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On the left the chous of Wedding Bells and Nick playing Wedding Bells for the first time on stage. In the left in the background a bride and the shilouette of a happy couple.

"Something happened in this past year that affected me a certain way in a moment. And I had to go and write a song about it, in that moment.
And although it's not the way I feel at this moment in time. Hopefully this gives you a glimpse into what that experience was like for me.
It's an incredible thing and it should be valued when you appreciate someone and care for someone and there is history.
And as you move on in your life and move into maturity you have to take the experience with you as memories and not your reality."
- Nick Jonas, 10-11-12

set in 2012

Rated: pg-13
Categories: Jonas Brothers > Romance Characters: Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas
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Published: 05/23/2020 Updated: 05/23/2020
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