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I was awake first the next morning, I spoke to the concierge to arrange for a car to take us to the Eiffel Tower but I had a plan on the way there to remind us of when we first met. I gently woke up Nick and told him to get ready. We both got dressed, ate breakfast and got Caleb sorted for a day out. 


'I booked us a car' I smiled


'Good idea, are you looking forward to it?'


'Of course, you know how I feel about my old friend!


We got in the car and off we went to the Eiffel Tower but with my secret detour onto la Place de l'etoile where he'd laughed at me screaming before. As soon as the driver pulled onto the roundabout, I could tell I'd made a mistake. Nicks body went rigid and the colour drained from him.


'Can we please get off this now' he was starting to panic. I realised it must be related to the crash and asked the driver to pull over as soon as he could but we were locked into the flow of traffic. By the time we actually turned off the roundabout Nick was crying. 


'I'm so so sorry, I didn't think, I was just trying to remind you of the carefree days and I've just ruined it, I'm sorry'


'It's when there's traffic like that, I can't cope. I just keep thinking we're going to crash and I'm not going to be as lucky as before and you and Caleb and I just can't' his head was in his hands. 


We rode the rest of the way in silence. 


As worried as I was about Nick, I couldn't help but smile when we arrived at the Eiffel Tower. After we got out of the car, I watched the colour come back into his face. I grabbed his hand, I could tell that he needed the reassurance. He smiled at me and squeezed it back. Nick had arranged VIP access so we went straight up to the top. 


'Caleb, this is mummy's most favourite place in the world' I told him. He looked really unimpressed by it all, preferring to look at the croissant that the woman next to him was eating.


Nick asked our security to take a picture of us in the same place as we did when it was just the two of us. I didn't even realise what I was doing, instinctively I leant over and kissed Nick. 


'I love you' I whispered. Up here all our problems seemed to melt away. The man I was looking at was my Nick and he was the only one for me.


'You know I love you too Casey. I'm so sorry, I just want us back to normal'


He hugged me tight and I hugged him too.


'Why dont you ask me again here?'




'Yeah' I nodded. Taking off my ring and handing it back to him.


He got down on one knee

'Casey, will you marry me?'


'Yes, yes I will'


Until that moment, I didn't know that's what I wanted but now I realised it was all I'd ever wanted. Nick was my one person in the world and nothing or no one was going to take him away from me. If Priyanka wanted him, she'd have to get past me first.


After spending time at the tower, Caleb went for a nap so we took the chance to go shopping. Despite me telling him the trip was going to cost him a lot, he ended up spending more money on himself. He was all for designer wear and I was more high street. I did however allow him to buy me a new Louis Vuitton bag and shoes. 


'So Paris brings out the best in me and brings out the wallet in you?' I joked. 


'There's something I want to buy without you seeing, why don't you go and have a look around other shops and I'll meet you back here in an hour?' He said with a twinkle in his eye. 


'Oh I'm sure I'll find something to do in Paris' 

What was he up to! 



After Nicks secret mission was all done, we'd had dinner in a small bistro and headed back to the hotel, where Denise called Nick.


'Hey mom!'


'You sound happy sweetie'


'I am, I really am'


'And there's nothing you've got to tell us?'


'Like what?'


'Like why you were down on one knee up the Eiffel Tower?'


'How do you know about that Mom? We were going to wait until we got home to tell you'


'Well, someone saw you and took pictures that were leaked online, so everyone knows'


'Good because we're really happy'


'And so are we, you two had us really worried there'


'She had me worried, but we're going to work on things' 


'See you when you get back, love to Casey and Caleb too, bye'




'Bad news Casey, you can't change your mind now, everyone knows. It's online apparently' he smiled.


My first thought was Yves, I should have told him myself. Then my thoughts turned to Priyanka. What was her reaction going to be.


'Nick, I've been thinking, when we get home we need to set up a meeting with Priyanka, us and our lawyers. We need to get her to agree to the DNA as soon as the baby is born and make arrangements for us to have contact with the baby'


'Us to have contact?'


'Yes, us. If that baby is yours then he's my step son and Calebs sibling, it's not the baby's fault that all this happened. Babies need love and family and that's what this baby will have' 


'Are you sure? That's a big change of heart' 


'I'm sure. It's not going to be easy but we need to be proactive and take the initiative now so we don't have to waste time once the baby is here trying to work things out'


'Thank you so so much, I know this must be hard for you'


He was holding me tight and I didn't want him to let me go, he might see the pain in my eyes as I was speaking.


