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"Believe me and don't think twice."
Joe sped from the large room as soon as the last fan left, ignoring Martin calling him back, blabbering about something Joe had no concern about. He had just talked to his mom and she'd told him that Marley went to their hotel after she was told she couldn't see him after the show because of the meet and greet.

He found Big Rob, hanging by the back doors, ensuring that no one who wasn't supposed to be there got in and sighed in relief.

"Hey, Rob. I need you to take me to Marley."

He clapped a large hand on his shoulder, "I've got strict orders from the boss man to make sure you're here...and stay here."

Joe was fuming at this point. He'd always thought Rob understood more than anyone. If anyone stayed grounded around here and kept a good head on his shoulders, it was the burley security guard.

Rob watched the defeat wash onto Joe's face and checked to make sure they were the only ones around before heading to the vending machine around the corner.

"I'm thirsty Joe." He stated turning around. "And the band is loading up into the van right outside that door to go to the hotel...so don't do anything stupid while I'm over here." He winked and watched the huge grin pull on Joe's face and before he was all the way turned around, the door was slamming shut.


Joe hopped out the van before it made a complete stop at the front of the hotel and ran to the reception desk.

"Last name?" The bored concierge asked, pushing the bangs from her forehead.

"Jonas." He spoke hurriedly.

"Ah, the ones who took over the entire floor. Want to be more specific?"

He scowled at her attitude but pushed it aside, more worried about seeing Marley than anything else at that point. "Joe. Joseph. One of those."

"Got it. Miss Braxton has already picked up her key for that suite."

"Thank you." He pulled the key from her hand and headed for the elevators, stepping in and repeatedly pressing the number 12.

"That doesn't make it go any faster." A voice from behind startled him.

He looked over his shoulder at the petite blonde he was sharing the elevator with. "Ugh, yeah I'm just in a hurry."

The elevator started its trek upward and he noticed she hadn't selected a floor. "Um-are you going to 12 too?" He asked knowing it wasn't possible since the entire floor was rented out for the family and band and crew.

"I'm going wherever you're going." She spoke seductively and stepped towards him, running a finger down his chest.

He was taken aback by her bluntness and gently grabbed her shoulders, pushing her away from him, "I don't think so." He shook his head and wanted to celebrate when the elevator dinged, announcing his arrival.

"Your lose." She shrugged before the door shut, "I would've put out." She spoke before the doors shut, leaving him bewildered.

What the hell? The bitch at the front desk and the vixen in the elevator. He hoped that wasn't foreshadowing of what he was going to get from Marley. Although, the whole vixen thing might work out.

He smiled at the thought and quickly found their room, sliding the key in the slot and waiting for the green light. He quietly opened the door and stepped in, hearing the TV blaring from the bedroom.

Smiling, he pulled his jacket off and threw it on the couch, entering the bedroom and holding back laughter when he saw her in the bathroom, toothbrush in her mouth, iPod blocking her hearing, and dancing to the beat in the mirror. She hadn't seen him yet and he saw she'd already gotten ready for bed, wearing an oversized t-shirt that most probably belonged to him and thick, wool knee socks that she had pushed down so they were bunched around her ankles showing more of her tan legs.

HE silently crossed the room and stepped into the bathroom, slipping his arms around her, while she was bent over the sink washing her mouth out. She screamed in surprise and jumped upright, clutching her chest.

"Jesus Joe!" She took a deep breath. "You scared the shit out of me."

He smiled, letting his eyes lock on hers, already forgetting what he was going to say. He was lost in the blue of her eyes and he involuntarily shivered when her arms slipped around his neck and she pulled herself closer to him.

Marley pushed her fingers into his hair, she finally had him and they were all alone, so they could be exactly what they wanted to be, Joe and Marley, madly in love with each other, complete with long hugs, too long stares, kisses and ‘over-friendly' touches.

He pressed his forehead against hers, the tips of their noses touching.

"I've missed you." He spoke lightly, his breath fanning across her lips.

She closed her eyes, relishing in the feeling of having him so close to her. An unwanted tear rolled down her cheek. She sniffled, not wanting a repeat of earlier when she'd come back from the venue and had a breakdown the second she stepped into the hotel room.

Being told you couldn't be seen with your boyfriend was one thing, but pulling out all the stops to make sure you had no contact while you were around each other was another thing. And Martin had made it his new goal to keep the two apart, setting up pointless interviews and personal meetings and then bluntly telling her that she needed to go before the fans started arriving for the meet and greet and questioning her prolonged appearance backstage.

He leaned forward, softly placing his lips on her cheek, kissing the single tear away, leaving his lips where they rested.

"Baby." She whimpered against his jaw.

