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    We must have stayed there all night because when I woke up, I was sprawled out on the couch still wrapped in the blanket. But I didn't see Joe, until I heard some rustling coming from the kitchenette. So I rolled over onto my stomach and looked up to see Joe making waffles.

    “That smells good,” I said.

    “Good, cause they're ready to eat if you want some,” he said back.

    I got up, walked over, grabbed a plate and a fork and speared 2 waffles onto it before sitting down at the table to eat. We sat eating our breakfast in silence until we had both finished 3 large waffles. I broke the silence saying,

    “Those were good, but now I'm so full I don't think I could fit anymore in for a while.”

    “Yeah, I know what you mean,” he said.

    “So, what is on the schedule for today?” I asked.

    “I'm not sure, but I think Dad said we're going to Baltimore for a show at First Mariner Arena. Doesn't your family live in Maryland?”

    “Yeah, they do,” I answered, “In fact, if your family doesn't mind, I'll come with you and visit them.”

    “You know they won't mind. They think of you as one of our family,” he answered.

    We threw away our paper plates and Joe cleaned up the pan while I wiped down the table. I had just finished when my phone's ringtone, “Can't Have You” went off. I started searching around the room looking for my phone. I saw the way Joe was looking at me when he heard my ringtone so, I said,

    “Just cause I hadn't seen you in 5 years before last night doesn't mean I haven't kept up with what you and your brothers have been up to. And I happen to love that song.”

    As I finished saying that, I finally found my phone where it had slid slightly under the couch. I picked it up and pushed “answer”.

    “Hello, who is this?” I answered, not recognizing the number that was calling me.

    “Brianna? I know I haven't seen you in a long time, but certainly you remember a very close friend from Maryland,” The voice on the other end of the phone call said.

    “Renee? Is that you?” I asked.

    “Yes, but why did we lose touch? We haven't talked since you left for New York 2 and a half years ago. But we need to talk now.”

    “Ok, well, right now I'm with a friend who I grew up with, so, could you hang on while I put you on hold for a couple minutes?”

    “Sure, I'll be here,” she said.

    I put the phone on hold and turned to Joe, saying,

    “You know what? Why don't I go back to my apartment to pack up a few things and I'll meet you back here in the lobby. Call me when you know what time your family will be leaving,” I told him.

    “Ok, we'll see you later,” he said as I walked for the door. When I was walking to the subway, I put my phone back up to my ear and said,

    “Hey, Renee, I'm back.”

    “Are you still in New York now?”

    “Yes, and I reunited with the Jonas family. You remember I told you that I grew up with them ever since I was born.”

    “Yeah, I do remember you saying something about that.”

    “Well, I went to see them in concert last night, and then spent the night with my best friend in his hotel room,” I told her, as I heard her gasp, “No, no, don't worry, not like that, it was a best friend movie night. And not only that, but, they're headed into Baltimore for a show downtown and I'm coming with them. Where are you right now?”

    “You remember how I live in Pennsylvania, right?” she said, “Well, I still do, but I'm in Maryland now, visiting my family. Hey, if you're coming here, why don't you come to church with us? You haven't been to that church in several years, have you?”

    “I'll see if I have time,” I promised her, “And if I do, I promise I'll come see you.”

    “Ok, see you soon,” she said before hanging up the phone.

    By the time Renee and I were done talking, I had walked up from the subway and up to my apartment. When I got up there and walked in the door, I immediately saw Emily, who was sprawled out on the floor again still trying to come up with another song.

    “You know who called me today? Someone I hadn't heard from in several years,” I wanted to make her guess. She looked up from her papers that were spread all around the room, and said,

    “Who, Brianna?”

    “Renee. You remember from when we lived in Maryland a couple years ago,” I told her.

    “You mean, Renee, the one who had the brother that you had a crush on? What was his name?” she asked.


    “What? You know you did,” she insisted.

    “Fine, maybe I did, but I haven't seen him in years,” I retorted.

    “Alright, think what you want for now. But talking to Renee on the phone can't be the only reason you seem so excitable, can it?” she asked again.

    “Ok, it's not the only reason. Joe wants me to come with their family to Maryland where they're doing a show downtown. And Renee has invited me to go to church with her when I come down,” I explained to her.

    “Sounds like fun,” Emily said, “Wish I could go too, but I have too much to do.”

    After we were done talking, I went into my room to pack up my bags so that I'd be ready when Joe called me to let me know when they were leaving for Baltimore. I packed up my suitcase with a week's worth of clothes. Once I'd finished packing, I jumped in the shower, washed my hair, then got out, dried off and wrapped myself in a towel to go out to my closet to pick out my travel outfit. When I had it, I walked back into the bathroom to put on a blue striped maxi dress with a dark blue jean jacket on top. I wrapped a tan colored scarf loosely around my neck before drying and lightly curling my hair. As I was finishing my hair, I heard my phone's ringtone, once again the Jonas Brothers “Can't Have You” going off on my bed. I set down my curler, went out, grabbed my phone, saw that Joe was calling and answered.


