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Before I know it, somehow, we're out of the pool and Joe's walking us towards the house, our bodies leaving a wet trail behind us. 

He's holding me up, one hand wrapped around my back with his finger tips teasing the side of my breast, the other supporting my butt, while I cling to him. My legs are wound around him and my hands are tightly curled around his shoulder, my fingers digging into his skin. 

His lips move against mine in a steady, soft rhythm. I'm completely lost in him. So completely lost.

"Ow!" I tear my lips off his and bring one of my hands up to rub the back of my head where it hit the side of the sliding doors that lead into the house.

"Oh shit." Joe quickly sets me down and lowers himself to my eye level. "Are you alright?" he asks, his eyes frantically searching mine.

"Yeah, yeah I'm okay." Shaking it off, I rub my hands over his bare arms, feeling his biceps. I shiver a little at the feel of them, soft yet hard under my palm. "Can we just... get back to what we were just doing?"

I watch his Adam's apple move as he swallows hard, as if the reality of what we are about to do suddenly dawns on him. 

Is he nervous? Is he having second thoughts?

Grabbing him when he's about to pull away, I bring my hands up to his face, cupping his jaw and forcing him to look at me. Wasn't it him who only seconds ago very suggestively said that we were all alone?

"Don't," I breathe, my lips a mere inches away from his. Shaking my head gently, I push forward to close the distance, trapping his bottom lip between mine. Instantly, I feel him relax against me again. "I want you, Joe," I whisper as I pull away, looking back up into his eyes.

He presses his forehead against mine as if thinking it over. I hold my breath, waiting for his reaction. What I wouldn't give to be able to read his mind right now. He wants it, that much I know. But what is he thinking? Is he thinking about the consequences? Is he wondering whether he made the right choice going for this? 

When he pulls away, I stare at him, wanting him to say something. He remains quiet as he looks back at me and then grabs my hand, pulling me behind him when he turns and continues on his way to the stairs.

with every step we take, my breathing picks up a little. Now I'm the one who's nervous. 

He stops in front of his bedroom door and looks back at me as if to make sure I wanna go through with this too. I swallow and nod my head, leaning in to kiss him gently. "I want you," I repeat the words against his lips again before he opens the door and pulls me in after him.

His curtains are drawn but the sun lightly seeps in through the crack between them. His clothes from yesterday are on the floor, but he obviously made the bed this morning after waking up and the crisp white sheets look very inviting. 

While I take in the state of the room, Joe comes up behind me, his hands settling on my shoulders, massaging them gently. His lips meet my neck and I close my eyes. I fall back into his body as I move my head a little to give him easier access to my neck. His kisses are light as a feather, with the occasional gentle nip of his teeth. He's giving me goosebumps.

Abruptly, I step away and turn to face him. He looks at me wide-eyed, about to question why I made him stop, when I lean in to full-on kiss him, my arms wrapping around his neck. 

I wish I could let him take it slow. Wish he could tease me a little. But I have been dreaming about this moment for so long, imagining it in my head pretty much every night, that I can't wait anymore.

I want him inside me.

I need him inside me.

Hurriedly, I start to run my hand down his chest, feeling the hardness of his muscles against the palm of my hand. I shudder at the feel of his skin. He's toned, but yet there's still the right amount of softness to his torso.

His body is just perfect.

When I reach his swimming trunks and start to undo the strings, Joe grabs my wrist and stops me. "Rubes, wait," he says hoarsely, causing the heat to pool between my legs. I shiver at his voice. "Not so fast."

I bite my lip and stare up at him while he pries my hand away from the drawstrings on his shorts and instead presses it against his crotch where he's already growing hard for me. Gasping, I look up at him.

His eyes have grown darker, seductive. They're filled with lust and hunger as they stare back at me. 

I'm quiet as I start to move my hand over his length, massaging through his shorts, a little unsure of what I'm doing. All I can base myself on is what I've read about in books. And admittedly, seen in porn. 

Joe leans in to kiss me again while I touch him. His kiss a little harder this time and he moans against my mouth when I squeeze through his shorts. I swallow the sound, and find myself pressing closer to him, trying to feel him all over. 

While his lips work against mine, his hands come around my back, playing with the closure of my bikini. He fumbles for a bit, but then suddenly, he undoes it and I feel it snap away, baring my breasts for him. He steps away a little and looks me over.

My bikini is awkwardly hanging from my neck, the yellow piece of cloth dangling between my breasts. My nipples have already hardened with the combination of the cool air and his presence. 

"Fuck," he breathes as he helps me out of my top entirely and then gently cups one of my breasts in his hand. I gasp, noticing how well they fit in his hand. "Damn it Ruby," he breathes as he continues to massage my breasts, tweaking my nipple every now and then. His mouth comes down to my neck again, where he becomes a little more aggressive - sucking and nibbling. "You're so fucking beautiful."

I swallow and open my mouth, moaning softly when he bites down on the skin over my collarbone. "Joe," I breathe.

He pulls away from my skin and looks up at me. He knows what I want him to do next. Brushing some hair out of my face, he presses his lips to mine while lifting me up and then lowering me onto the bed. He carefully gets on top of me, making sure not to rest his whole weight on my body. 