'If we ever split up, I'd want whoever you ended up with to be good to Caleb. Regardless of what I think of her, I have to respect her as a mother'


'When I saw Yves with Caleb I wanted to kill him though. He looked like he was trying to be his dad, and that's my job'


'He was just being a good friend to me when I needed it most'


'Hmmm, anyway, I've booked you a massage as a treat and I'm going to take this little man for a walk before bed'


'A massage sounds epic! Thank you!'


We went our separate ways and around an hour later I got back to the room. Caleb was fast asleep in his travel cot, the lights were dimmed and Nick was waiting for me in bed.


'Hey' he said gently.


'Hey, what are you up to?'


'Come to bed and find out'


My initial suspicion was that he'd bought me another ring for the new beginning. I threw my clothes off and jumped into bed beside him.


'Lie down and I'm going to put this over your eyes so you don't peek. He tied a silk scarf around my eyes. 'Now don't move' 

I felt him get off the bed, heard a rummage and then felt him get back on the bed. 

'Stay still Casey'

'What are you doing' I felt him trying to pull my legs apart. 'I said not until you get tested'

Next thing I heard a buzzing of a vibrator and felt it being trailed up the inside of my thigh. I did not expect that! As he ran it up and across my panties I gasped. 

'Do you like that?'

'Erm hell yeah' I panted.

'Just because we can't have sex doesn't mean that you can't have fun' 

He pulled my panties to one side and let the vibrator do it's thing. It didn't take me long to climax, I didn't know what he'd bought but we were definitely keeping it! 


'Is that what you snuck off to buy today?'

'One of the things'

'Ooh what else?'

'You'll soon See!' He smiled, taking off the scarf from my eyes.


When we woke up the next morning, Joe had text Nick to call him. I took Caleb for some fresh air and left them to their conversation. 


'Hey Joe! What's up?'


'Priyanka's up, guess who's big fat pregnant ass is all over US weekly? The article is called 'my baby surprise'. She doesn't name you as the father but she drops enough hints about your identity. I'm just warning you in case you get any grief when you're out today'


'She's something else, what does it say about me?'


'It says "Priyanka didn't reveal who the father is beyond saying it's someone that she had always loved and admired, and the only man she had ever imagined as the father of her child" I mean come on, everyone knows how badly she took the break up'


'For gods sake. Casey said we need to get lawyers involved ASAP, I think she's right. Can you get dad to contact our lawyer and set up a meeting for the day after we're back'


'Is Casey there just now?'


'Shes gone for a walk with Caleb, why?'


'Just wondering how things are really going with the two of you?'


'I asked her to marry me again and she said yes so it's looking good'


'Yes dear brother we saw that online, thanks for the message! And that Yves guy? Is he still sniffing around?'


'I'm not going to lie, when I got here I thought I'd lost her to him. He was all over Caleb and you could see he's in love with Casey. She told me they'd kissed each other and slept next to each other but that's all that happened. He did ask her to stay in Paris with him though'


'No way'


'Yeah, he offered her a job and everything'


'Keep an eye on him man, he's trouble, he always has been. What's Caseys take on the Priyanka issue?'


'She's devastated obviously but she's told me that I need to get a DNA test and if the baby is mine then she's going to be in his or her life with me anyway never mind all that, how's Soph and the baby?' 


'She's great but you know what pregnant women are like, hormonal, one minute she's laughing and the next she's crying. I literally can't win, but I'm trying'


** 'I heard that Joseph' ** Nick heard Sophie in the background.


'You better go and fetch her some tea or something man, see you when we're home'


'Love you bro!'


I'd taken a walk around by where the hotel was and went to buy some magazines for our flight home and there she was- Priyanka, all over the covers. The US one wasn't bad because it didn't name Nick but the German and Spanish ones did. I didn't understand the German ones but the Spanish ones were talking about how they were back together and how I'd moved on with Yves, there were even pictures of the two of us at the cast member party together. Nick had apparently come to Paris to finish things once and for all, and worst of all how Priyanka couldn't wait to be a step mum to Caleb. 


I bought them and took them back to the hotel to show Nick.

'I already know, at least it doesn't name me'

'Oh in the Spanish one it does!'

I read him the article and showed him the pictures' 


He was on the phone instantly. 

'Who are you calling?'

'My lawyer'


20 mins later we were on video call to our lawyer.


'So David, tell me what can we do about this? She's overstepped the mark big time now. We want a sit down with her and her lawyers on Monday, I've had enough' 


'Ok, so just to recap, she's pregnant, says you're the father but you barely remember having intercourse with her' 


'That's It. I want a DNA test as soon as the baby is born and I want her to stop running her mouth in foreign magazines. I've got a son and a fiancée here to protect and I'm just out of rehab, is she trying to push me to the edge again?'


