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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey guys! Since you all were amazing with your reviews last time I decided to go on and post the next chapter. I've decided to split the povs just so you can get insight on both Elena and Nick's thoughts on their relationship. I mainly did this for what's to come in the future because I want you all to understsnd everything. I hope you all enjoy
When I make it back to my house from Lena’s apartment I quickly hop in the shower to wash off from the day. I quickly dress in a pair of jeans with a white V-neck and pull on my leather jacket. My hair is still cut short from filming so I don’t have to do anything to it and instead splash on a little bit of aftershave, knowing Olivia loves it. I shove my feet into my loafers and then I’m headed down the stairs, petting Elvis on the head on my way out the door. I hop into my Mustang and then I’m driving down the familiar streets to her house. It isn't far from mine and I’ve always wondered why she didn’t move in with me. We’re always at each other’s places anyway and it would just make things a hell of a lot easier. Plus, whenever I’m home, I’d have her home too. And that thought makes me giddy inside. When I finally make it to her house, I slide out of the car and let myself in, knowing she doesn’t care.

“Liv?” I call out, a smile spreading across my face. I spot her figure at the top of the stairs, leaning over the balcony railing.

“Hi,” she says, smiling down at me. I grin up at her and then hurry up the stairs, taking two at a time. When I reach her, I grab her by the hips and press my lips to hers, feeling her melt against me. I groan when I feel her arms wrap around my neck. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen her.

“Hi,” I breathe, pulling away to look up at her.

“I like this kind of greeting. We should do this more often,” she says.

“I love you,” I mumble against her lips.

“I love you too, Nicky,” she giggles. “What’s gotten into you tonight?”

“I’m just happy,” I tell her. And I couldn’t put it any other way. After finally telling Lena about the fact that I’ve been thinking about proposing caused a weight to be lifted off my shoulders. It felt so good to tell someone. And to have my best friend happy for me made everything that much better.

“You ready?” I ask, pulling away from her again.

“Just let me get my purse,” she says, walking back into her bedroom. When she comes back out, I grab her hand in mine, lacing our fingers together as I lead her down the stairs. She locks up her house and then Iwalk her out to the car, opening her door before sliding into the driver seat.

“This feels good. I’ve missed this,” she says, rubbing her thumb over the back of my hand as I drive down the streets. I let out a sigh. This does feel good, to be going out with her again. It’s been a week since we’ve seen each other and after I leave for New York who knows what the schedule will be like.

“I wish there was more time for this,” she says softly.

“I know, baby. I do too. But Lena has got me scheduled so tight I barely have time to breathe. And with the album coming out soon she’s trying to fit in as much as possible,”

“Trust me, I know,” she says, pulling her hand away from mine. “I just—never mind,”

“Liv, what is it?” I ask, placing my hand on her knee.

“Did you ever think to ask her to give you a break? To not schedule so much in such a short amount of time? You’re going to go crazy with all this stuff,”

“It has to be done. Lena... she works magic with this. She knows how to get me the publicity I need and how to make it work. I trust her. It might be a lot, but if Lena thinks this will work, if she thinks it’ll make me big again, without my brothers, I’ll do it,”

“Okay,” she says softly. “Just don’t forget about me,”

“I could never forget about you baby,” I tell her, lacing our fingers together once again. We finally make it to the restaurant and I open Liv’s door before handing the valet my keys and walking her inside. As usual the front of the restaurant is a mess with paparazzi and I squeeze Olivia’s hand, keeping her close to me. We ignore there shouted questions and let them get the pictures they want as we walk inside. I breathe a sigh of relief and glance at Olivia. She looks calm and collected as usual, a thing I’m extremely thankful for. She gets it. Being Miss Universe, she understands what it’s like to be under the spotlight and have all eyes on her.

“I love you, you know,”

“I love you too,” she says as the hostess finally leads us to our seats. I order a glass of wine before I order my usual.

“So how was today?” Olivia asks.

“The same as usual. I had some interviews about Kingdom this morning and Lena almost killed me for being late,” I tell her, chuckling slightly as I remember how pissed she was. She was even angrier in the voice mails she left me.“Then we just went into the studio for a while and then hung out at her place,”

“You went back to her place?” she asks, raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah, we were hungry so she just made lunch for us,” I tell her with a shrug.

