shushed her scared granddaughter quiet. Kevin coughed before pulling his daughter in his lap. All eyes had not taken attention off me. I felt smothered by concern and worry. I pushed back from the table and excused myself vastly before running back to the bed room. 

Closing the door behind me through a slam, I ran over to the window and cracked it open. The sunlight beamed over me and rays sulking in my hair. I breathed in the fresh air that I wasn’t receiving in this tight house. I pulled my bare foot on the window sill and climbed my way to the roof. 

I slowly walked on the very tip of the roof before sitting down on it. I didn’t realize that from their house, you could see clearly the ocean crashing against the clear sand. I pulled my knees to my face before resting my chin against it. I let the light breeze trickle over my bare lower arms and legs. I breathed in and out, trying to contain calm. 

I heard a bustle below me and a quiet grunt. “Maya?” Joe called. 

I rolled my eyes. I can’t possibly be left alone at the Jonas house. The people here just cared, a lot. I could see Joe willing effort to climb his way to my directions. Within clear sight, he waved to me childishly as I smiled weakly back at him. 


He smiled almost through a chuckle. “So how you holding up?” 

I shook my head, not even sure if I’d ever find an answer to his question. “I couldn’t possibly know anymore. My life just got a lot more complicated.” I sighed loudly, wrapping my hands over my legs. 

Joe looked over at me, still smiling. “I think I can keep up.” 

I pursed my lips and twisted them in a confused smirk. “I just can’t stand it anymore. I feel like I try so hard to make everyone else happy and I feel like I don’t have enough happiness for myself. I wanted Nick to be happy with this wedding. I wanted Selena and Demi to be happy with Miley and Mandy. I wanted my mom to be happy despite that I wasn’t with her anymore. I wanted Corey to be happy with you and Nick. All that want and I got no need out of it.

“I felt this unconditional love for my best friend. I knew that out of every person in the world, he was the only person who made me feel happy. He can’t even fathom how much he’s done for me his entire life. He’s so oblivious to the obvious but somehow I love him for it. It’s just that for the first time, he’s making the mistake. He’s marrying someone he obviously doesn’t love.

“I’m committing myself to an event that I can’t even believe in. I’m taking my entire life to make this the best day for him and yet I’m lying the entire time. So I guess the only reason why I befriended Corey so quickly was only because I felt this escape when I was with him. I didn’t have to care about hideous dresses or flowers. He just wanted to do whatever made me happy

“For the first time in what felt like forever, I found someone who only stayed for me and absolutely no one else. He was truly a friend and now I just don’t even know. I don’t know who I have anymore. No offense of anything but when it came down to it. I thought that Nick was my rock. Well that didn’t work out so well, and then I found Corey. That ended up being a bust too. 

“Even my own mother, the only blood family I had left.” 

A single tear shed slowly. I threw my head against Joe’s shoulder. He wrapped his arm around me, it didn’t feel the same way as Nick’s hold but it had to do. “Those who work the hardest will receive the greatest gifts life can give. I guess it’s just taking some time for you but I know that one day, you’ll be the happiest person in the world.” 

I nodded into his shoulder, the breeze rushing through our hair. “I hope so. I really do hope so.” 

Joe kissed my hair and I felt him smile in it. “I know so.” 

A whistle blew below us. We crouched low enough to see Nick hanging from the window. “Hey, you want to do for a bike ride?” He asked me, dazzling with the sun perfectly setting above him.


Settling in the handlebars of Nick’s bike, he climbed behind me, fastening his palms against the ends of the handlebars protectively. The breeze was growing stronger now that I was on ground level. Almost sneaking up behind me, Nick rested his chin against my shoulder. I felt somewhat more comfortable and leaned back on the bike. 

Growing speed on the bike, I felt the breeze blowing against my face. I let out a giggle because Nick was taunting me, challenging that I might fall off the bike. I just knew that he wouldn’t do that though. When I laughed, he made sure that he laughed with me. When I smiled, he let out a wide grin himself. 

This was how it was supposed to be and I knew it specifically. 

Leaning back closer into Nick’s chest, he let out a subtle grin before kissing my cheek. 

The breeze suddenly felt like a wind storm in a good way of course.

Chapter End Notes:
so this was really just a filler. it's not much, i don't find it that good but it'll have to do. anyway, i'm getting a lot of questions of when the wedding will be. like maya said, it will be by the end of the week so maya's going to have to plan a bachelor party and write a speech for the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. it'll be a lot of drama so get ready (:
i just updated my other story, time to pretend. go and read it please!
for my other story, sonny on the other side, i'm finding absolutely no inspiration for it whatsoever. i really want to continue with it because i love jemi and i want to write a jemi story so badly. i'll probably look for a co-writer so if anyone is interested, please review an offer!
you guys are absolutely amazing, i don't know how many times i use that word but i con't stop saying it about my readers! haha.
love, -angela
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