Hovering above me, he slowly slides his hand down my body; over my neck, between my breasts, down my stomach and then between my thighs. I bite my lip as he presses his hand flat against the heat between my legs. 

I've touched myself often before. But it can't even come close to when it's someone else's touch. Someone else's fingers undoing the strings of your bikini shorts. Someone else gently pushing your thighs apart. Someone else's fingers teasing and stroking the most sensitive parts of you. 

Joe flicks a finger over my already swollen clit and I moan. I'm ready for him. I've never been more ready. 

Looking up, he smirks and then stands up, pushing his shorts down his legs. I watch, swallowing as he stands there fully naked and ready in front of me. 

Is that supposed to fit inside me? 

My mouth drops open on a small gasp. He's not scary big. Not the kind of big that has me fearing he will rip my skin apart. He seems to be just the right size. But I've never done this before.  

Once Joe located the condom in his bedside drawer and rolled in, his eyes catch mine again. He lays down beside me as if he can read the sudden fear on my face.

"Rubes," he speaks softly, turning my face to him, "Rubes, I'm not gonna hurt you."

I nod, knowing full well he would never cause me pain. Knowing that he would stop as soon as I would tell him to. And knowing full well that he will not take advantage of the fact that I am about to let him take my virginity. 

"It's just-" I pause. How the hell can I explain this to him? He knows I'm a virgin, so he probably already figured out why I'm suddenly nervous again. 

"You're ready for me, Rubes." Softly, his fingers caress my face, the pad of his thumb running along my bottom lip. 

I nod again and kiss his thumb. 

"If you want me to stop-" he starts as he positions himself above me again, looking down at me reassuringly. 

"I know," I choke out, feeling the tip pressing against me. 

He leans down to kiss me on my lips while he slowly and torturously slides inside me. I frown, feeling every inch of him as he enters me. 

It's a weird feeling. 

He's stretching me and struggling a bit too. I squirm, grabbing his biceps and squeezing. 

Suddenly, Joe stops.

I look down. He's not even in half way. 

Is it supposed to go like this? 


Joe shakes his head and presses a finger to my lips. "It's okay Rubes," he breathes. I look into his eyes when he breaks the kiss. "It's... it's your first time. It doesn't just... fit from the beginning."

Sighing, I close my eyes. Joe remains half inside me, his palms pressed into the pillow beside my head. This is definitely not how I imagined this would go. "Just, just try it again, Joe."

"If it hurts-"

"I'll tell you just, I want you to try again. I want to feel you all the way. Just go again, please." 

Lifting his hips, he kisses me again and then slowly enters me a second time. This time getting further. I keep his mouth on mine while I open my legs further, trying to ignore the strange and admittedly slightly painful feeling when he penetrates me fully. 

And then he's in as far as he can go. He stops there, allowing me to get used to the feel of him inside me. 

Our lips break apart and our eyes meet for the millionth time. He starts to move again and as he does, I start to fall. 

Fall, fall, fall. 




We must have dozed off.

I startle awake to a loud knock on the door. Joe's arm is wrapped around my naked waist, his head pressed against the skin between my shoulder blades. 

Checking the alarm clock set up on the bedside table, I notice it's almost seven. We wasted the rest of our afternoon in bed and Ryver is probably getting everything ready for the barbecue we're supposed to have tonight. Again. 

I swear after this vacation I will never want to have barbecue ever again. 

Another knock sounds. 

"Shit, Joe," I whisper-yell as I push his arm off me and get up from the bed, trying to get my bikini on as fast as I can.

"What?" Joe murmurs sleepily, rolling over onto his back and rubbing his eyes. The sheet falls away from his waist and I stare at him in full glory. My body shivers.

We just had sex.

"Joe, man, why is your fucking door locked?"

My eyes widen and I stare at the closed door, thankful that Joe thought of locking it before taking me to bed even though we were all alone at the time. My brother is on the other side of that door right now. And I'm in here still half naked.

"Holy hell." I move with the speed of light, pulling on my bikini bottoms and tying them haphazardly. 

Realization seems to dawn on Joe too when he suddenly jumps out of the bed and pulls his swimming trunks on too. He stares at me bewildered, unsure of how to handle this situation exactly. 

"I don't-"

There is another knock on the door and I jump, trying not to squeal. "Balcony," I breathe, pulling the curtain open. We both squint when the sunlight hits us and I move to quickly unlock the sliding doors.

"Rubes," Joe breathes, grabbing my arm before I'm all the way out onto the balcony. 

I look back at him, my hair falling over my face. 

His smile is soft as he takes a step towards me and kisses me ever so softly. 

"I know," I whisper, knowing exactly what he's about to say. It was amazing. Today was amazing. 

"Joe, what the fuck are you jacking off in there or something? Unlock it man," Ryver laughs.

Nodding, I step out onto the balcony completely and start to shut the door behind me before hurrying over to my own room. 

Once inside my own bedroom, I crash down on the bed and let out a breath. I can faintly hear Joe and my brother talking through the wall. 

That was once again a close one. 

Chapter End Notes:

well, ahem, yeah.

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