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Vacay in South/Central America and the aftermath.

Rated: R
Categories: Jonas Brothers, DNCE, DNCE > Romance Characters: Jack Lawless, Joe Jonas, O/c Character
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Published: 05/27/2020 Updated: 05/27/2020
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Warning: Content including Sexual Relations ahead. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, and other works of art. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of me and my imagination. No copyright infringement is intended.

1. Solo Almuerzo by MrsPkj2 [Reviews - 0] (4924 words)

Fair warning Spanish is not my primary language. I grew up around it and studied it but if you dont use it you lose it so mine is a bit rusty. Don't worry you wont have to suffer with it long.