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Alexis uses a wheelchair and has an awful family.  She also doesn’t have any money, but somehow, she gets into a meet and greet with the Jonas Brothers.  Alexis has a little sister, who has not one disability, but two disabilities.  Alexis’ mom is also pregnant with twins.  Wait and see what the Jonas family does when they find out about Alexis and all of her “baggage.”

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Published: 05/26/2020 Updated: 05/27/2021
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So first, I am so super excited that JBFA is back.  I want to thank the amazing owners of this site for bringing it back and also keeping the old site up for as long as they could, since I was the one that kept on begging and pestering them to keep the site up.  So, thank you Theresa and Kali for keeping it up and bringing it back.


I started writing back in late 2009.  I started out posting my stories on YouTube.  They were all very badly written and made no sense what so ever, but I was a teenager at the time.  I don’t even know when I found JBFA, but I know as soon as I found it, I was hooked.  I would read story after story on the site and would check the most recent section constantly to see what stories had been updated.  I was a little too obsessed, I would say.  I would also have the internet up all day and would read whenever I had a chance.  I loved JBFA.  I hope that this new era of JBFA is as good or better than the last one.


I have written throughout the entire breakup and have posted my stories on Twitter where they didn’t get very much liking or noticing at all sadly. 


I had a very hard time deciding what story to post first on the new site.  Then I finally came down, to a much better spin off of the very first story that I wrote, Jonas Plus Three. I am still writing this story today. 


So, without further ado, here is Add Four More to the Mix.  This story means a lot to me, because it is one of the first actual stories that I enjoyed writing.  I enjoy it so much that I am still writing this same story today.


Anyways, I hope you enjoy my first story on here!




P.S. @tuckergolden888 has been my username for everything Jonas writing since I started.  Hehe.  And yes, I don’t put my name out there, because I don’t want creeps finding me.  You can find my very old embarrassing stories under this username on YouTube and you can also find my current much better stories under this same username on Twitter.  I am just glad to have somewhere to write again where I will hopefully get more reviews then what I do on Twitter.


Thanks for reading all of this!


Add Four More to the Mix Disclaimer: 

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Take 2 on posting this chapter and story, the first time I tried it didn't post, so hopefully this time it will.

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Okay, this is the last one for tonight.  Please let me know how you like it so far!

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Sorry, it took me so long to post.  I was busy and kept on frogetting when I had the change to do it, which wasn't much considering how busy I was.

I hope you enjoy it.



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So this month's story is Add Four More to the Mix!

It feels so good to be caught up on these, so now I only have to post the same story in two places, instead of different stories/chapters.  It got too confusing.

Anyways... on to the story.

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Thought that it was time for Add Four More to the Mix!