He held her tighter, littering kisses over her cheeks. "I know." He barely whispered into her ear, his fingers reaching up to stroke the sides of her neck. The meekness in her voice burned his ears and the strongest feeling of protection washed over him. He needed to make sure she was okay.

He pulled back so his eyes could meet her moistened ones.

"Marley, sweetie. You know I love you, right?" He asked, his voice cracking like he had some doubt that she'd say no.

"Of course." She nodded, placing her hands on top of his that laid on her neck. "And I love you."

He watched something flash in her eyes as she pressed her forehead against his chin and narrowed his eye in thought.

"It's just hard." She barely spoke.

"Hmm?" He hummed, not being able to hear her over the loudness of the TV.

She shrugged, stepping away from him, realizing what she said. "Nothing, I'm just cold." She shivered lightly, swiveling around him and heading for the bed.

He sighed and pushed a hand through his hair, forcing the second thoughts from his head and slipping into the bathroom to brush his teeth.


She watched from her spot under the covers as he flipped the lights off in the bathroom and made his way to her, scooting into the spot she'd created by her side and pulling the blankets, as well as her, closer to him.

He sighed, burying his face in her hair, not being able to wrap his mind around being this close to her again. He wanted to hold her and never let go. This was the happiest he'd felt in weeks, laying here with her in his arms, nothing could bring him down.

"Your hair smells so good." He murmured, taking in the scent he missed having next to him while he slept and running his fingers through it. "I miss it."

"What?" She smiled into his neck. "The way my hair smells?" She chuckled a little.

"Yeah." He whispered when his lips found her ear.

"That's all you missed?" She pulled back to look at him, faking a pout and poking her lip out.

He took a mental picture of the look on her face, documenting it in his mind as the most adorable thing he'd ever seen her do, right next to, pushing her glasses higher up on her nose when she opted for the frames over her contacts.

He smiled up at her shaking his head a little. "Definitely not."

She set her chin on his chest, leaving her eyes on his, "Tell me?" She asked softly.

He brushed the bangs from her forehead and let his fingers trickle down her face. "I miss your eyes, that I could look at forever and never get tired of it. I miss holding your hand. I miss eating cereal with you on the couch in the morning, I miss watching you think about stuff, I miss seeing you wear my clothes...should I continue?"

She silently shook her head and pushed her self up so her hands were braced next to his head and her knees were planted on either side of his waist, she bent down, kissing his cheek, making a small trail to his ear. "I never got a kiss from you today, Mr. Jonas."

He pulled back from her advancing lips, "I totally just got a visual of you kissing my dad." His face distorted. "I don't like it." He cringed and shook his head.

She scoffed, and hit his chest. "I never got a kiss from you today, Mr. Joseph Jonas." She emphasized.

With no more persuasion, he flipped them over so they were side by side and facing each other, her leg thrown over his waist to keep him close and his arms wrapped tightly around her.

"Well then let's fix that." He whispered, getting closer to her with every word and finally pressing his lips to hers.


"Reddish-orange or blueish-purple, Marley?"

"Hmm." She hummed I thought. "What color are the boys wearing?"

"Blacks, grays, silvers, whites. You won't clash with either color, no worries." Michelle assured her.

"What do you think?" Marley asked, still not sure.

"Well," Michelle sighed, "They both have their pluses." She grabbed the blueish-purple colored dress. "This one makes your eyes pop." She switched the blue for the reddish orange dress. "And this one makes your skin look tan and amazing."

Marley silently debated in her head, looking back and forth between the two dresses.

"Let's go for the reddish one." She concluded, "We're in California and I'm from New York. Let's work the tan."

Michelle nodded and handed her the dress, "Put it on, and come back, CJ will be here to do your hair and make up."

The dress made her feel gorgeous. The way it slipped effortlessly over her smooth skin almost pushed her to the point of goosebumps and it accentuated the deep tan of her Italian skin perfectly.

She slid into the makeup chair, happily accepting the compliments from the flamboyant make-up artist as he fluffed her hair, combing it every which way before announcing to her he'd touch it up with a curling iron, keeping it simple.

He went to work on her makeup, using more products on her face than she'd ever dream of using and like every other time she got dolled up to be seen somewhere with Joe, she feared the outcome. Worried it would come out to dark or clown-like, but as CJ turned the chair towards the mirror she held back a gasp, he'd keep her skin looking perfectly natural and flawless, and wen dark around her eyes, winging her eyelashes out and the black of the liner made her blue eyes gleam. She giggled at her reflection, throwing her arms around CJ's neck and thanking him numerous times.

He waved her off, swearing it was absolutely no problem and assuring her Joe would drop dead at the sight of her.

Although, when she stepped out into the lobby of their floor, she wished she was the one dropping dead.
Chapter End Notes:
Song: I'll Run - The Cab.
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