“At her apartment?” she asks, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Liv, it’s not that big of a deal. We’re together all the time, you know this. Why are you making such a big deal about it? It’s been like this for the past three years,”

“I know, I just... I hate the fact that she gets to see you more than me. You’re my boyfriend,”

“And you’re my girlfriend. I’m sorry that I’ve been so busy, but it’s just crazy with the album. It’ll settle down eventually and we’ll be back to normal,”

“I miss normal,” she says softly. I reach across the table and take her hand in mine, bringing it to my lips.

“No matter how crazy my life gets, I love you. That will never change,” I tell her. She smiles at me and that lets me know that for right now, we’re okay. The rest of the dinner is easy, the conversation is easy just like it always has been. I avoid talking about Elena just because I know it’s a touchy subject at the moment. After we leave the restaurant I head back to Olivia’s and after a couple of more drinks we end up in her bed.

“I’m gonna miss this,” she says softly, running her hand up my bare chest.

“It’s only going to be four days, baby,” I tell her, wrapping my arms around her to pull her in close to me. I kiss the top of her head and she lets out a sigh.

“I know but when you back you’ll still be busy doing all the shit she has planned and then I’m leaving for my photo shoots. It’s just going to be hard,”

“I’m doing this for my album, Olivia. My album that I’ve worked my ass off on,” I tell her, starting to get annoyed. Olivia has always been a tad bit clingy, but I’ve gotten used to it. She’s gone through a lot in her pastand she just wants to make sure I’m in this as much as she is. I get it because I feel the same way.

“I know that, Nick. It just makes it hard,”

“Well, what do you want me to do? Stop? Not go to New York? Stay here with you?” I ask, sitting up in the bed to look at her.

“I can’t believe you would ask me that,” she scoffs, rolling her eyes. As well as this night started off, it’s going downhill faster than I imagined and I’m not sure how to fix this.

“I would never ask you to do that. All I’m saying is that I don’t like the idea that I don’t get to see you,but Elena gets to see you practically twenty four seven. It’s not fair,” she says, crossing her arms over her chest again.

“For the love of god, Olivia,” I groan, not wanting to have this fight again. “Elena is my personal assistant. I pay her to do this shit for me, to help me when I need help. It’s not like I’m choosing her over you.This is my job, she’s my employee,”

“Oh don’t give me that shit. We all know Elena is more than your employee. She’s like your closest friend,”

“Yeah, my friend. That’s all, Olivia. I don’t want to fight about this again. Can we please just not?”

“I think you should go,” she says softly, glancing away from me.


“Look, Nick, we’re at odds on this and you’re leaving. I think... I think we need some time to clear our heads. You go to New York and I’ll stay here and we’ll see what happens,”

“Liv,” I breathe, moving my arms around her, but she shrugs them off.

“I need space, Nick. Like you said, it’s four days and you’re going to be super busy,”

“Are you be fucking serious right now?” I ask.

“I don’t want fucking space. Why the hell are you makingsuch a big fucking deal about it?”

“Because it’s a big deal to me!” she shouts.

“Just... just go,”

“Fine!” I shout angrily, throwing the covers off my body. I quickly throw my clothes back on and grab my keys from the table before storming out of her house without another word to her. If she wants space, I’ll give her all the fucking space she wants.

“Nick!” I hear someone shout, waking me from my alcohol induced coma. I groan and bury my face into the pillow, willing the pounding in my head to go away

“Nick, wake the fuck up! I’m gonna fucking kill you,” I hear the voice again. I feel the sheets being ripped off my body and then in a flash, a hand comes down and smacks me hard on the ass. I jump out of the bed and find Elena hovering over me, a scowl written all over her hair.

“What the fuck, Elena?” I hiss, glaring at her through my raging hangover.

“God, you reek of alcohol,” she groans. “What did you do, bathe in it?”

“Mind your own fucking business,”

“You are my business, Jonas. We have to be at the airport in thirty fucking minutes and you don’t havetime to take a fucking shower because you overslept once again. God I could fucking kill you,” she says,walking into my closet. She comes back and throws me some of my clothes before glancing around the room.

“What the fuck happened to this place?” she asks, looking around at the scatter items that belong to Olivia all over the floor. When I came home last night I couldn’t sleep so I started drinking and then one thing led to another and I blacked out.

