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    Mikayla and Benjamin are settling into their new life well. Now that they know they're not going to be separated, I finally convinced them that it would be good to have separate bedrooms. Emily's pregnancy is about 7 months along now. She's scheduled for a doctor's visit in a couple days and I'm going to join her since I'll be the one raising the baby. It's now October and Joe and I are also planning for an April wedding next year. I was in the master bedroom, sitting in the middle of the bed. My computer and papers were spread out around me as I was planning details for the wedding. I was just getting to deciding who I wanted in the wedding party when I heard a light knock at the door.

    "Yes?" I lifted my head. Joe opened it and poked his head in, saying,

    "Emily just got here. Thought you might want a little help with that wedding prep and I think she needs something to distract her."

    "Thanks, I'll just plug in my computer and head down."

    When I walked in the living room, Emily was sitting on the couch next to Denise talking. I sat down next to Em and said,

    "Em, are you up for doing a little wardrobe shopping for the wedding with me?"

    "Yeah, sure, let's go." She tried to get off the couch but her 7-month belly made it very difficult, so, I gave her a hand and pulled her up on her feet. As soon as she was on her feet, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her belly. I felt the most incredible feeling, the baby kicked.

    "Just think, Bri, one day you'll be feeling that inside of you."

    We headed out to my SUV to take a shopping trip to the mall. By the time we came out we had found and purchased an over one shoulder princess style wedding gown for me. As well as a flower girl dress for Mikayla and a ring bearer suit for Benjamin. We headed home again and went up to my room to start figuring out a location. So, now it's going to be an outdoor April wedding in a gorgeous location in upstate New York.

    The next day, Emily and I headed to the doctor's for a new sonogram to see how the baby was doing. We waited in the waiting room until the nurse called my sister's name. Once she was done, we went out to grab some lunch before heading back to the Jonas family house.

    2 months later on December 20, life got much more hectic. We were getting ready to spend Christmas together as a family, when from my room where I was wrapping gifts, I heard my sister yelling my name. I knew, without hearing what she was saying, what that meant. I grabbed my jacket and car keys, helped Emily into the front seat of my royal blue Mustang and took off for the hospital.

    Emily's delivery room was a hub of activity while the doctors were getting her ready and monitoring the baby's progress. Finally, 5 hours after all the activity started, I was holding the new little baby boy. Having handed him to me, the nurse asked,

    "How am I filling out the birth certificate? Is Emily's name going on it as the mother? And who is going on it as the father?"

    "Umm, well, I'm going to be raising this little guy, so, I guess put my name as the mother. And my fiancée will be on it as the father."

    Now knowing that, she went back to the nurses station to finish writing that up while the doctors were finishing up with Emily. Later that day, she was finally ready to leave and the last thing we had to do was figure out a name for this baby boy. Since Em was turning her right to raise him over to me, I figured the least I could do was let her name him. She finally decided on Carter Mason as his new name. The nurse filled that in on the birth certificate, handed it to me and we headed home.

    When we got home, I got out of the car, went around to the back seat and picked up Carter. I bundled him up in his blanket and carried him in the house where I knew everyone would be waiting to see him. As soon as we walked into the house, Denise and Dani came running over to us, immediately cooing over the little baby in my arms. Emily pushed past everyone and raced up the stairs to the guest bedroom. We had talked in the car, and she had told me that she didn't want to remain here in Texas. Instead she would be heading back out east to move on with her life. I left Carter with Denise and the rest of the family and took my sister to the airport for her flight back east.

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