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Story Notes:

My 2nd story reposted on here! And probably my favorite one yet!

    My name is Brianna Thomas. You're probably wondering why my name sounds a little bit familiar, well, it's not because I'm famous. It's because of who my best friends are. They are three brothers in a famous band that you've probably heard of, the Jonas Brothers. I don't think of them as a famous band of brothers, to me they are just Kevin, Joe and Nick, my best friends. But maybe I should explain how I know them.

    Well, to begin, my mother, Kaitlyn Thomas, was best friends growing up with Denise Jonas before they both got married and then when they did, they lived next door to each other in New Jersey. Denise got married first and about the time that she had her first child, my mother got married. 1 year later, they both got pregnant, Denise with her second child and my mother with her first. I was born on August 1, 1989 and as most of you already know, Joe was born on August 15, two weeks later. Growing up, Joe and I were practically inseparable. We did almost everything together. The first memory I have was when we were 5. It was a hot day in mid July.

    “Momma,” I bounced down the stairs wearing jean shorts and a baseball t-shirt, “Can I go over to the Jonas house now? You said I could once I had breakfast and had gotten dressed. Pleeease?”

    “Alright,” she said. But before I could run out of the house, she continued, “But first, just wait until I call Denise and let her know you're coming over.”

    She did, and the second she hung up and told me I could go, I bolted out the door and ran next door to see my best friend. As soon as I got to the front door, 7-year old Kevin opened the door.

    “Hi, Brianna,” he said, “Mom told me that your mom called and said you were coming over.”

    “Hi, Kevin,” I said back, “Where is he?”

    “Joe's still in bed, I think,” he answered, “You know how hard he is to wake up.”

    I hugged him and ran up the stairs to wake Joe up. When I got to his bedroom door, I opened it as quietly as I could and crept to just inside the door where I stood deciding how to wake him. Finally, I took a running start and jumped onto the bed. I landed and Joe sat straight up.

    “Whoa, Bri,” Joe rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, “You always do that. Maybe I should start locking my door.”

    “Aw, come on, Joe, you don't mean that,” I coaxed, “You wouldn't want to keep your best friend out, would you?”

    “Yeah, you're right,” Joe admitted.

    That wasn't the only time I woke him up like that. But don't worry, he always found some way to get back at me for it. Nick had been born 2 years before, which of course made him a two-year old toddler. I also now have a 1-year old sister, Emily.

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