“I had a rough night,” I tell her, sliding out of the bed and quickly pull on my pants she gave me.

“I can see that,” she mumbles. I pull on the v neck and grab a sweatshirt before putting on some cologne to try to hide the stench of the alcohol. I quickly brush my teeth and then walk over to Lena.

“Do I still smell?”

“N-no,” she stutters. I roll my eyes at her, knowing full and well that she’s lying, but there’s not much Ican do at this point.

“Let’s just go,” I mumble, grabbing my suitcase and heading down the stairs. Lena follows quickly behind me and I know as soon as we’re in the car she’s going to ask me all about it. I throw my bag into the back along with Elena’s and slide into the back with her.

“So,” she mumbles. A small smile appears on my face because I know her so well. “Wanna talk about what happened?”

“Not really,” I sigh. “Liv and I got into a fight last night and now I have to leave with things on shaky ground,”

“I’m sorry, Nick,” she says softly, placing her hand on my knee. I place my hand on top of hers and give her a sad smile.

“Me too,” I breathe, glancing out the window. The car ride to the airport passes in a blur and when we get to the airport we’re bombarded with paparazzi and fans as usual. Even though I’m beyond tired and thoroughly hung-over, I flash the paps a smile and pose with my fans. I would never deny my fans a picture and an autograph. When we finally make it through security, I head to Starbucks to get some form of caffeine and food while Lena stays glued to her phone. I come back with two muffins, my iced vanilla macchiato and her double chocolate chip Frappuccino.

“Aw, you’re the best,” she says when I hand her her drink. “Make sure you check your sugar. It’s probably all fucked up with the amount of alcohol you had,”

“Why do you have to do that?” I ask.

“Do what?”

“Be all anal. I can do some shit on my own, you know? I’m not completely incompetent,”

“If I hadn’t went to your house this morning you would have missed your flight,”

“Whatever,” I grumble.

“Fine, asshole,” she says, scooting away from me on the bench. I watch her for a moment as she sucks down her drink and types away at her phone, never letting her eyes leave it’s tiny screen. I let out a sigh and run my hand over my head. I open my mouth to say something right as they call our flight number and Lena is up and out of her seat in a flash without even checking to see if I’m following her. That right there tells me she’s pissed. Lena is always checking up on me and even though I tell her I hate it, I secretly love it. When I finally make it on the plane in the first class area Lena is already throwing her bag in the overhead bin and stealing the window seat.

“Lena,” I breathe, sitting down next to her.

“What?” she asks, not even bothering to look up at me from her magazine.

“I’m sorry. I just, I’m hung-over and still upset about the fight with Olivia,” I tell her with a sigh. She closes her magazine and glances at me, letting out her own sigh.

“It’s okay. I’ve dealt with worse from you anyway,” she says, giving me a small smile. That tells me that we’re good, we’re always good.

“Now, get some sleep, Jonas, you look like shit,”

“Thanks, Riviera,” I chuckle. Lena goes back into her magazine and I scroll through my phone, hoping for a text from Olivia, but I come up completely empty. Sighing, I shove my phone into my pocket and refuse to look at it for the remainder of flight. About an hour into the flight Lena is sound asleep, her head resting on my shoulder. I smile at her and brush astray hair out of her face. I’ve always thought Elena was beautiful, from the second I met her, but moments like these are when I see her true beauty. She’s gorgeous when she’s dressed up in a ball gown and equally as gorgeous when she’s wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt without a trace of makeup on like she is now. Once upon a time, I head feelings for her but after a year of those feelings never being returned, years of watching her date other guys, I gave up. I knew a girl like her wouldn’t fall for a guy like me. Gorgeous, genius, kind girls like Lena don’t fall for dumb rockstars like me. So I gave up. And then I met Olivia, a gorgeous girl that actually fell for me. And now I’m probably stupid enough to lose her too. Lena stirs next to me, mumbles in her sleep and then starts snoring softly. I hold in my chuckle and press a kiss to the top of her head before I start humming softly, making sure she stays asleep. I know she hates flying and it’s better for both of us if she sleeps through it. And she needs her rest. She works too damn hard for me. Smiling to myself, I rest my head a top hers and before long I’m asleep too.


