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I came to the realization that shopping with Miley and Mandy was just another form of making me feel quite out of place.

While I wore my soccer socks, UGGs, and very little makeup except for black eyeliner, the other bridesmaids wore flowered dresses, heels, and so much makeup that they all looked painted on.   

They smiled and laughed as if their lies weren’t already slipping out of their teeth already. “You look great! Did you try that new diet that came out last week? You should try it!”   

The other person would smile and laugh. Didn’t she just insult her?  

But of course, I wouldn’t know these things. I was in the ultimate Barbie world.   

A saleslady finally walked up to us and kindly asked, “May I help you ladies?”   

Miley, whose back was away from the saleslady, turned around. The saleslady gasped at Miley’s face. “Oh Miss Cyrus, so pleased to meet you,” She shook her hand anxiously. Something was telling me that this saleslady was a big fan. “My name is Tamyka. Would any of you ladies like anything to drink?” Everyone shook their head or stood emotionless. “Well we were very much expecting you. How is Mr. Jonas?”   

She smiled and blushed. “He’s doing great. We’re both very excited about the wedding.”   

“Oh that’s great. May I see the ring?” And how could Miley pass up another chance to show off the four carat rock silently glistening upon her left hand. Tamyka and the bridesmaid once again looked upon in awe at that all holy ring. I looked away, seeing that ring way too many times. I’ve seen it way too many times for it to hurt.  

 “Well then why don’t we get this show on the road, shall we?” Tamyka finally offered.   I sighed and nodded as all of us followed behind. “Now is everyone here?” Tamyka asked.  

 Miley groaned as Mandy rolled her eyes. “No, we’re missing Carly, as usual.” Miley complained.  

 “I don’t even understand why you even asked her to be one of your bridesmaids. You guys haven’t even talked to each other in like twenty-six years or something like that.” Yeah Mandy, that totally makes sense when Miley is only twenty-one.   “My parents said it was the rightful thing to do so that we can actually get closer now as a family. It’s so stupid.” I rolled my eyes at myself. I didn’t even know why I was even listening to this worthless conversation.

   “Don’t get your thongs so stuck in a wring. I’m here. Now let’s get this over with, I have a date with Channing Tatum in an hour.” A voice came over to us. Everyone’s heads turned towards a petite girl with skinny jeans, a white shirt, dark purple scarf, and huge sunglasses that practically the size of her face.  Everyone stared at her as if she was some type of crazy woman. I just looked at her in shock. She was like the alter ego I only dreamt of. “Well what are you staring at me for?   

 I think I just found my hero.


  “Miley and I were never close; I mean never. Growing up with her left me in such a shadow, she was a cheerleader and signing up for child modeling contracts. I would just watch from behind the photographer and envied her to an extreme. Her mother would always buy her the nicest clothes any little girl would want and my mother just got me whatever looked nice at Wal-mart.” Carly said.

   It was a relief that at least someone would be nice to me and I would be able to relate to them because they’re not so different from me. She was the most like me out of all of these bridesmaids. “That must’ve been hard.”  

 “Well not really, I guess. When I turned eighteen last year, I decided to move to New York. I had at the most five dollars in my pockets and no where to stay. I can tell you now, I know that I’ve gone through more troubles than Miley and her posse could even handle.”  

 “That’s crazy. I don’t think I’d ever be able to handle that.”  

 She smiled. “So how do you know Miley?”  

 “Oh, well Nick is my best friend. I’m not a bridesmaid; I’m supposed to be the best girl. Err, if you don’t mind, could you not ask me why? It’s a long story that I’d rather just tell you at another time.” She shrugged and I let out a long breath. At least that’s one person I didn’t have to tell my secret to.  

   Soon the other bridesmaids left the dress store as did Miley since she had left for some photo shoot. Mandy said she’ll “watch” me and Carly try on our dresses for the wedding. As Carly looked really pretty in her dress, I stood in my dressing room shocked. 

 “Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me.” I panted as I stared in the mirror in sight of the hideous dress. 

 Carly stood behind me as the three of us stared at the dress. She tilted her head to the side. “Well maybe if you look this way, it’s not too entirely bad.” I stared at them blankly as my head started to shift as well. Then I snapped out of this weird trance.  

 Imagine this: the sleeves were puffed so high that it made me appear like a Mexican matador, the beading and vomit-like color made me seem like a decaying Christmas tree, and the tulle backed up so much that it made my butt seem extremely massive.

  Was Miley and Mandy purposely making me look like a decaying, big ass-ed, Mexican Christmas tree?

   I knew I would be alone on this one since Miley was away with Nick and the wedding planner to talk about honeymoon ideas. (Don’t even get me started.) Mandy was left in charge of me, as if I needed to be babysat, and make sure that the dress they designed for me was just right.  

 Yeah right.  

  “I look ridiculous.”  Mandy, for only a second, was actually smirking. 




I shook my head, knowing what direction this was turning into. I placed my hands on my hips, surprised that I could still move my arms in this dress, and glared at her. “You did this didn’t you? You made them make my dress like this?”   

She inspected her nails as if she didn’t hear a word I just said. She took her glance off her cuticles and to me. “Well Miley had designed it herself. Now wouldn’t she a bit disappointed if Nick’s best girl refuses to wear the dress?”  

 “I know Miley didn’t design this entire dress. You must’ve had to do something with it.”   “Maybe, but there’s hardly anything you can do about it. You want to know why?”

  I shrugged at her stupid exterior. She walked over to me and whispered in my ear.  

 “I know your little secret.”   

 The words left shivers down my spine. For the first time, I was terrified. I was more terrified than learning that I liked Nick in the first place. I didn’t bother turning back to her. She had left her mark and I knew I was defenseless. 

 “W-what secret?” I stuttered. I doubted she believed that I had no idea what she was talking about.  I was right. She shrugged and inspected those nails of hers once again. Man, those nails must be miracle nails because she hasn’t taken her beady little eyes off of them. She snorted and looked back up at me. “I know that you have a little crush on your best friend, also known as the groom. So don’t you think the best thing to do is obey to my every command?”  I stood there emotionless.   

She raised her eyebrow and placed her hands on her waist. I sighed and look down. “Yes.” I whispered. 

 “Good. Now you’ll start with wearing this exact dress to the wedding. If I dare see one little change, that little secret will be exposed to all of the Miley, the wedding guests, the press, and Mr. Nicholas himself. I’d be careful with your words now, Kibble.” 

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