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Marley pushed her face farther into her pillow, groaning because she knew it was way to early for anyone in their right mind to be calling her. The obnoxious buzzing stopped, only to start up again seconds later.

Reaching her hand under her pillow she found her ringing phone and accepted the call without looking, pressing it to her ear, glancing at her alarm clock, confirming her suspensions of it being to early, seeing she had only slept a mere 4 hours.

"Hello?" She croaked out.

"Hi baby. I'm sorry. I knew I'd wake you..." Joe's voice confessed.

"Then why'd you call?" She was always the grumpy one in the mornings.

"Because..." He drawled out, "We're going to a movie premier tomorrow night in LA, and I want you to fly out."

With her lip bitten, Marley toyed with the fringe on their comforter. "I don't know Joe, I have nothing to wear."

He chuckled. "Michelle's waiting for the go ahead from you before she tries to find you something."

He heard her sigh and he silently crossed his fingers, anticipating her answer.

"I guess I could see if Mr. Baker will watch Cody."

"Really?" His voice rose in excitement and she smiled.

"Yeah, really." She confirmed.

"Alright sweet-good-uh I'll get someone to get your flight straight and have someone pick you up at the airport and stuff."

"Mmhmm." She hummed, on the verge of falling asleep again, "When am I leaving?"

"This afternoon too soon?" He asked hopefully.

She ran the day through her head at the million and one things she had to do before then but couldn't deny the pleading tone in his voice for her to get to him as soon as possible.

"That's perfect." She smiled.

He heaved a sigh of relief and she heard him talking to someone in the background for a few seconds.

"Alright babe, it's getting taken care of...go back to sleep for a while."

"M'kay...I love you."

"Love you too, Marley...Call me when you wake up later and I'll tell you your flight details."

"Mmhmm." She hummed. "Bye Joe."

"Bye." His chuckling was the last thing she heard before she was asleep again.


Once again, Marley's phone buzzed across the mattress, pulling her from her deep slumber. She rifled through the sheets and held it in front or her face and saw Joe's face staring up at her.

"Yes honey?" She put on her chipper voice not wanting him to know she just got up.

"I hope you're up." He said skeptically.

"I am...I just got out the shower." She glanced at the clock, jumping out the bed, "Fuck!" She hissed, but not loud enough for him to hear.

"Liar." He chuckled, "You just got up, huh?"

She heaved her large suitcase on the bed, "Guilty."

His laugh was more prominent now and she couldn't help but smile. "Well hurry up and pack and get ready...you need to be at the airport for 2...flight leaves at 3:10."

She checked the clock once again, seeing it was just past 12. "Okay and my ticket?"

"Oh my bad. Um..." She heard shuffling on the other end and him yelling, "Fe! Which airline?" She rolled her eyes and laughed at his inability to remember anything while she folded 2 pairs of skinny jeans, stacking them into the suitcase.



"It's at the Delta desk. And Rob's sending a car for you that'll bring you to me."

She smiled at the excitement in his voice and felt the butterflies rushing in her stomach at the realization she was finally going to see him again. "I'm excited." She breathed, shoving random t-shirts and cardigans and vests into her bag.

"Me too...I miss you." He said softly.

"I miss you more." She spoke honestly and he didn't question it...He knew she did. She worked her way into the bathroom, starting to throw her makeup into a bag, and packing up all her hair products, leaving them on the counter so she could use them after her shower while he explained to her the aspects of tonight's Jonas Brothers and Friends show that she's be showing up just in time for.

"Alright baby, that sounds like a blast, but I have to take a shower so I don't miss my plane."

"Right; good idea. I'll see you in a little while, love you, bye." He jumbled into the phone.

She laughed, turning on the hot water, "Love you too."

After a quick call to Mr. Baker, the older man in the loft next door who Cody had taken an extreme liking too and offered to watch him anytime we needed knowing we were busy and he stayed home all day every day, he said he liked the company, confirming that he could watch the large dog for a couple days, Marley jumped in the shower, prepared to rush through her usual routine to make it to the airport on time.


At 2:37, Marley rushed from the Delta desk at the JFK airport to the security line, clad in a pair of dark wash skinny jeans tucked into dark gray Ugg boots, a black tank top layered under a white long sleeve thermal t-shirt and an electric blue scarf tied around her neck. It definitely wasn't enough clothing for the 12 degree New York weather, but absolutely perfect for the 67 degree Los Angeles weather.

She shamelessly flirted with a security guard and provoked him to pause in the middle of his lunch and hurry her belongings through the checkpoint. Once she got the clear, she slipped her boots back on, repeatedly thanking him and grabbing her ticket and license in her hand, running to her gate.

Smiling when she heard the stewardess on the intercom announce last call for her flight, she handed over her ticket and scurried into the plane, promising herself, she'd never be late again.

Six hours and three time zones later, Marley was pulling her luggage off the conveyor belt, heading towards the exit and taking in a deep breath when she walked out into the California sun.

"Marley!" A voice boomed at her.

She grinned and whipped her head to her right where Big Rob was making a bee line for her.