I wake up with a jolt, feeling Lena move under me and hitting my head with hers. Groaning, she rubs her head and glares at me out of the corner of my eyes. I roll my eyes and then cross my arms over my chest as I leanback in the seat, getting comfortable to fall asleep again.

“Nick,” she whines next to me.

“What?” I ask, not bothering to open my eyes.

“Let me out. I have to pee,” she says, bouncing her leg up and down. I let out a chuckle and she tries to slip past me. A jolt of turbulence sends her stumbling and falling right in my lap.

“I didn’t know you wanted me that bad, Riviera,” I teases, slapping her ass playfully. She punches me in the arm hard and I let out a groan as she makes her way to the bathroom. Taking advantage of her absence, Imove over in her seat and steal my window seat back. I grin to myself, knowing it’s going to piss her off thoroughly. When she comes back she lets out a loud groan and plops down into my old seat. I let out a chuckle and start flipping through the magazine that she was once looking at.

“I hate flying to New York. This plane ride is so fucking long!” she complains.

“You’re fine, you big baby,”

“You know I hate flying,” she whines. When I don’t give her a response she lets out a sigh and turns tome in her seat.

“Do you think we’ll have time to see Alena?”

“You tell me. You’re the one with my schedule memorized,”

“I should have squeezed some time in there. I really want to see her. I miss that little baby girl,”

“I do too,” I admit. I haven’t seen her since she was about a month old and I seriously miss my niece. Dani or Kev send me daily pictures and videos, but it isn’t the same as actually holding that little girl in my arms. I smile thinking about her and look up, finding Lena watching me with a sappy smile on her face.

“What?” I ask, knitting my eyebrows together.

“I can’t wait until you have kids,” she says, turning to face forward in her seat. I let out a laugh. I mean, I wouldn’t mind having kids, but not anytime soon. That’ll be way way into the future. When we finally land in New York, Lena is practically running off the plane and I quickly follow behind her. As usual the airport is insane, but not nearly as bad as LAX. I end up taking a few pictures with the fans and then Elena and I are on our way to Island Records to meet with my producers and a few of my label mates topick out my album artwork. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m so fucking excited about this album that any mention of it causes me to get all giddy inside. And picking out my album art has me majorly excited.

“Chill the fuck out,” Lena hisses, placing her hand on my bouncing knee.

“I need more caffeine,”

“I’ll make sure to get you some bitch queen,” I tease. She glares at me as we pull up to the office building and I’m out of the car in a flash. I hear Lena laugh behind me and I send her a flip of my middle finger as I hurry inside. I wait for her as we get in the elevator, but as soon as the doors are open, I leave her behind.When I make it to the office the producers and Shawn Mendes are already in there.

“Bout time you showed up, Jonas,” David, my main producer says. I great him, along with the other guys, with a man hug as Lena finally makes it into the room. I watch as Shawn’s eyes immediately land on her and I try to ignore, but I just can’t seem to get it out of my head. What kills me even more is the fact that Lena walks straight to him and wraps him in a hug.

“Alright, now that the Jonas crew is here we need to get to work,” David says. Lena migrates over to the couch to watch and take notes as usual and I try to focus on the things that David’s saying. We work for a little while, discussing all the ends and outs of the album, the dates for everything, and then finally we get to look at the artwork.

“So which ones are you leaning towards?” Shawn asks. I glance up and find Lena typing away at her phone and I let out a groan.

“Lena!” I shout, getting her attention. She jumps practically ten feet in the air, throwing her phone in the air as Shawn and I laugh.

“What the fuck?” she hisses.

“I need your opinion on these and you’re not paying attention,”

“Well, sorry. Excuse me for texting your girlfriend,” she says, rolling her eyes.

“Why are you texting my girlfriend?” I ask, becoming tense. I hadn’t thought about Liv since this morning and I most definitely didn’t want to talk about her right now.

“I wasn’t supposed to tell you that. She just wanted to see if we landed,”

“Oh. Well tell her I’ll see her Sunday,” I mumble, glancing down at the picture of my face. Lena gets up from the couch and then joins Shawn and I, resting her arms on each of our shoulders, glancing down at the pictures.

“Well, that one makes you look like an old man,” she says.

