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Before the lawyers appointment, Nick and I had a joint doctors appointment to address the elephant in the room. I could see how mortified Nick was explaining that we both wanted to be fully screened for sexually transmitted diseases because he'd been unfaithful. We had bloods done and individual specific tests done. It was so humiliating, but over quickly, painlessly and so completely necessary. I wasn't taking any chances with our health. The results would be back within hours and hopefully then we could get on with our lives. 


The lawyers appointments were as equally productive. Although no actual agreement would be signed until after the DNA results had come back, we wanted an agreement drawn up and signed by Priyanka based upon if the baby was Nicks. I took his lead completely, although he did need a bit of support when it came to asserting himself. I could tell that although he knew the DNA test made sense, he believed that this really was his child. 


He offered very generous child support payments and asked for weekly access, if not more. Priyanka had brought her mother to the meeting with her and I could feel the both of them trying to kill me with their looks, especially when I grabbed Nicks hand as he choked up. 


'I will agree to the weekly access, but at first it's just you and I with the baby, no one else. Not her' Priyanka eyed me.


'I think that's completely reasonable for the first couple of months but after that the baby will need to get used to me for when we do overnight visits. Everything has got to be done at the right pace for the baby, any that might not be easy for any of us adults involved but there are 2 children in the middle of all this that need to be at the forefront of all of our minds' this moral high ground wasn't easy but it was the road I had to take. 


I watched on as Nick and Priyanka signed the provisional arrangement. Then she told him the baby was kicking and did he want to feel it. I watched in pain as I saw his hand touch her belly and her smile as he did it. How we were going to get through the next few months without me losing my mind was beyond me, and once the baby was here, it was only going to get worse. I excused myself and went to the bathroom, I needed some air and to splash cold water on my face. Priyanka’s mother was waiting outside the door for me when I came back out.


‘You know this really has nothing to do with you. You’re not even his wife’ she snapped.


‘Not yet, but I will be. I’m not trying to meddle, I just want what’s best for both Nick and the baby’


‘You don’t fool me, you’re playing games. Just remember he can’t love you that much if he still went back to my daughter’


‘Really? That goes to show exactly what you know! Did they sleep together? Maybe- he doesn’t have a clue really and if they did, it was when he was at his most vulnerable. He wants to be there for your daughter and the baby but only if the baby is his’


‘This DNA test is such a waste of time and money but if it makes you feel better dear. Just remember though, he came back to her once, he’ll be back again. Mark my words’ her tone was venomous 


I pushed past her, I’d heard enough. 


Nick was waiting for me, I took his hand and almost pulled him out the door.


‘Woah what’s up with you?’


‘I was going to need a lawyer for attempted murder if I hadn’t gotten away from her mother. She cornered me in the bathroom, telling me to back off and that you’d go back to Priyanka’


‘I’m going to stop you there, you know that’s not true don’t you?’


‘I do actually, but I’d still like to run her mother over with my jeep and then possibly reverse over her. You get my drift’ 


‘I definitely do. Remind me never to get on your bad side’ he smiled, pulling me in for a hug. ‘I know it’s hard for you but I do appreciate your support and I’m sorry I fucked up’


‘You can buy me lunch in that case, to apologise properly, I’ve actually got something we need to talk about anyway’ 


‘Sounds ominous’


Nick took us to a lovely Greek place, that man knows gyros are the way to my heart. 


‘So, I’ve been offered a job, headhunted you might say, and I’d like to take it but obviously it means Caleb will need daycare and I won’t be around as much so we need to decide together’ I explained.


‘That sounds interesting, what’s the job’ 


‘Well, Yves put me forward to Disney here and they’ve offered me a job in international guest relations and it sounds so good’


‘Yves? When did you speak to him?’ I could see he was starting to turn green.


‘I didn’t speak to him, I got an email from Disney saying that Yves had put me forward for a job and would I be interested. I’ll forget about it if you don’t want me to though’ 


‘Do you want to do it? You know you don’t have to work, I’m happy having you at home all the time and it’s not like we need to worry about money’ 


‘I’m not happy at home all the time though. I feel like I need to get a bit of myself back. Something for me, that’s doesn’t revolve around you and Caleb’


He nodded


‘Go for it then. You have my full support, as always and anyway, that means you can take me for lunch next time’ he smiled. 


‘Great, I’ll let them know!’


Nicks phone rang. It was the Dr, time for our results. I listened in. 


‘Hello Mr Jonas, Just to let you know all your results were clear from all tests’


‘That’s Great news, thanks so much’


‘I do need to speak to Casey though, something showed up in her tests’


Oh God. He looked at me and I looked back in shock.


‘Hi, I’m here too, what’s the issue?’


I felt sick, surely I didn’t have something, and Nick not. 


‘Nothing to worry about, just your iron level is slightly low so I’ll fill you a prescription, if you want to come and collect it’


‘Oh that’s great thanks so much’


The relief was ridiculous, I don’t know why I was so worried about what he was going to say. 


‘Does this mean that now we’ve got the all clear we can go home and, “get to know each other again” hmm?’ He smiled


‘Meet you in the car in 5’ I smiled, taking his keys and leaving him to pay. He scrambled to his feet and almost ran to pay for our food and then out to the car.


‘Take me home and make love to me Nick, like you used to’


‘Why do you think I’m running? It’s been so long one wrist is way more muscular than the other’ He laughed.


‘Drive baby drive!’ I shouted.


We made it home in record time and barely got through the doors before ripping each other’s clothes off, I dragged him up to our bedroom because I wanted the space. Although he was completely turned on and ready to go, Nick took his time giving me the best foreplay ever. Between his hands and his tongue I climaxed before he even entered me. I nearly suffocated him as I did though, my thighs tightened around his head a little bit too tightly. 


Normally I hate the missionary position but this time it felt right. I wanted him on top of me, I wanted to feel his weight on top of me. His arms were so muscular as he propped himself up and pushed himself into me. 

Immediately I groaned, which made him smile. He went slowly and deeply, whilst paying attention to kissing along my neck and onto my mouth. I didn’t want it to end, but all good things do. I felt another orgasm start to build and he could tell, he picked up his pace and joined me in chasing happiness, until we both found it within seconds of each other. Nick looked down at me covered in sweat smiling.


‘And that’s the reason why I’m marrying you’ he laughed as he rolled over on to his back. 



Chapter End Notes:

Just a short one tonight! 

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