"Rob!" She squealed, throwing her arms around him when he reached her.

She heard a loud laugh grumble in his chest and he pulled back to look at her, taking her suitcase and leading her towards the car, all in one swift movement.

"How've you been?" She asked, finding herself practically running next to his large steps.

"Good. Things have been crazy you know? Everyone wants a piece of those boys." He laughed a little, shutting her suitcase in the back of the blacked out SUV.

"Your tellin' me." She grumbled.

"What's that?" He asked, slamming the door to the trunk area.

"Said sounds like a tough job." She smiled up at him, refusing as he opened the back door. "You don't have to chauffeur me...I'm more of a shotgun kinda gal."

The two fell into a comfortable silence and Rob nodded to the beat on the radio, allowing Marley to reacquaint herself with the city.

She half expected Joe to be at the airport waiting for her. Or at least in the car. He'd always done that before and she wondered why this time it was different.

"They're sound checking right now." Rob's voice broke her trance and she wondered if she'd accidently said something out loud.

"What?" Her question was answered when she saw they'd pulled up to a venue while she was so deep in thought and he was stepping out of the car.

"Right." She sighed, jumping out and throwing her oversized purse over her shoulder. "Lead the way."

Marley followed behind his tall frame into the back door of the venue and accepted the All Access badge he gave her, clipping it onto the bottom of her shirt.

"I don't hear them." She noted as they walked the back halls.

"Yeah." Rob agreed. "Must've finished up, I'll take you to the green room."

She nodded quietly, and with every step she took she felt her smile grow and the butterflies swarming in her stomach. It'd been well over three weeks since she'd seen him Thanksgiving Day while they were in NYC for the Macy's Parade.

Rob stopped at a door and slung it open. The two were immediately met with the constant buzzing chatter of the people around them. He led her into the room and she scanned the busy area until she spotted Joe, talking animatedly with Garbo and Jack near the window, not noticing much of anything else.

Her cheeks hurt from her smile being so big and her heart fluttered at the sight of him. She took off, practically running towards him and his eyes finally met hers. She watched his smile grow but couldn't watch for long because she collided with a hard body.

"Oomph." She slouched into the person whose arms had wrapped around her waist. She pulled back, looking up into Nick's face, feeling an aggravated scowl pull on her face and setting her hands on his shoulders. "Nick, what the-"

He quickly pulled her body against his in a hug. "MTV." He whispered into her hair and she looked around finally noticing the camera men set up in two of the corners, recording the events of the room. A weak smile fell onto her lips and she glanced back up to Joe who was trying to inconspicuously look over at her.

She felt her high spirits sinking...she'd almost forgotten that she couldn't show affection to her boyfriend...even if it had been three weeks.

Nick backed away from her, not wanting to be caught by the cameras or one of the MTV interviewers locked in a hug with a girl too long. Even though she was Joe's girl...no one knew that.

John Taylor passed them, glancing at her and then backed up once recognition of who she was registered to him and he smiled at her.

"Marley!" He bellowed, grabbing one of her hands and twirling her around. "You're looking gorgeous as ever." He complimented before wrapping her in a hug. She laughed at the gesture, and her eyes caught Joe's over JT's shoulder. He was fidgeting and his eyes were darting around the room, feigning interest in what was going on, but mainly wanting just to look at her. She knew that look. He wanted her. He wanted to hold her and kiss her and play with her hair...but he couldn't. Not here. Not with ‘prying eyes.'

Just the sight of her made his heart beat faster. He wanted to walk up to her and kiss her like there was no tomorrow. His eyes landed on his publicist Martin who narrowed his eyes at Joe before motioning to Marley, silently warning him not to do anything stupid. Joe rolled his eyes and set his eyes on her once again, watching her greet his parents and Frankie.

His ache for her only grew as she continued her trek around the room, letting Kevin confirm that she was a family friend from New Jersey to the cameras after she's hugged him and she continued making her rounds, passing hello's and hugs to Garbo and Jack before stopping in front of Joe.

He furrowed his eyebrows at the sadness in her eyes that spoke her every emotion to him so clearly. He wanted to do everything in his power to pull the sadness out and replace it with happiness.

"Hey Joe." She said softly, not meaning for her voice to sound that weak.

"Hey Marley." He spoke back equally as soft, pulling her into a hug, whispering a quiet "I love you" into her hair and feeling horrible about not meeting her at the airport or the car, or at least the hall so they could actually be together for a few minutes without worrying about who was around them and watching.

He hated that the sparkle that was present in her eyes when she laid eyes on him only minutes before had considerably faded as she made her way around the room and finally to his arms. He hated that he had to let her go. He hated that she walked quietly to the couch and pretended to be interested in Frankie's game. He hated the looks Martin, was giving him, warning that their hug was too affectionate.

Most of all he hated how he'd brought her out here so she wouldn't be lonely, so they could be together. And now she was finally here and he couldn't enjoy, she couldn't enjoy it, and one look at her face told him that even in the crowded room, she was lonely as ever.
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