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Author's Chapter Notes:

"I said all the dead head miles
And the insincere smiles
Sometimes I can laugh and cry
And I can't remember why
But I still love those good times gone by
Hold on to them close or let them go, oh no
I don't know, I just seem to sing these songs
And say I'm sorry for the friends I used to know"

Places in my past- James Taylor



"Mama! Mama get up" I felt my bed moving up and down. Meaning my beautiful 6-year-old daughter is currently jumping on my bed. "Come on mama, you said Jaime was coming over today."  

I felt her little finger start rubbing my face.  

"Okay, okay." I chuckled as I blew the hair that was left out of my face. "I'm up Addie."  

"Come on mama! I'm hungry!" She began pulling on my hand and I got out of bed with her. Looking at my little girl walking quickly in front of me. I couldn't believe how much she looked like me.  

Chestnut brown hair, beautiful chocolate brown eyes, tan skin complexion. Looking at her, I couldn't see a bit of her father in her. Now, her goofiness was 100% him. She can always put a smile on everyone's face by cracking the smallest jokes.  

We walked into the kitchen, well I walked she ran. "You want cereal?" She nods her head. "Cocoa puffs?" She lets out a squeal in agreement. I place her bowl of cereal in front of her at the table. "Aunt Jaime should be here soon!" As if on cue my sister came bouncing through the door with her little boy Jake hot on her heels. Addie jumps out of her chair and runs over to her cousin and the engulf each other into a hug. "You two just saw each other two days ago." I get my nephew a bowl of cereal of his own and place it in front of the chair beside Addie's. "There you go Jake." They both run back to the table and start eating and having a little conversation between each other.  

"Jaime you are a live saver! Thank you so much for taking Addie today." I gave my sister a pat on the back. "I have to get into the studio today or guess I am screwed." I pour us both a cup of coffee. "My label is saying I have to have my next album done by the end of next month." I take a small sip of my coffee. "So, I really have to get into the studio and start recording some of these songs and start writing new ones. I have ten songs already; I just need about four to five more." 


"No pressure or anything though." Jaime says with a small chuckle. "It's not like this isn't your first album in what five years?" I nod my head in agreement. "That's crazy, your last album was released a year after Addison was born." 

"Some of my best songs I have ever written were on that album. All my heartbreak and confusion on one album." It was my third album, and since then I fell off the face of the music industry. I put all my energy into raising my daughter. And now, she is older and she just started school I have more free time. So now my label wants me to release my album and now. "Shit I am running late." I quickly give Addie a kiss on the top of the head and take off out the door.  


"Chelsea Jackson, I believe I am booked for room 16." I smiled at the receptionist, as she typed away looking up my room reservation. 

"Yes, you are in room 16." I thank her then I proceed down the hall way and stop at room 16 and walk inside. 


"Hello Mike." I walk past my producer of my new album. He has a small build, but rather tall about 6' 4", his dirty blond hair fell to about his shoulders, and had the greenest eyes I have ever seen in my life. "Who do we have joining us today? Anyone special?" I plop down on the couch and kick my feet up on the coffee table.  


"Actually, yes we do!" His excitement in his voice made me all pumped up. Before he could say anything else the door opened and in walked our special guest. 


"Mike, who's album am I helping you with today?" The voice sent a shiver down my spine, I hadn't heard that voice in six years. But I would know it anywhere.  


"Chelsea Jackson's album." As Mike's words left his mouth Nick Jonas' eyes locked with mine. A look of shock crossed his face to most likely match the look on my face. "I'm assuming you two know each other." Mike said as he looked back and forth between us. 


I nod my head and brush the shocked look off my face, and got off the couch and walked over to Nick.  I stuck out my hand for a handshake. "Hi Nicholas, long time no see." He shakes my hand and greets me back. "So, to get right on track. I need four to five more songs for my album. I've had some lyrics bouncing around in my head since well our last time in the studio." I grab my guitar and started strumming. "I haven't gotten the whole melody down just yet but the lyrics are just speaking to me." 


"Talkin' to the mirror, whispering your name 

It's just like you were here, you'd think I was insane 

I hold these conversations in the silence of my room 

Rehearsing all the things I'd say should I run into you 

How's it goin', might be what I'd say 

Well you broke my heart you know 

Or it looks like rain today" 


I place my guitar down and look up at Nick and Mike. "Sooo, I am stuck on the lyrics after that but what do you guys think so far." 


"Chels, that's one of the best songs I've heard." Nick said. "What inspired this? I want to know your head space so I can help you finish these lyrics." 


"Well, most of it is from a past relationship." I look awkwardly away from Nick and focus on Mike. "then just my comeback with this album. How no matter what was said or done in the last five years I am back and ready to take over again." Nick nods his head in agreement without saying a word. 


"How about the next line goes something like this: Or God I've missed you since you went away.  

You're lookin' well or go to hell. Might be what I'd say." My mouth drops, how can he just so easily just come up with lyrics. "Then that could finish the chorus. How's that Chels?" 


"I think I hate you Nicholas." I said with a chuckle. "I love it, and it comes so easy to you." He smirks at me. "I mean this just brings me back to my sophomore album, and us writing together. You helped me with 95% of the album. Half of my success is with the help of you." 


"You did all the hard work; I just threw in a couple lyrics here and there." I rolled my eyes at him and laughed. "Let's work on the second verse." 


Hours went passed, and we had completed four songs on top of the song I had when I came in. "Nick and Mike, you guys are life savers. Mike you will send this to the label correct?"  


"Absolutely, I will send the full album to them right away." He starts packing up his stuff. "I'll let you know when it's all sent over." He shakes mine and Nick's hand. "It was a pleasure working with both of you." and with that Mike was gone. Leaving the room with just Nick and myself. The awkward silence fell across the room as we just stood there.  


I clear my throat and finally look at Nick. "Thank you so much for today Nicholas. It really means a lot to me. Hopefully we can work together again someday." I give a small smirk, and start collecting my things. "I will see you soon."  


"Chelsea, wait." Nick places his hand on my shoulder stopping me from leaving. "Can we grab a late lunch/early dinner? I would love to really catch up with you."  


"Not today, Jaime is getting the kids off the bus and she already put them on the bus and is probably starting their homework." I see a hint of sadness in his eyes. "But I am free tomorrow around noon. Addie will be in school, so I am free for lunch then." 


Chapter End Notes:

The song that is in this chapter is What I'd Say by Gary Allen 


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