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“I’m in love with Faith. I’ve loved her since the day I met her. I knew she was the one but… Nick got to her first.”




“But, it’s not like we have to build up for anything. We have a house. We have money. We have a great family to support and help us.”


“Faith. I’m just not ready to be a Dad yet, okay? Can we drop it?”






“I can’t wait to be a Dad.”


“You will be.”




“When you find the right girl.”


“What if I already found her?”


“Then… you should go and get her.”




“I knew it! You can’t go less than twenty-four hours without calling someone about the stupid record.”


“Faith, this is my job!”


“And I’m your wife, Nicholas. Think about that next time you say anything to me about your job.”




“Faith… do you love Nick?”


“Joe… of course I do. You know that.”





“Has Faith’s husband… his name is escaping me… has he been around lately? She hasn’t mentioned him in a while.”


“His name’s Nick. Uh yeah… of course he’s around. He’s just super busy working on his new album.”


“She did mention he has been working a lot. The few times she does talk about him, she changes the subject.”


“To anything in particular?”


“You, mainly. About your job and how funny you are and how you can cheer her up… When she talks about you, I can see the happiness in her eyes. That happiness is gone when she talks about Nick.”






“You want me to just spontaneously kiss my sister-in-law.”


“It could go one of three ways. One, she could end any kind of relationship with you. Two, she could pretend that nothing like that ever happened and try to keep your relationship as it is now. Or three, she could leave Nick, for you….It’s your decision, Joe. How big of a risk are you willing to take?”





“Nick, it’s me. I’ve been at the restaurant for about half an hour now and you’re still not here. I don’t know if you’re stuck in traffic or what, but if you could call me that would be great. Call me. Bye.”





Those were the thoughts… the memories… that ran through their minds as his rough hands slid up her body. His fingers grazed over her bra as he pulled her dress down. Their breaths came in pants as they made their way to the bedroom, a trail of clothes leading down the hallway. The sensation of the friction between them was like nothing either of them had ever felt before. It felt real. It felt right.

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Series: The 'When' Series
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Published: 06/06/2020 Updated: 06/25/2020
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The sequel to When I Look at You!

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