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Author's Chapter Notes:

This slope is treacherous
This path is reckless
This slope is treacherous
-Taylor Swift 


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We spent, an amazing two weeks with the Jonas'. I'm not sure who didn't want to leave more, Addie or myself. There was so much love in the house every day, and I owed every last bit of this to my sister. I don't see how I let Addie go six years without all this love in her life.  


There's only one thing- or well person- still missing.  


Joe Jonas. 


He still has not be in contact with any of his family. It's been almost a month since he went for his time away. It's been a month since our time together. I push those thoughts out of my head every day. I can't let him control my thoughts. Not again.  He ran. He ran when he got close to me even for a little bit. He ran, even when I told him I loved him.  

He hasn't changed. He never will.  I tell myself that I am looking over every inch of social media for any small sign of where he could be for Addison. Not for myself. I believe it most of the time.  

But I know deep down, this is for me. Addie is happy with having all these Uncles, Aunts, and cousins that she is overjoyed. She somehow talked Jaime and Jake going with us on our next trip out to Jersey.  


Which Addie is trying to get back out there very soon. She didn't want to leave when we did. She begged me to just have us move there and have Jaime and Jake do the same thing. Which she asks them about every single day. I have to remind her every day that we have a life here. And that we all can't just up and leave right now.  


"Where the hell are you? Answer your damn door!" I read over Nick's text as I rush over to answer the door.  


"I told you, you can just walk in Jerry." Rolling his eyes at me, he pushes passed me. "Well hello to you as well." 


"Where's Addie?" As almost on time Addie comes bursting through the room yelling for her Uncle Nicky as she jumps into his arms. "Hi my sweet girl! I missed you!" They give each other a big bear hug before running outside to the play set.  


"What am I chopped liver now?" I follow behind them as Nick starts pushing Addie on the swing. "You replacing me Jerry?" 


"You bet I am Chels." He gives me a huge smile. "But I can't help it. She stole my heart." 


"I guess I can forgive you Nicky."   


I sit back and watch them play around on the play set, going from swinging, to playing tag and going down the slide about twenty times. It makes my heart so full knowing she fit right in with the whole family, she is already attached to each one of them. It's like she didn't even live the last six years without them.  


"Uncle Nicky?" She looks up at him. "When can I meet my daddy?" 


He looks to me, not knowing what to say. He didn't think that would have been her question. "Sweetie. I told you, your daddy is on a trip right now. He'll be back soon enough and then you can meet him. I promise." I quickly interject, so Nick doesn't have to be the one to break her heart. She lets out a big yawn. "Annnnndd it's nap time."  


She doesn't pout or throw a fit. We have our routine when she's not in school, she knows not to fight me on it. Addie gives Nick a hug and kiss and skips off to her bedroom to take her nap.  

"God, I love her. Thank you Chels, for letting us back into your life."  


"Thank you for being so understanding. In other news. How's your dating life?" I wiggle my eyebrows at him. "How's Priyanka?" 


"Amazing. We're finally official. I asked her to be mine last week." A smile spreads across my face as a wrap him in a hug.  


"I'm so happy for you Nicholas! When does she get to meet your BFF?" 


He lets out a laugh as he lets go of me. "Well she has to meet the whole family still; we are flying out next week. I was wondering if you both wanted to come with?" 


"Of course, we will! Can I ask Jamie to come as well? Addie wants her to meet the rest of her family." I smile at him. "She doesn't get it yet that Jamie has known you guys for a while. And well you will love Jake, he's a little sweetheart." 


"Yes, they can come. They are family just as much as you guys are." 


"Have you heard from him Nick?" I shake my head. "Never mind, don't answer that. I don't want to know." 


"I haven't Chels. I'm worried about him, he's my best friend." I shoot him a look. "Other than you of course. And I haven't heard from him. Hell I don't even know where he is." 


"I'm sorry, it's my fault." I bit down on my bottom lip before speaking again. "We hooked up.  After our lunch that day, I-ugh ran into him when he was on the phone with you. One thing turned into another and we had sex. Then you showed up, I hid from you." I smirked at him. "Then he drove me home, and then he left a couple days later." 