'I'll arrange a meeting for Monday and we'll get the wheels in motion. Try and relax and enjoy the rest of your vacation'


The video call ended.


'I can't believe we've got 4 more months of waiting to find out' I said. 'Honestly Nick, I'm so angry at her. It's one thing trying to split us up but this is going to affect Caleb. She's an actual psycho. Now go and get dressed, we're going out!'


'Where to?'


'Anywhere where there are a load of photographers to show her that she's not breaking us up. I know you might not feel entirely comfortable but why don't I speak to Yves and we can go to Disney? I'll get him to put some of our pictures on their social media' 


'I don't know, it's a bit awkward. I mean the guy wants you, why is he going to help save our relationship'


'Because believe it or not, he's a really good guy, with a big heart. Now I'm going to call him do her get ready'


I called Yves and he answered immediately as if he'd been sat waiting for me to call. I decided I had better speak in English so that Nick didn't think anything strange was going on. 


'Hi, how are you?'


'Good thanks, very busy at work but apart from that I'm bored. What about you? I saw online I should be saying congratulations on the engagement'


'Thanks, that means a lot to me. I was going to call you and tell you myself but the internet is faster than me'


'So, What can I do for my favourite ex cast member?'


'Are there any tickets available for us? And if possible a photographer? We're happy for them to go online or whatever. Priyanka has gone crazy on us so we want to send her a message'


'I see. Ok, I think I have an idea. Meet me at the park in an hour, and tell Nick he owes us a song' 



It felt funny coming to the park with Nick, unlike Yves he was on the verge of smashing up Caleb's stroller whilst he was trying to unfold it. Eventually we headed in to the staff entrance where Yves was waiting. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him but I told myself that was simple infatuation or lust, it meant nothing. 


'So Yves, What have you got planned for us?' Nick asked.


'Well am I right you want to be seen as a family and show the world you're going to live happy ever after?'


'Yes...' I answered


'Ok, my idea is why don't you join us in the Disneyland parade? I will arrange one of our old fashioned cars and you can drive along as part of it. Well will put video of it on social media and we'll make sure the people watching know it's you and then they will share pictures and everyone will see. Even Priyanka. The parade is at 3 so you have a few hours before. I know you have your own security here but u will also have guest services accompany you in the park today but maybe let people take more pictures of you than usual?'


'Thank you Yves' and instinctively I hugged him but then I saw Nicks face, as did Yves who pulled back from me. 

'Go on you three, go and enjoy Disney, and leave the rest to me' smiled Yves. 


We walked towards the park and Nick whispered 'please don't hug him like that again. I know you're mine but I can't help but feel jealous when I see you around him'


'Ok, honestly I didn't mean it. I acted without thinking. You have nothing to worry about. See this ring on my finger? That means something to me' 


The park was so so busy, it was a peak visitor day so it was lucky for our VIP access passes to sneak past all the huge lines onto rides. The downside was it also meant that Nick was constantly being stopped for autographs and pictures, but as Yves has said, pictures of us online would really wind Pri up. Caleb was yet again loving the Disney experience and Nicks fans were all commenting on how much he looked like his daddy. It was just a fantastic day all round. 


At 2:45 we were back getting ready for the parade. We were the final car in the parade and it was just to be the 3 of us in the car, with a chauffeur driving us. The route was straight down Main Street and we sat in the back of the car waving to everyone. Our photos were being taken at a scary rate. Operation social media was going to plan. Pri was going to be big mad!

As promised, the official pictures of our day were uploaded onto the Disney social media pages and Nick and I both shared them too. Within minutes, Priyanka posted an almost naked picture of herself showing her bump. It was like tit for tat. 


Paul phoned us to tell us he had arranged a meeting with our lawyer for 12pm on Monday to address the Priyanka issues, then at 3pm we would meet with her and her lawyers. This needed sorted once and for all. 


The rest of our time flew in Paris and soon we found ourselves landing in LAX on Sunday afternoon. Thankfully there was a car waiting to take us home because we were all exhausted. Despite everything that had happened, I was so happy when the car pulled in through our gates and we were home. Nick unlocked the door and we went inside. I felt so emotional, like everything hitting me at once. 


'I didn't know if I'd ever come back here, but now that I have. I know this is where I'm meant to be, with you' I said. 


'You're meant to be here and I will do everything I can to make sure you never feel like that again'


Neither of us slept much with the events of the next day on our mind. Priyanka wasn't going to be an easy person to negotiate with and it didn't help that I still wanted to break her neck!

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