“I like this one, but compared to the others it’s a lot of black compared to the others. It depends on what you’re going for. I think it would be really awesome as the album cover,” The one she’s referring to is an up close shot of my face where I’m looking off to the side slightly. The background is a dark grey and in it I’m wearing my favorite black leather jacket.

“I think she’s right,” Shawn says. “It looks awesome, dude,”

“I love you, Riviera,” I tell her, pressing a dramatic kiss to her cheek. She cringes and pushes me away as I laugh at her.

“Now that this is decided can we please get food? Tengo tante hambre. I’m so hungry,” she groans. I roll my eyes at her but inside my heart flutters. I love it when she speaks Spanish. It’s hot, especially when she’spissed at me.

“We need to finish this up first. We can eat before we go to the hotel,” I tell her.

“There’s a place like right down the street,” Shawn says.

“We can be done and back in an hour tops,”

“I’m down,” Lena says excitedly, turning to me and giving me her best puppy dog eyes.

“Por favor, Nicky? Bastante por favor?”

“You can’t talk Spanish to me like that, woman,” I tell her, rolling my eyes.

“Fine, we can go,”

“Gracias!” she exclaims, hopping over to grab her purse from the couch. I laugh at her childish antics and follow after her with Shawn behind me.


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Lena shouts, slamming her hands on the counter at the front desk of the hotel.

“Ms. Riviera, I apologize for the inconvenience, but at the moment there’s nothing we can do. We’re completely full. We can try to make other arrangements tomorrow, but for tonight there is simply nothing we can do,” the concierge says, looking honestly afraid of the pissed Puerto Rican beauty in front of him. Hell dude, I would be too if I didn’t have to face it almost every day.

“Lena, what’s going on?” I ask, walking up to her with our suitcases in tow.

“They fucked up our rooms,” she says, giving the guy another scowl.

“It can’t be that bad,” I tell her, trying to calm her down.

“We’ll make it work,”

“Oh yeah? Well get cozy, Nicky, ‘cause it looks like we’re sharing a bed,” she says before spinning around and walking straight towards the elevators.

“What?” I ask, trying to catch up with her. She lets out a huff, but doesn’t give me an answer and justcrosses her arms over her chest for the whole ride up to our floor. She storms out and then walks up to a room,unlocking it with a key.

“Well, this is just great,” I mumble, looking inside and finding a single king sized bed. Lena lets out a groan and grabs her suitcase from my hands. She pulls out clothes and I watch her in confusion.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m changing and going to bed. Don’t even try to argue with me on this. I’m not in the mood to put up with your shit,” she says, walking back into the bathroom. I let out a sigh and strip out of my jeans before pulling on a pair of basketball shorts and an old t-shirt. There is no way in hell that I’m sleeping in my boxers with Elena. When she comes back out she’s dressed in a pair of men’s boxer and a tiny tank top. Her hair is piled on the top of her head and her glasses are thrown on her face. She looks absolutely adorable.

“Are those Kyle’s?” I ask, fearing the answer.

“It’s all I brought!”

“I’m not sleeping with you while you’re in another man’s boxers,”

“I’m not sleeping with you, Nick,” she says, rolling her eyes. She crawls into the bed and quickly gets under the covers.

“We’re just sleeping like this tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll figure something else out,”

“Fine,” I groan, sliding into my side of the bed. I lay flat on my back as she lies on her side, her back facing me. I was completely and utterly exhausted an hour ago, but right now I can’t get my mind to shut off. I haven’t talked to Liv since last night and it’s honestly killing me.

“Lena?” I mumble, hoping she’s still awake.


“She said she wanted space,” I admit, squeezing my eyes shut. I hear her roll over and then I feel her hand on my chest. I reach my own hand up and grab onto hers.

“I want to marry her, Elena. I want to marry her and she wants space. How does that even make sense? I thought... I thought we were on the same page, but now I don’t even know where we stand,”

“She’s just scared, Nick. I... I was talking to her earlier. She’s scared about what’s going to happen when you go off on tour. You can’t blame her, Nick,”

“She doesn’t have a single thing to worry about. I love her,”

“Then show her,”
Chapter End Notes:
So what did you think about that? Tell me if you like the split pov because if not I'll figure something else out! I hope you all like this story as much as I do! Let me know what you think!
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