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Author's Chapter Notes:

*contains sexual content*

Nick convinced me to call Dani for the details of her OB/GYN and she was so excited to hear the news but I made her swear not to tell Kevin. Mr loose-lips can't keep secrets. Not from malice, he genuinely just gets so happy and excited for people that he can't help but spill the news. Dani on the other hand, you could trust her with your life. 


It was just before 6pm LA time when we decided to try the Dr's number and luckily the office was still open. Nick explained the circumstances and how we wanted to keep it low key and the doctor was able to set us up with an appointment for first thing the next morning. 


I hadn't been in his house before as he'd moved since I last came out to the states but from what I'd seen, it was beautiful. It even had its own pool, hot tub and putting green on the roof. It was night and day from my student flat. Our lives were so completely different and here they were about to converge in the biggest of ways.


The house was largely open plan and very white, very Nick. Furnishings were just perfect and the whole place was pristine. Carefully chosen artwork adorned the walls. He is so particular about everything and that's the one major cause of friction between us. He's so neat and I'm so messy. 


'So are you ever going to show me around your bachelor pad in person?' Seeing Nicks world through FaceTime was one thing, real life was another. I'd been here about 2 hours and so far I'd seen the bathroom and the couch. 


'Batchelor pad?!' He raised his eyebrows.


He took me around the ground floor; large living room, A massive open plan kitchen/diner, utility room, door out on to the pool deck, an infinity pool and hot tub.


Nick then took me upstairs, it was so obvious how much he loved the house, he was bubbling over with excitement showing me every feature. To be fair, I could see why, it was positively palatial to me.


'This is my recording studio where I work from home, this is the first guest room, this was another guest room but will now be the nursery and this is our room' he pushed open the door. 


The room was stunning. The wall behind the massive bed was just a long glass window and the view was breath taking. It was very minimalistic, very white and very Nick. 


'How are you going to cope with a baby making a mess in this beautiful house?' I asked him.


'Well since you'll be living here too, I'm sure we'll manage between us'


'Excuse me?'


'Since you'll be living here too....'


'You want me to live with you?'


'No, I need you to live with me. You and baby Jonas in there' he said patting my belly again.


'Nick, I love you' was all I could say and I was crying again. I threw my arms around him and looked at his face and I realised he was crying too. I wiped his eyes and he laughed . 


'I think I've got your pregnancy hormones. I remember when Dani was pregnant Kevin used to say he had hers and we used to laugh at him. Then when she was in labour he thought he was having contractions, it all makes sense to me now'


I smiled, he looked so happy. I realised I'd never wanted him more in my life. I had to have him right then.


'Nick come and lie down with me. I believe 'our bed' needs to be initiated' 


I led him to the bed and started to take my clothes off slowly all the while looking at him. It had been 9 weeks apart, that was too long! His eyes were taking in all of my body and he was doing the same to me. 


'Your boobs are bigger already'


'Shut up and get naked'


Luckily he started to undress himself too and we jumped in under the silky sheets and immediately started kissing, our hands roaming each other's bodies.


'This won't hurt the baby will it'


I stopped and gave him a look.


'For gods sake Nick, enough with the baby stuff, will you just make love to me right now' 


'Sorry, I'm just so excited'


'That's it Mr Jonas, get on your back, I've had enough of this!'


He knew when I called him Mr Jonas in bed that he was in trouble!


He rolled on to his back and I immediately leapt on top of him. Kissing him passionately. I needed this right now. Luckily he was already hard and I immediately guided him inside me. It's a feeling that I will never get tired of, making love to Nick is the best feeling I've ever had.


I had intended to go all fast and furious on him and teach him a lesson but now in the moment looking down on him I realised I wanted to take it slower. 


I sat right down on him so he was as deep inside me as possible and started to do figure of 8 movements on top of him. It gave my clit so much friction, it felt so good. Both of us were moaning already. Slowly I lifted my ass up until he was almost entirely out of me and then slid back down quickly. His leg twitched, that meant he was really enjoying it. I looked into his eyes and it was like I could see his soul. Making love was so much better than sex. 


I leant down and kissed him. He took the opportunity to turn us over so he was on top. He was tanned and gorgeous as ever. He started kissing my neck. 


'Harder' I moaned

'I don't want to hurt the baby'

'Listen you're big but you're not that big. Now shut up and do it harder'


He obliged and soon we both climaxed together. I lay there next to him and held him tight. He smelled so good.


Next thing I knew was it was dark outside and I was there alone. I must have fallen asleep. The house was quiet so I got up to go and find Nick, I was wondering if he'd gone out. Surprisingly I found that he was just in the next door room sat on the bed.


'What's wrong?' I asked, automatically panicking he was changing his mind about the baby.


'Do you think grey or lemon for the nursery? Or keep it white and accessorise?'




'This room, the nursery. What colour? I've been looking online and got loads of cool ideas for it'. He showed me the huge iPad Pro in his hands, he was on Pinterest. What had happened to my cool pop star boyfriend?!?


'Can we just see the dr first, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves and anyway I'm like 9 weeks pregnant and I know thats early days so let's just keep it real and please can we keep calm about things like nurseries, that will come way down the line'


'I'll try but there's no guarantees' he smiled.

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