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    3 years later, Joe and I are 2 months away from celebrating our 3rd anniversary. Miki and Benny are now 9 years old and have adjusted well to their new life. Carter is now a 3 year old bundle of energy. 1 year into our marriage, we hit a small bump when I was told by my doctor that because of the accident I'd been in and as a result of the coma, I would be unable to have any children of my own. Obviously, Joe and I were both devastated. We so desperately wanted a big family. Finally we settled on adopting again once we'd come to terms with never being able to conceive. We are now the proud parents of 6 month old Mexican born Mariana Sophia Lopez whose parents put her up for adoption when they realized they wouldn't be able to afford the expense of another baby when they could barely keep food on the table for their other 3 kids.

    That's why, when we got the next bit of news it shocked us. See, I hadn't been feeling well, so I went to the doctor just to make sure I hadn't come down with the flu especially being around our new little Mariana Jonas. And well, you'll soon see what that shocking news was.

    "Mrs. Thomas?" the nurse called me back to the examining room. See, I still used my maiden name for certain things so that I wouldn't be recognized right away.

    15 minutes later, my doctor, Dr. Sara Rodriguez, came in and immediately said,

    "Well, from the information the nurse got from you, I can definitely tell you that you do not have the flu or even a cold."

    "Ok, that's a relief. But then how do you explain the symptoms I was having?"

    "Umm... Well, that's the interesting part. I know you were told that because of the car crash you were in, you would be unable to conceive a baby on your own. And that is a possible symptom of the kind of accident you were involved in, but apparently you were wrongly diagnosed."

    "What exactly are you telling me?"

    "I'm telling you that whatever doctor told you that you would never be able to have any babies of your own, was wrong. In fact, that's the reason you weren't feeling well. You're pregnant."

    "Are you serious?"

    "I am absolutely serious. You are most definitely pregnant. I even checked your test results several times to make sure I was reading them right."

    I left the doctor's office in shock as I headed home. As I walked in the front door, Mariana crawled over to me and squealed looking up at me. I bent over, scooped her up and carried her into the living room where I set her down on her infant play mat.

    "You'll never guess what the doctor said was the reason for my not feeling good," I started to tell Joe the news. He got up from where he'd been playing 'Clue' with Mikayla and came over to me asking,

    "What did she tell you?"

    "You remember when we were told that we'd never be able to have any kids of our own?"

    "Yeah, I remember. Why?"

    "Because Dr. Rodriguez told me that the doctor that told us that was wrong. Apparently I am capable of conceiving."

    "So, what are you telling me, Bri?"

    "Joe, I'm telling you, that my doctor says that I'm pregnant."

    "Really?! That's great news."

    "Yeah, it is. It's our miracle baby."

    Dr. Rodriguez had told me that I was 3 weeks pregnant, so Joe and I decided to wait another month to tell our families. One month later, I woke up with Joe's arm wrapped around my belly to Ana crying in her nursery. I slid his arm off me and got up to go comfort her. When I walked back into our bedroom, I heard my Iphone vibrating on the nightstand. So, I picked it up and answered, whispering into it,


    "Hi, Brianna," Denise sounded way too chipper for so early in the morning, "I was just calling to let you know that we're hosting a party for Alena's 2nd birthday. I know it's late notice but we're getting together later today at 4 pm."

    "Ok, we'll be there, Denise," I answered before we both hung up simultaneously.

    I put it back down and crawled back into bed with my husband who by now was already awake. I rolled onto my back and he shifted his arm back onto my belly where he began to rub our unborn baby. We stayed there just like that until we heard the twins begin to stir in their rooms.

    Several hours later, we were finally arriving at the Jonas family house where Kevin and Dani's daughter Alena was having her 2nd birthday party. We had also decided to tell the family our news that night as well. As soon as I walked in the door, Alena ran up to me, yelling,

    "Aunt B!!!! You came!" She leapt into my arms as I then carried her into the playroom and set her down where Carter and Mari had settled in on the floor. I walked over to Danielle and we began to talk. Finally when I decided the conversation had worked its way there, I told her,

    "You know, Dani, how disappointed I was when Joe and I found out that I wouldn't be able to conceive?"

    "Yeah, I know you were both devastated to find that out. What is it, Bri?"

    "Umm, well, I went to the doctor cause I wasn't feeling well, and, well, she kinda told me that apparently the doctor that told us that was wrong. I am perfectly capable of having a baby. In fact, she told me that I'm pregnant. But you can't tell the rest of the family yet. I want to let Denise have that honor. I'm gonna go tell her in a few minutes and let her tell everyone else."

    30 minutes later, everyone was ecstatic and the room was buzzing with this new news.

    That was 6 months ago. Now I'm 9 months very pregnant and just went into labor about 5 hours ago. Joe, of course, is sitting in a chair pulled up to my bedside. Kevin, Dani and Nick are down in the hospital cafeteria watching our kids, Mikayla, Benjamin, Carter and Mariana.

    Finally, after another 2 hours, for a grand total of 7 hours spent in labor, we are the proud parents of Haley Olivia Jonas, born 6 lbs 2 oz at 3:18 pm August 14th, the day before her daddy's birthday.

    10 years later, I felt like my life was complete. I've been happily married to my best friend for 13 years now. Joe and I are both 40 now but as in love now as we ever were. Our oldest adopted kids, Mikayla and Benjamin, you might remember them. They are now 19 years old. Miki just finished up nursing school a couple months ago and has moved into her own apartment not too far away. Benny is still living at home while he continues his studies at law school. Carter, our nephew who only knows us as 'Mom and Dad', is now 13 and trying to conquer the challenges that are the teenage years and puberty. Mariana, our little Mexican princess, just celebrated her 10th birthday. And our 'miracle baby', Hailey, she's our very special little 9 year old princess since she's our first biological child. She's also got her father wrapped around her little finger. She wasn't our last though. A year later, we discovered we were pregnant again. 9 months later, the newest member of the family was born. Adam Joseph Jonas is now our little 8 year old bundle of energy. That's right, he's named after his father just first and middle names flipped. We planned for Adam to be our last baby. Well, life continued as we planned it for the next 7 years. 2 years ago now, we were surprised by news that we were pregnant again for the 3rd time. Once again we are the proud parents of now 18 month old twins, Tiana Emma and Noah Logan. Maybe one day I'll tell you the story of that surprise, but for now our family of ten is now complete.


The End.

Chapter End Notes:

And that's the end of 'Best Friends'! One of my favorite JB fanfics I've written so far! Please drop me a review and let me know what you thought! When I'd originally posted this on JBFA 1.0, I'd thought about doing a sequel...Let me know if that's something you'd like to read and what you'd like to see happen!

Honestly, I've hit a lot of writer's block with a sequel, and probably won't continue writing much of it...UNLESS I get some good ideas from some of you!

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