    “Hey, Bri,” Joe said, “You said to call you when I knew when we're leaving, so, Dad finally figured out that we're leaving at 5:00."

“Ok, I was just finishing up getting ready and then I'll head down to the subway and ride over to your hotel.”

    I finished with my hair, slung my purse over my shoulder and grabbed my rolling suitcase handle while sliding on my silver with pink rhinestone flats and headed for the door. I said 'good-bye' to Emily and stepped outside, making my way to the subway. I carried my suitcase down the stairs to wait at the train station for the next available train. After I'd been sitting on the bench waiting for 10 minutes, I pulled out my Iphone to check my latest text messages. I had one from Joe that read:

    'where are u? It's 4:30 and dad wants to make sure that ur on ur way.'

    I pushed 'reply' and started to type:

    'At the subway station now. Should be there in 15 min. See u soon.'

    As soon as I finished typing, a hand touched my shoulder. I jumped and spun around, staring at the young man behind me, saying,

    “Michael? Is that you? Renee's brother, right?”

    “Yes, she called and told me that you were here. She also said you were going back to Maryland to see friends and family,” Michael said.

    “Yeah, I am,” I told him, as he settled down on the bench next to me, “My best friend invited me to go down with them to see them perform and your sister invited me to go to church with your family.”

    He continued to talk as we got on the next train that showed up until it got to the stop closest to the hotel where I was meeting the Jonas family in the lobby. As I made my way up to the hotel, I thought back on how I wasn't as close with Renee's youngest brother, Michael but that I was closer with her and her other brother. When I got there, we all left and climbed into the cars that were waiting to begin our trip. Kevin and Dani traveled in one car themselves, Nick, Frankie and their parents were in a second car and Joe and I were in the third car. We spent the first hour and a half playing “Uno” to pass the time. After several dozen games, Joe drifted off to sleep next to me while I dragged my sketchbook out of my bag to do a little drawing. I was midway through a new drawing of my best friends when Joe's head shifted and landed hard on my shoulder. I grimaced as my shoulder started to ache.

    “Brianna, you alright back there?” Rob asked from his driver's seat.

    “Yeah, I'm fine. That turn back there just made Joe's head land on my shoulder hard. And of course he is still sound asleep.”

    I closed up my sketchbook realizing how sleepy I was too, so, when he shifted again, I leaned my head on his shoulder which was the last thing I remembered until I woke up the next morning on a bed in what looked like a hotel room. I sat up, heard Joe in the shower, and walked over to the window. When I looked outside, I saw that the hotel I was in was the one right outside of Oriole Park at Camden Yards. I turned around when I heard the bathroom door open.

    “You're awake,” Joe said, “I hope I didn't wake you up.”

    “No, I didn't even know that I was moved out of the car. I'm assuming it was you who carried me in here, right?”

    “Yeah, and my mother was the one who changed you into your pajamas. In case you're worried,” he said.

    “I wasn't worried,” I reassured him.

    Joe continued to get ready for their concert while I showered, got dressed and headed to church to meet up with Renee and her family again. I ended up getting there late, so, I just crept in and sat in the back. When the service was over, I walked down to the front where Renee was standing with her mom. The band was still finishing up their song from the end of the service.

    “Hi, Brianna,” Renee said as soon as she saw me walking toward her.

    “Hi,” I answered, “So, it's just you and your mom here now?”

    “No, you're probably remembering my older brother, Josh,” she said.

    “I know, you and my sister, Emily both thought I had a crush on him.”

    “Well.... Did you?”

    “Honestly, I don't know. Maybe a little, but I've always had a small crush on my best friend too.”

    “You mean, that best friend that I jumped to conclusions about when you said you were in his hotel room?”

    “Yeah, you're right, that's the best friend.”

    “So... Does he have feelings for you too?”

    “No. At least, I don't think so. He's always just acted like I'm his best friend.”

    “Well, I may know someone who does.”

    “Wait, are you...are you talking about who I think you're talking about?” I asked her. Instead of answering, Renee directed my attention up to where the band was cleaning up. I was confused at first but then remembered back to when I lived in Maryland. She was pointing to the band's drummer, her brother, Josh. I went to the concert that night. And then my best friends continued with their tour while I went back up to New York and started to date Josh. We dated for the next two years and he moved next door to my and Emily's apartment. One night, the night before my 25th birthday, I got off my shift at the hospital, left and walked down to the subway to head home. As soon I walked in the front door, Emily immediately shouted,

    “Happy day before birthday, Brianna!” She quieted down then and added, “Oh, I'm headed out to get some groceries and Josh is in your bedroom. He said he wanted to talk to you about something. Didn't say what, but I'll let you find out.”

    I walked into my room and saw him with his back to me, so he didn't see me come in. So, I said,

    “Em said you wanted to talk about something.” He turned around and started,

    “Well, it's really more of a question. Bri, we've been together for 2 years now. And you know I had a crush on you long before that, and I think you did too. So, my question is, will you marry me?”

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