"I knew it!" He jumps up and claps his hands together. "I knew something happened! This is good! This is great! You guys can get back together!" 


"No Nicholas. We won't get back together." He looks at me with the most confused look on his face. "I told him I loved him, then he ran again. He ran knowing my feelings. Whenever he comes back, he can be in her life. But we will be nothing more than co-parents." 


As if to save me from whatever Nick could say next my phone starts ringing. It's my manager, Blake Howard. 


"Hey Blake, what's up?"  


"Great news!" His voice beams through the phone. "We just got your album finished! We are going through the songs now and thinking of your lead single." 


"I was really thinking ‘What I'd say' or ‘I Almost Do."  


"Over here we are thinking of ‘What I'd say'. So, we will go with that one. You'll be needed next week to start going over ideas for the video shoot. Then start filming soon, then go on a small radio tour promoting the song." 


"Um I was planning on going to Jersey next week for family stuff with my daughter." He lets out a sigh on the other line and I know I can't go. "But I will change my plans. I will be here in LA." We end the phone call after setting a time and day to meet next week. "Looks like I won't be able to make it next week Jerry." 


"It's okay, Pri can meet you and Addie another time." His face is not matching his voice, he is clearly upset over the news. 


"I believe I said I wouldn't be able to make it next week. Addie can go with you still; I will be so tied up with work for a while it would be good for her to be with you all." 


"You mean it!?" When I nod my head, Nick scoops me up and spins me around. "Thank you so much!" 


"Put me down before I pull your hair again." 


I walk through the doors of my manager's office and stand in the doorway. "Good morning Blake!"  


"Good morning Chelsea. We will be in the conference room with the marketing team, and the director of the video today." We make small talk as we make our way down the hallway and into the conference room with a room full of people. Blake introduces me, but I forget half their names by the time he was done. I take the seat at one of the ends of the table.  


"My thoughts on the video, would just be me getting ready for the day and as I get ready, I flash to running into my ex." My thoughts go to actually running into Joe and what actually happened. 

"There's different versions that happen. We are polite in one, the next we are fighting. You can see me struggle with what I want more, to get along or hate each other.  Then we see each other and the video ends, we never get to see what version plays out." 


"Shit Blake, you really didn't need us at all." One of the ladies, I believe her name is Emily, speaks up. "That idea is perfect." 


We still go on for another hour, about where to shoot. Who to cast as my ex, outfits, hair styles, etc.  In no time at all, we had it all figured out. I said my goodbyes to the team, and made my way out of the office.  Pushing passed the paparazzi I make my way down the street. Ignoring their horrible questions along the way. This is the one thing I have always hated about this life. These people think they are entitled to know everything about my life, because I can sing and choose to make music for a living.  


"When's the new album coming out?"  


"Are you sleeping with Nick Jonas?" 


"Where's your daughter?" 


"How's Joe feel about you dating his brother?" 


"Are you going to go for Frankie or Kevin next?" 


"Or maybe the dad?" 


I let out a laugh at that one. "Man, I don't think I have been asked that one before! Mr. Jonas is like a father to me, so that is a hard no for me. Frank, Kev, and Nick are all like my brothers." I look right in the guy's face. "Would you sleep with your siblings or parents?" He shakes his head no with a look of degust. "Then no I am not sleeping or will ever sleep with them." 


With one last smile, I get in my car and drive off to my house. As soon as I get home, I pull out my phone and facetime Nick. "Hey Chels!"

"Let me see Addie!" He acts like he is shocked before handing the phone to my daughter. "Hi baby!! How are you?" 


"Mama! I'm playing with Alena, and everyone is here!" She flops down on Kevin's couch. "I miss you Mama." 


"I miss you too baby. More than you know. Are you having fun?" She nods her head as Alena calls for her to come outside. "Go play with Alena sweetie, I love you." She tells me she loves me and gives Nick back the phone. "Looks like I am stuck looking at you." 


