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12 AM

In the darkness before the dawn. In the swirling of the storm.

When I’m rolling with the punches and hope is gone,

leave a light on...


“It’s almost twelve,” Joe breathed quietly in Maya’s ear, despite the fact that all of their friends were mere feet away from them.

Maya’s breathing hitched. It was never spoken out loud that 12 am was a thing between them. It was just something she’d noticed – like a coincidence. She looked at Joe questioningly, wondering if it was planned that way all along. Like it was his master plan for all these years. 

12 am. It was their time.

“You…” She breathed, unable to finish the sentence.

“I covet this time of night,” he whispered, leaving a kiss on her forehead before walking away, silently begging her to follow him.




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Published: 05/25/2020 Updated: 06/17/2020

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