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Our lives were great, we grew up over at each other's houses constantly including one evening when I was 13.

    After camp I went running off the bus and over to Joe's house where 10-year old Nick was sitting on the front porch strumming a guitar.

    “Brianna, will you listen to my music?” Nick asked me as I ran past. I paused for a moment and said,

    “Maybe later. Right now I really need to see your brother,” I told him, trying to make sure he didn't see the tears that had been streaming down my face. I walked quickly into the house where I was hurrying so fast that I bumped into Joe on my way up the stairs.

    “Bri, what's wrong?” He looked concerned, “Did something happen at camp?”

    “My boyfriend broke up with me,” I started to sob harder.

    “Oh, Bri, I'm so sorry,” Joe pulled me close into a comforting hug, “Why don't we have a best friend movie night? We'll watch anything you want.”

    So, he settled me on the couch and went over to the movie rack to pick out what he knew was my favorite movie “The Notebook”. He put it in, came back over to the couch, grabbed a big, fuzzy blanket, wrapped it around me and held me tight as we began to watch. I only saw about a half hour of the movie because I had sobbed myself to sleep and Joe stayed there with me until Denise came in and stopped the movie. She insisted that we had to get ready for bed. Joe managed to wake me up enough to walk upstairs with his help. He helped me into bed and then went over to his own room. I wasn't able to sleep peacefully. I was having a nightmare, and soon I woke up panting. I saw Nick sitting on the edge of my bed trying to decide whether to wake me or not.

    “Nick, what are you doing here?” I whispered to him.

    “I was worried about you,” He whispered back, “can I stay here for the rest of the night? Just to make sure you're ok?”

    “Sure, climb in,” I patted the bed beside me. As he curled up beside me, Joe walked in the room carrying my favorite blanket.

    “Would this help you sleep better?” he asked.

    “Yeah, that and my two best friends staying on either side of me tonight,” I told him. So, he climbed into the bed on the side opposite where Nick was. He spread the fuzzy blanket over all of us and this time I slept the rest of the night peacefully, sleeping between my best friends.

    The next morning, I woke up to see Denise smiling down at the three of us. I sat up, careful not to wake either of them up.

    “Looks like you were able to sleep part of the night peacefully, at least,” Denise said to me.

    “Yeah, but I can promise you nothing happened last night, it was just two best friends coming in to comfort the third,” I felt like I owed her an explanation.

    “It's ok, we all trust you, Brianna,” she reassured me.

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