"Lucky you! I am sex on legs." I act like I am going to puke. "Shut up. How'd your meeting go?" 


"Amazing! We start shooting tomorrow! They put the fast track on it all since I have all the free time right now. They even went with my idea." A huge smile spreads across my face. "How's it going there?" 


"Just as great. Pri loves my family, I believe the girls have all stolen her from me. I wish you were here. They are all picking on me. I need you for backup." 


"I'd be on their side Jerry." I roll my eyes at him. "I never miss a chance to pick on you." 


I can see him walking out of the room to a more private room. "I heard from Joe." My heart drops. I don't need to hear this, but I can't seem to tell Nick to shut up. "He'll be home next week, and he said he has big news. But wouldn't hint to what it could be. I didn't tell him about Addie though, that she knows us and that she is here with us. I figured you should tell him." 

"Okay." My mind was blank that's all I could come up with. "I gotta go Nick. Have Addie call me before bed. Bye." I hit end before he could say another word.  


I walk around the set of the music video; I am blown away that they pulled this together so quickly. It's nothing crazy, it's a nice little house setup, where I will be ‘getting ready' then an outside setup for the parts where I run into my ex.  


I ran into the actor, Chase Parker, looks almost exactly like Joe. Which I am sure was on purpose. He is my only ex, hell he's the only boyfriend I ever had. With or without the guy looking like him, everyone will know it's about him. My thoughts drift to what news Joe could possibly have to share with his family. Could it be about Addie? Could it be something totally different?  

Shaking my head of thoughts of Joe, I go to the director he points me in the direction we are shooting first. 


Of course, it's the meeting that we see that we still love each other.  Why wouldn't it be?  


"You ready?" I look up at the actor in front of me as he speaks. He reminds me so much of Joe, besides his bright green eyes looking back at me.  


"You bet your ass I am Chase Parker." I give him a playful slap on his arm. "The real question is, are you ready?" 


The smile spreads across his face. "Fuck yeah I am sweet cheeks." I roll my eyes at his answer. Before I could answer the director called for places.  

With the set silenced and Chase and myself in our places the director yells action. 


I start walking down the sidewalk, looking down at my feet, I bump into Chase's chest. Slowly I look up at him, shocked goes across both our faces which then quickly turns into smiles. We give each other a tight hug, then go on a wordless conversation. We go to say goodbye to each other, but Chase pulls me into close and plants a kiss on my lips.  I wrap my arms around his neck as he gently tugs on my hair. We break apart and press our foreheads together.  


"CUT!" We step apart from each other. "Perfect! Let's move on to the next shoot."  


The rest of the day goes in a blur, we filmed all the scenes from being angry with each other, to acting like the other didn't exist, and finally just running into each other as the video ends.   


"It was a pleasure working with you Chase." I give him a small hug. "Maybe we will work together again soon." 


"Or we could grab a bite to eat sometime?" He puts his hand out. "Give me your phone, I'll put my number in and you can text me." Without thinking I place my phone in his hand, he quickly added his number and handed it back to me. "I'll be looking forward to that text Chelsea." He places a quick kiss on my cheek and then walks away leaving me standing there with my mouth open in shock. 


I shake my head, snapping myself back into reality as my phone starts ringing. "Hello Nicholas." 


"Hope I didn't call while you are still filming." I quickly inform him that we just got done. "Good, cause I needed to talk to you." 


"I figured, I mean usually when someone calls, they want to talk." 


"Fuck you Chels." A small chuckle fills the phone. "Really, are you free to come out here now?"

"Yup." I pop the ‘p' a little more than normal. "I have a flight booked to leave in about three hours. It'll be late when I get in, I'll just take a cab to Kev's." 


"Good, good. Um Joe will be here tomorrow night."  


He was nervous, I could hear it in his voice. He already told me Joe would be back soon, but I guess Joe is coming back sooner than planned. "That's fine Nicky. It needs to happen sooner or later. And Addie really wants to meet him." I close my eyes tightly. "I have to go pack a few things and head to the airport. I'll see you soon Jerry." 


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